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As mentioned in the previous chapter, whenever God does something new He brings something new with which to bring about the change. When He purposed to wipe out the Nephilimic world to give the sons and daughters of Adam a fresh start in a world without Nephilims, He brought rain to a world that knew no rain or flood. When He introduced His nation into a world where no nation belonged to Him, He brought the law through Moses when no nations on Earth had any law from God. And when He wanted to bring salvation to the world where there was only law, He sent Jesus who brought His grace to a world that only had His curse and His law.

And now as we enter the final days of this age of grace, He is bringing something new again – fulfilment. For no one in the church age has ever lived in a time such as this when the fullness of the words of Jesus is available for all and sundry to read, listen to, believe and practise until they are all mastered and witnessed to as being true. Now before the millennium begins when men will see the Son of God/the Son of Man physically in their presence again, God is bringing in something new to introduce the next age – fulfilment.

For until all the Scriptures of the New Covenant were put together to join with the Scriptures of the Old Covenant in the ‘Library’, for almost 1500 years no one had all the commands, decrees and laws of Jesus in one place so that no one, even if they wanted to, could fulfil that which is written as Jesus fulfilled that which was written about Him and for Him in the Law, the Prophets and the Psalms.

The locking away of the Library by the church had certainly prevented anyone who had faith in Jesus from fulfilling any command, decree and law of Jesus in his own life for himself. For when the professional clergy locked away the Library, they replaced it with their catechisms, which prevented everyone who wished to from fulfilling all that Jesus has said that needs to be fulfilled. It is only now, hundreds of years since the printing press unlocked the Bible and since the Lutheran reformation, that believers have free and full access to the written Scriptures so that anyone may study them.

In particular, it is now that anyone who obeys the Father and listens to Jesus can see for himself all the laws, commands, decrees and prophecies of Jesus and live them in his personal life so that all that is written for a believer, a disciple, a servant, a friend and a brother or sister of Jesus can find fulfilment in the body of Christ, the church. It is such availability and possibility of fulfilment of the words of Jesus in the lives of more than two or three witnesses that allows all things to be made certain, especially the certainty of the end of this age.

For where we have failed Jesus most evidently is in our lack of belief in the literal meaning and application of John 11.26. No one alive can testify to John 11.26 and all who are dead only wait in the hope of John 11.25. Even now the majority of those who call themselves believers, even disciples, live in the hope of John 11.25 – to die and live again at the resurrection. And as pointed out in an earlier book, many are still ignorant of the two resurrections that are to come, not one.

Another scripture of Jesus that we have failed to fulfil is John 14.12. Few if any can do what Jesus has been doing, much less the greater things. And when you combine that with some of the outright anti-Jesus teachings that are practised by certain groups, little wonder, I say, that there has been no fulfilment of the laws, commands or decrees in sufficient witnesses for the Lord God to bring this age to an end.

But now the Holy Spirit has you who have listened to Jesus and practised His words to see the truth about our disobedience, our disbelief, our disunity and our distractions of the last 2000 years to realise that which Jesus has spoken remains unfulfilled. For to fulfil the words of Jesus requires persons who have listened carefully enough to understand what He meant, much less believe and know and then go when sent to practise them and bear witness to the truth that they are for His honour.

Did the twelve go to Capernaum for His honour? No.

Did the eleven hide in Jerusalem on resurrection morning for His honour? No.

Did the seven go fishing in Galilee for His honour? No.

Did they select Matthias without waiting for the Holy Spirit for His honour? No.

Did James the Younger speak up for Jesus’ honour with his recommendations? No.

And we know what happened after the first generation of disciples was gone, just like what happened to Israel after the generation of Joshua was gone.

So if you are looking for an Old Testament similarity to what has happened to you, look to Josiah and what followed Josiah’s restoration of the Book of the Law. It is a shadow of what is about to happen to the church of Jesus Christ, whether you like it or believe it or not. Opinions and faith matter less now than repentance. No matter what you believe, no matter what you hold to be true, it matters little… for the days that are coming, if you have not learnt to listen to Jesus in the way the Father commanded, will surely test you.

