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What the World Needs Now

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There is an old song that starts with these words, and the song concludes that the world needs now is “love, sweet love.”  And for many who are in the church, that is what we try to offer – love of enemies, love of one another, love of God and love of ourselves.  It sounds good and it is good… and that is the problem.  Although love is the greatest and love never fails and God is Love, what the world needs now is not love.  Love may be able to heal a broken heart, but it cannot prevent the heart from being broken in the first place.

We can raise a church that has a powerful ministry healing the sick… both in the flesh where even the blind can see, and those who are injured in the spirit, like those who were raped when they were only children… but it is not until we are able to prevent the injuries to begin with that we will win the war against evil.  History teaches us that every despot who is disposed of is replaced by another one who is worse.  And we know from the word of the Lord that evil will increase on the Earth.  As such, even if we are to become a church that is more powerful than the church in Jerusalem when they had the apostles among them, we will not be able to stop the evil.  We may be able to heal the victims of evil, but we need to be able to stop evil itself from generating more victims.

Jesus healed all who came to Him in Galilee and in the temple during His ministry, and yet a few months later, the church was swamped by the sick, so much so that people were leaving their sick out on the road so that at least Peter’s shadow would fall on them.  There was power in the Jerusalem church, of that there is no doubt.  Unfortunately, even if we are able to raise up such churches again so that there is one in every city and town, it would not be enough.  For a healing ministry only heals the victims, but does nothing to prevent the creation of more victims.  And we are not speaking of victims of heart attacks, strokes or even cancer.  No, I am speaking of victims of things much worse than that.  I am speaking of the victims of incest, rape and violence.  These things inflict the victims with sicknesses that are harder to treat, much less to try and cure.

As such, while we raise up once more the church that has the power of the Lord to heal all who come, we need to look beyond helping the victims and seek to stop the creation of more victims.  It is time not only to heal the victims of evil, but to prevent evil from claiming more victims.  And this is possible only if and when we bring Jesus back.  For the arrival of Jesus spells the end of Satan’s freedom on the Earth and the elimination of most of the men and women of violence, leaving by and large only the meek on the Earth.  This single truth alone means that the reduction of the amount of evil will be significant.  I am not saying that during the millennium of the Lord, men will not still be plotting evil, but with the Kingdom of Christ in control on the Earth, we will be able to prevent it.

So, regardless of whether you have a small church or a large church now, the only reason most of the people are in your church or attend your ministry is because they have been a victim.  Sure, heal them… but look up and realise that we need to stop the creation of new victims.  If we can feel the pain of those who have come into our care because of the evil perpetrated on them, then our cry to the Lord must be, “No more!  Enough!”  However, only the return of Jesus can offer the permanent solution to evil.  So, let us keep on with our practice of the Lord’s word so that all who come are healed, but more importantly, let us be the church at full power so that we can do all that needs to be done and bring Jesus back now!

So, what does the world need?  No, it’s not love; it is the church that can bring Jesus back.

Hr. Ed, manager of the Holy Spirit’s Workshop


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