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You have met Him, followed Him to see where He lives, and after three years you have heard Him teach with such authority that even the teachers of the law were put to shame… before your very eyes the impossible had happened – the blind received sight, the crippled were healed, the dumb spoke, the deaf heard, the demons were driven out – and still you would say to Him, “…show us the Father and that will be enough for us.”

Did Philip – the first disciple to be called – spend all that time thinking Jesus was revealing God to him?  If that was the case, Jesus need not have gathered to Himself disciples but merely finished His work so that the world was saved.  However, it was because His mission was to also reveal the Father to those whom God had drawn that He took the time (and trouble) to make disciples.

John wrote, as you all have read: Yet to all who received Him, to those who believed in His Name, He gave the right to become children of God… You can be saved by believing, as the world is saved without having to believe because of Jesus’ work of salvation, but having believed you still have to take up the right to be children of God, and having taken up that right you can still choose as to what type of a child you will be and, especially when you grow up, what type of son or daughter you will be to your Father who is in Heaven.

To recap, you could become the prodigal who chose to take his inheritance and squander it, only to be welcomed home by a loving Father.  You could choose to be the one who stayed home and worked the land, but as you worked it, grew bitter, too bitter to welcome your lost brother and to share in your Father’s joy, not seeing that your Father appreciates your work so that everything is now yours.  You could choose to be the son who lies to the Father and say, “Yes,” but then does not do what you promised.  You could choose to be the son who offends and distresses the Father by saying, “No,” to His request and then repents and goes and does what the Father requested.  Or you could learn from Jesus, the Son who went out doing what the Father requested until it was finished in order to share His inheritance with all those He brings home.

Discipleship allows discipline to flow into the life of a child of God so that the sonship and daughtership produced is like the Sonship of Jesus Christ.

You believe so you are saved… praise God… that means God did something for you.  You have decided to take up your right to be a child of God… thank God because that right was given to you by God, which still means God did something for you.  Now, how you choose to grow up and what type of son you choose to grow up to be will either bless God or distress God, and when you do either one, that is what you have done to God.

You see, elect, you thank someone for what he does for you; you praise someone for what he does for you; but you bless someone when you do something for them.

In His teachings to us, His disciples, Jesus was not teaching us how to live as a people of God but as children, sons and daughters of God… which is why He said, “Blessed are the peacemakers, for they will be called sons of God.” And when He commanded and reminded us to love our enemies, He said, “Be perfect, therefore, as your Heavenly Father is perfect,” and “Be merciful, just as your Father is merciful.” The second time He taught us, He had to say, “But I tell you who hear Me…” which meant there were those who were listening but could not hear what He was really saying.

If you listened only you have obeyed the Father’s command, “Listen to Him,” but the Father did also say, “…hear ye Him.” If you listened you would have heard the command, but if you have heard you would have seen the purpose of the command, which is to make you a son or a daughter like your Father, perfect and merciful… for just as a man can have sons and daughters who are like him and also sons and daughters who are not at all like him, so too can God.  Indeed, there was a group of ‘sons of God’ who saw that the daughters of men were beautiful, and they married any of them they chose, that is, they took them for sex, even raping them, by their choice and not by love… and produced an abomination called ‘Nephilim’, the existence of which was what brought about the sentence of the desolation of the world except for Noah and his family.  And when the Canaanites gave themselves to demon worship and produced the descendants of the Nephilim – the Anakites – that brought on them the sentence of desolation… beginning at Jericho.  As such, you can be a child of God, even a son of God, but you are nothing like your Father.

Jesus revealed to us the Father He knows and the Son that He is… the Son who is exactly like Him so that They are One… so One that Jesus could say, “Anyone who has seen Me has seen the Father.” He never said, “Anyone who has seen Me has seen God.”  All that power and all those miracles were not to reveal God to the people of Israel or to the disciples.  It was firstly to remind the Jews of God, for Moses had already done miracles to reveal God to the people of Israel.  So Jesus’ miracles were first to remind the Jews of God that the prophets had revealed, which is why some thought Him to be a prophet of old come back to life.  However, the peculiar miracles of Jesus do not only reveal God but reveal God the Father, whereas the miracles of Moses revealed God Almighty.  Through Jesus no water was changed to blood so people could not drink, but water was changed to wine.  Through Jesus no gnats or boils or famine came, but rather, the sick were healed of their boils and leprosy and the food was multiplied.  Through Jesus no humans were drowned, only pigs, whereas through Moses an army was drowned.

So you see, elect, the revelation of God through Jesus Christ is about revealing God the Father – perfect and merciful, kind and compassionate to His enemies and the ingratiates – but the revelation of God through Moses was about revealing God Almighty – powerful, angry and even vengeful to His enemies.  Same God and same Person showing you who He is by His servants, the prophets, and who He is through His Son, Jesus.  That is why those who consider themselves servants of God but have not undertaken discipleship by Jesus reveal the God of Moses rather than the Father of Jesus who is God.

The substitution of the words of Jesus by James the Younger in Acts 15 meant that those who agreed with James would develop a church that revealed the God of Moses but not the Father of Jesus who is God.

And that is precisely the point, elect.

Anyone who has listened and heard Jesus will know He came to reveal the Father who is God, but because so much of your time was taken up by those who are supposed to be the teachers and elders into listening to and preaching the words of Moses… only the God Almighty of Moses is portrayed by much of the teachings of the church.  Since the Holy Spirit was sent to give us power to be witnesses of Jesus and not of Moses, so the power was withheld from the church that went off to listen to Moses.  Unfortunately, even the withholding of that power did not permit certain men to attack, destroy and loot the lives of those whom Jesus had saved as if they were Israelites under Joshua, for when they found that God withheld the miraculous power from them, those rebels then reverted to military power, killing and oppressing those who refused to believe their lies.  If those rebels have done such atrocities without miraculous powers, what will it be like when through the false prophet those powers are made available for them?  When that happens you will understand what the angel meant when he told Daniel, “In the latter part of their reign, when rebels have become completely wicked…” when they will use the miraculous to oppress and steal, kill and destroy the lives of men as they have been using the military, the political, the intellectual and the monetary these last two millenniums.  Should you fear them?  Not at all, but pity them, for you know where they are going to… for if even their flesh is destined as food and feasting for the birds at Armageddon, what does God have in mind for their souls?  Fear them?  Never.  Love them?  Yes, even as the Lord has commanded us to love our enemies.

Since you know it is the Father whom Jesus has revealed and Jesus has revealed to you the Son who pleases the Father, and more than that, the Son who gives the Father rest, for when Jesus finished the work the Father gave Him, He went by the Spirit and preached to spirits held in prison from the days of Noah, and when He ascended, took those prisoners in His train as it is written:  When You ascended on high, You led captives in Your train; You received gifts from men, even from the rebellious—that You, O Lord God, might dwell there. And as Jesus sat down on His Father’s throne at the right hand of the Father, He began to make intercession daily unceasingly at the right hand of God and so gave the Father rest, for Jesus is the Son who has shouldered the responsibility of looking after the family of His Father.

So likewise, elect, who is it that we are to bless and to give rest to?  Is it God Almighty as revealed by Moses like servants or is it not God our Father as Jesus has revealed Him?  To be sons after the example of Jesus or to be sons like those of Genesis 6?  To give God rest or to give Him work?  To bless Him or to distress Him?  To elevate Him in the face of His enemies or to make Him lose face in the sight of His enemies?  That is your choice, children of God.

A father can have many sons and daughters, blessed is the Father who has one and ones who give Him rest.



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