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Which Is Easier?

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“Which is easier:  to say to the paralytic, ‘Your sins are forgiven,’ or to say, ‘Get up, take your mat and walk’?” [Matthew 9.5; Mark 2.9; Luke 5.23 The Testimony] Jesus asked the Pharisees and the teachers of the law who were accusing Him of blasphemy because He had said, “…son; your sins are forgiven.” [Matthew 9.2; Mark 2.5 The Testimony]

Likewise, which is easier for us:  to live a ‘good’ Christian life hoping to die a ripe old age, with all the successes of the world to testify that we have been ‘good’ so that we can shut our eyes and look forward to a warm welcome from Jesus at the pearly gates, or to stay alive until He arrives even if it takes another thousand years?

To live a Christian life with Heaven to look forward to is easy.  Indeed, it allows you to focus on getting on with your own life while you do the minimum that is needed to ensure your place in Heaven is there.  Do your believing, read a verse of the Bible now and then, contribute to some charitable work and evangelistic work, partner with a famous ministry even, and of course make sure you go to church regularly… and grow old, die and hey, you are in Heaven with Jesus and all the Heavenly host to greet you so that you can spend eternity in bliss.  You can still have your career, your family, etc.

However, the life of a christocrat is different.  So what is a christocrat?  He or she is one who has dedicated his or her life to bringing Jesus back for His millennial reign through the establishment of the Kingdom of God on Earth.  There is no retirement to look forward to, for the work is not finished until Jesus arrives.  Anything in life that does not add to the return of Jesus is considered useless, but that is not to say that a christocrat misses out on the things of life that pagans run after, such as career, family and so on.  Indeed, the word of the Lord is fulfilled in the life of a christocrat, for all that the pagans run after is given to him as well, and whatever has been given up for the sake of the kingdom is returned a hundred fold in this age.

The life of a christocrat is not easy, but it is worthwhile.  For the world does not need another church and it does not need another ministry reaching out to lost souls; it needs Jesus back on Earth to reign.  I have said this many times and even written it many times before, but again I remind all who have eyes to see and ears to hear:  The Devil does not mind if you win souls for Heaven.  He may even help you as long as you do not bring Jesus back.

Satan’s current parole is over when Jesus arrives… and he knows it.  As such, the total focus of Satan is aimed at delaying the return of Jesus at all costs.  If he offered Jesus all the authority, riches and glory of the kingdoms of the Earth, what would he offer to those who would work to delay the return of Jesus?

So, what will delay the return of Jesus, and what has delayed the return of Jesus?

  1. For the end to come, the gospel of the kingdom must be preached as a testimony to all nations.  So the opposition has been to close nations to the preaching of the gospel.  But more insidiously, it also has worked to allow a gospel to be preached that does not fulfil the words of Jesus.  A gospel that is not about the Kingdom of God and also it is not preached as a testimony, that is, the work is not done by witnesses but often by believers and employees, so that there is an appearance that the gospel is preached, but when one examines what has been done, you realise it does not fulfil the word.
  2. Slow down the work by removing miraculous power from the church so that everything is done with Earthly power only, which means that the work now depends on sufficient money, people and influence.
  3. Raise up intellectuals who can reason away the power of the kingdom and reduce it to a mere religion.
  4. Have the church itself pray that the disasters are averted, thus slowing down the manifestation of the increase of earthquakes, famines and diseases.
  5. Have the church pray against the manifestation of the false prophet and the beast.  For unless these two persons walk the Earth, the word of the Lord is not fulfilled.  Having the church fear the appearance of the beast and the false prophet more than it delights in the arrival of Jesus for His millennium so that the focus is away from His arrival.
  6. Raise up end time groups who prophesy the exact day of His return in direct contradiction to the word of the Lord, and so continue to reduce the truth of His return to a joke.

As such, some of the work of a christocrat are:

  1. To finish the preaching of the gospel of the kingdom as a testimony to all nations by raising up witnesses and discipling them, using every available means – miraculous powers as well as financial, political, intellectual and physical powers.
  2. To see that the signs of the end appear and without delay.
  3. To see that the false prophet and the beast are raised up so that they can meet their fate at the hands of Jesus at Megiddo.
  4. To prepare the church by restoring to her the command to listen to Jesus, while calling those who will hear to come out of the prostitute.
  5. To see that judgement pronounced on the great prostitute is executed.
  6. To prepare to defend the Mount of Olives from destruction by the beast and the armies of the kings of the world.
  7. And finally, to help one another to stay alive until He arrives.

So then, there is a broad road, a wide door, an easy way – dying to go to Heaven.  And there is a narrow road, a narrow door, a harder way – living to stay on Earth until Earth is no more.

Hr. Ed Kwan, manager of the Holy Spirit’s Workshop

Copyright Information:  NEW INTERNATIONAL VERSION [NIV]  All scripture quotations, unless otherwise indicated, are taken from the Holy Bible, New International Version®,
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