Listening to Jesus the way the church defines listening to Jesus is useless if it does not conform with the standard that the Father has in mind. These words of Jesus to the church in Sardis – “…I have not found your deeds complete in the sight of My God” – begin with the way we listen to Jesus, much less in whether or how we practise His words.

To listen to Jesus at the standard prescribed by the doctrines and theologies of the church, no matter what denomination, will incur these words of Revelation 3.2. You do not have to agree or concur, for each person will be tested and judged soon enough. However, those who are wise and have understanding will quickly realise that to listen to Jesus at the standard commanded by the Father is the only sure way to fulfill and complete the fulfillment of this command.

Likewise, learning to believe and practise the commands, decrees and laws of Jesus at the standard that Jesus had in mind is the only sure way to fulfill them to His satisfaction. And how do we know if we have done it the right way? The conviction of righteousness that comes from the Holy Spirit is that first sign of course, followed by the voice of the Holy Spirit recalling to your remembrance these words of Jesus: “Well done, good and faithful servant!” a word that is confirmed by the power of the Holy Spirit entrusted to you so that you can do what Jesus did and more.

When you have a person who is dedicated to working for the honour of the one who sent him, there you also have a person who will fulfill that which he is sent to fulfill. Jesus – the Man of Truth because He worked for the honour of the One who sent Him – naturally fulfilled all that was for Him to fulfill. Likewise, now that we can read for ourselves what needs to be fulfilled, then those who do work for the honour of Jesus who sent them will fulfill all that needs to be fulfilled. And so for the first time in the age of the church, fulfillment is at hand.

And so anyone who hears the words of Jesus and believes them changes from an unbeliever to a believer; just as anyone who, having believed, chooses to practise the words becomes a disciples; just as any disciple who chooses to then serve once their practice is complete becomes a servant; just as a servant who develops a friendship while he is serving his Lord and Master becomes a friend; just as a friend who is adopted to the family with equal rights as coheir becomes a brother or sister. This is what the words of Jesus, the testimony of Jesus, does to everyone. It changes them and brings out of them a new life, a new role, a new perspective, to live and fulfill. And any believer, disciple, servant, friend or brother who has listened enough to be sent by Jesus and who works for His honour, is changed by the sending and his honouring of the One who sent him to be a man of truth about whom nothing is false. The man of truth – this creature of such absolute power because there is nothing false about him so that whatever he thinks, says and does is true, being able to speak into existence things that are not as if they were so that they are – has always had what it takes to fulfill all that must be fulfilled. It is only that now what must be fulfilled is wholly made known. As such, the saints who have gone before us, who did work for the honour of the One who sent them, were men and women of truth, but they were not in a position to bring about the fulfillment of all that is written. Such a privilege is left to those whom the Holy Spirit has elected, for now that which is written is complete and may be fulfilled.

Now if the testimony of Jesus can change men and women as it has been outlined so that their sending out can bring out the men of truth in them, then there is one final revelation of the testimony of Jesus that will change the man of truth into the creature/man who will bring terror to the heart and soul of every enemy of Jesus on the Earth and beneath the Earth.

What happens to the man of truth – the one who works for the honour of the One who sent him, in whom there is nothing false – so that he has the fullness of power entrusted to him? What happens when he finds out that the One he honours, the One he loves, the One who is his Saviour, his Teacher, his Master, his Friend, his Brother, was not slain or killed only, but was in fact murdered? The plot of the Sanhedrin to murder Jesus and the running of the roman spear through His body meant that the death of Jesus did not prevent His murder. The intent was there and the intent was proven by the act perpetrated on His corpse. Just because Jesus is the Lamb of God slain before the foundation of the world… just because He is the Son of Man crucified as the Sin Offering so that all who believe may be the righteousness of God… does not allow men who plotted His murder and who did carry out their intention to escape the justice due Jesus for His murder.

