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What Spirit Are You Of?

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When the Samaritan villagers opposed the Lord’s journey to Jerusalem on His final journey, the apostles James and John wanted to call down fire from Heaven, but Jesus rebuked them.  And if you care to read the footnotes, He rebuked them for not knowing what spirit they are of.  As it is important for you to know which Jesus you are following, so likewise it is important to know which spirit you are of.  The term ‘Holy Spirit’ is used in all the churches that follow Jesus, from the one whose Jesus had a mother who remained a virgin to the ones whose Jesus is not the only Son of God.  Yes, unfortunately, elect, there does appear to be more than one ‘Holy Spirit’ just as there are more than one Jesus Christ.  As such, as the elect of the Holy Spirit, you must know what spirit you are of.

The Holy Spirit who has elected you is the same Spirit whom Jesus promised He would ask His Father to send, and who, when He came, began to do all that Jesus said He would do in John 14, 15 and 16, as well as give us the power to be witnesses of Jesus, and who Himself would bear witness for Jesus.  In particular, He is the Holy Spirit who will never agree to any recommendations to practise or teach anything that goes against the teachings of Jesus.  In short, it would never have seemed good to Him that we gentiles should avoid the eating of blood, of strangled meat and of food sacrificed to idols, for these are in direct conflict with the teachings of Jesus.  As He lives with us and in us, our Holy Spirit has never left the world, unlike the other ‘holy spirit’ who is supposed to have left the world when the apostle John died.

As Paul wrote that God did not give us a spirit of fear but of power and sound mind, so the Holy Spirit who has elected you will never remind you or give you revelations of fear.  In particular, in these days of increasing distress, He will not give us to fear for our lives.  Rather, He will ensure that we are thoroughly equipped for every situation and to overcome them all in triumph as Jesus said we would.

These days there is much talk about the coming rapture of the church because the days of distress are upon us.  As such, it is essential that the position of the Holy Spirit’s Workshop be understood perfectly.  And that is, we KNOW there will be a catching up of the church, but it will only be the catching up of those who are left alive, as Paul wrote, after the dead in Christ are caught up; and that is at the arrival of Jesus on clouds of glory.

Those who preach a ‘pre-tribulation’ rapture are preaching from the perspective of a powerless, fear filled church that cannot survive, much less overcome the coming disasters.  As such, it is perfectly logical that they and their followers be removed out of harm’s way before the distress really begins.  The Holy Spirit’s Workshop does not oppose their faith, nor do we consider them to be in error.  In truth, we wish them ‘God speed’ so that they are removed from the arena, and those of us who have been set apart to remain alive until Jesus arrives will not have to worry about them, for they will be safely seconded to Heaven.

There are those who preach a mid-tribulation rapture.  We likewise do not oppose them, but also wish them ‘God speed.’  For they are like those who have fought but have grown tired.  Those who want to believe for an early rapture can go because it is the mercy and the grace of our God that all children (the immature) are evacuated.  However, those of us who hold the more mature view will never abandon this Earth to the sole possession of Satan and his sons, for if Satan were allowed to have this Earth all to himself, he would not hesitate to destroy it completely.  If the Earth were destroyed, then scripture is broken also, for there will be no Earth for Jesus to return to reign, and that can never be.

The only reason the Holy Spirit will permit Himself to be taken out of the way is so that the man of lawlessness can be revealed, but ALSO so that He can reveal the sons of God He has raised up to oppose the plans of Satan.  It is the plan of the Holy Spirit to allow the distress of the coming days to be the stage upon which these words of Jesus are proved true through His elect:  “…anyone who has faith in Me will do what I have been doing.  He will do even greater things than these…” [John 14.12]

That is why it remains a central theme of all our meetings that we gather not only for fellowship, but for practice of the power until all our disciples can change water to good wine, heal the sick with a word, walk on water, raise the dead, calm the storm, multiply the food, translate great distances instantly, move amongst the people unrecognised by changing forms and walk through walls just for starters.  For when we are no longer allowed to buy and sell because of the mark of the beast, we will create and multiply… we will change stones to bread and water to wine.  We will travel by translation like Phillip did.  When the pestilences strike, we will heal.  When people seek to kill us, we will blind them like Elisha did and then invite them home to lunch also.  To those who have no power, this is madness.  But to the one who can walk on water, no boats are needed.  To the one who can raise the dead, a funeral is the prelude to a party.  To the one who can control the storm, it is time to take a nap.  When we have the power promised by the Lord, the problems are just opportunities to glorify His Name and prove Him true.

As such, to those pastors who still want to be associated with the Holy Spirit’s Workshop, the challenge for you is to raise up your people until they have the character to be trusted with the power of the Lord so that they are able to do as the Lord has done.

Hr. Ed, Manager of the Holy Spirit’s Workshop

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