The crucifixion of Jesus, the sacrifice of Jesus, allows sinners who repent to be saved and become saints. However, the murder of Jesus allows His kinsmen to be the avengers of blood. The truth that they did plot to murder Jesus with their false witness and testimony and their insistence of crucifixion when Pilate wanted Jesus set free, is the proof of the intent of the murder.

Now then, herewith is the most terrifying of the weapons of God – the man of truth about whom is nothing false who becomes the avenger of blood for his Kinsman who was murdered.

You see, elect, anyone may want to be an avenger of blood when his loved ones are murdered. However, if you are not able to overcome the murderer when you find him, but the murderer himself overpowers you, then the avenger becomes another victim himself. And so it has been through the ages as men and women better than you and I have stood their ground and refused to deny the testimony of Jesus and the word of God in order to bring justice to Jesus, the Victim, have also fallen victim to the murderer and his henchmen (his sons) and have been added to the number of the martyrs who await the day of their vengeance, even now. Multitudes of our brothers and sisters have also been murdered, just as our Saviour, our Teacher, our Master, our Friend and our Brother was murdered. The evidence is complete and the witnesses are proven true because their words have been tested and have been found trustworthy.

The account of Matthew about the trial of Jesus is trustworthy. Likewise also the accounts of Mark, Luke and John… and when there is more than one witness, then the murder is exposed. Those who now can loose on Earth their testimony that they know Jesus was murdered, then by their testimony release the avenger of blood as it is written. And the avenger is free to fulfill his work that he was sent to do for the honour of the One who sent him. As it is written: “The avenger of blood shall put the murderer to death; when he meets him, he shall put him to death.”

Certainly, those who intended to murder and share that same intent to murder Jesus by refusing to believe that He has risen from the dead can be put to death by the avenger of blood when he meets them. Even those who are like those described in Numbers 35.22-23, for whom the shelter of the city of refuge was available, will not escape… for now there are no cities of refuge. There is no temple even in Jerusalem in the first place… and for those who run into the Lord Jesus as refuge, they forfeit the power to turn away the avengers of blood if they refuse to be witnesses that He lives by working to bring Him back to Earth.

There is now no escape for all who refuse to repent and believe, for men and women of truth are being released, men and women who have the power to speak into existence things that are not as if they were so that they are, who can take captive every thought and make them obedient to Jesus, demolish every stronghold and argument that raises itself up against the knowledge of God, because they are working for the honour of the divinity of God’s Son, and so the power that works in them is divine. And because the truth of the attempted murder of Jesus, which was enacted on His dead body with a roman spear, is revealed and testified to by more than three witnesses, then released also from amongst these men and women of truth are the avengers of the blood of the Lamb.

Some are like the two witnesses, those prophets who will be killed to rise first, others will be like those who will remain alive but will rise up to greet the Lord in the clouds after the dead in Christ rise, but whether they are dead or alive when Jesus arrives, until Jesus arrives there now roams the Earth the avengers of blood, kinsmen of the Victim, Jesus Christ of Nazareth.

Woe to any who meets with them, who have refused the grace and mercy of the Father of the Victim. Woe to them, for the avengers who have power enough to overcome the murderers are now released… men and women who can stand beside the sea of glass and who will be victorious over the beast and his image and the number of his name, who will sing, “Great and marvelous are Your deeds, Lord God Almighty. Just and true are Your ways, King of the ages. Who will not fear You, O Lord, and bring glory to Your Name? For You alone are holy. All nations will come and worship before You, for Your righteous acts have been revealed.”

Woe! Woe! To inhabitants of the Earth whose names are not written in the Book of Life from the creation of the world. Woe! To all who forsake the grace and mercy of the Father of Jesus Christ. Woe! For the men of truth have become the avengers of blood because their Brother was murdered.

To those who are not sent for this time, hold onto what you have until He comes. And yes, He is coming soon! The Warrior King.


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