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When Paul wrote to the Corinthians in his second letter – For though we live in the world, we do not wage war as the world does. The weapons we fight with are not the weapons of the world. On the contrary, they have divine power to demolish strongholds – the weapons that he wrote of can be seen firstly in his description of the armour of God in Ephesians 6: Finally, be strong in the Lord and in His mighty power. Put on the full armour of God so that you can take your stand against the devil’s schemes, where he lists the belt of truth, the breastplate of righteousness, the shoes of the gospel of peace, the shield of faith, the helmet of salvation and the sword of the Spirit… and also the glory of God.

What we fail to see in Paul’s letter to the Ephesians is that his description gave encouragement to the disciples and believers in Ephesus to see themselves as soldiers… for he wrote to them about the defensive tactics they should adopt.

For his advice to them in verse 6 was: Put on the full armour of God so that you can take your stand against the devil’s schemes, and there was a note of futility and chance of being overwhelmed by the devil, for in verse 13 he wrote: Therefore put on the full armour of God, so that when the day of evil comes, you may be able to stand your ground, and after you have done everything, to stand. The whole passage speaks of a defensive posture to be adopted by the church, which was different from the offensive posture that belayed his writings to the Corinthians. As in all wars, there are moments of offensive action and defensive action, even in spiritual wars. However, if the church of Jesus Christ truly has weapons of divine power, then any defensive position by such a church could only be adopted in moments of rest and bivouacs, but not in moments of counter attacks by an inferior enemy. However, the defensive position that Paul advised the Ephesians to take in Ephesians 6 was in preparation to repel the devil’s schemes with a tone to it as if they might be overwhelmed, hence his words: …and after you have done everything, to stand.

The letters of Paul show the fluctuating state of power within the church of his times. At times able to advance with divine power; other times defending what they had with a personal faith, righteousness, peace, truth, salvation and even the word, like a foot soldier… standing like Shammah took his stand. You see, Shammah took his stand to defend… not to attack.

So then, elect, as much as you need to learn from men like Shammah to take your stand of aloneness in God, the purpose of your stand is not to defend, but rather, it is to advance… yes, advance. Now, look at what is not written and see Shammah not standing in the field of lentils but advancing against the Philistines, and you will see Josheb-Basshebeth, a Tahkemonite, also known as Jashobeam, who raised his spear and killed 800 men in one encounter and 300 in another. Unlike Shammah who stood to defend, Josheb/Jashobeam advanced alone in offence and attacked the enemy fully, far more than Shammah did.

So likewise, the men of faith are the defenders; by faith they stand and defend that which they believe and know… even to the point of death. Like Noah, who by faith built the ark and so defended the last remnant of God’s desired righteousness in men from the evil world of his day, those who take their stand against Satan’s schemes are merely defending what God has given them, but are not expanding or building on what God gave them.

The man of truth however, is not the one who stands to defend, but rather, advances to attack, to recover and to expand that which belongs to God.

So then, elect, know that the command to listen to Jesus has been recovered and that which has been lost has been defined for you. Those of you who permit the man of truth to emerge from you are not being raised up to defend the Kingdom of God but to recover what was lost, and from there to expand and establish the beachhead of the Kingdom of God on Earth until Jesus arrives with the main force of His saints.

As such, the weapons of divine power Paul wrote of far exceed the shield, sword, belt, breastplate, helmet and shoes of the armour of God. For they include word, knowledge, wisdom, understanding, prophecy, signs, wonders and miracles, just to name a few… yes, a few, for the list of substances that become weapons with divine power are without limit when there is a man of truth to wield them. Now, come and see why the Man of Truth is invincible and has laid the foundation for all who come after Him.

Except for lies and sin, all things – all substances and situations, physical and spiritual, seen and unseen – are created by God and God alone and come from the very substances of God. And indeed, as it is written: God, for whom and through whom everything exists… we know and understand easily that everything exists through God, for as Paul said to the Greeks, “The God who made the world and everything in it is the Lord of Heaven and Earth…” However, we rarely realise that it is for God that everything exists. See the word: God, for whom… everything exists… That means everything – faith, word, wisdom, understanding, knowledge, light, death, prosperity, disaster, darkness, life, air, water, fire – everything exists for God and has come from the very substance of God.

It does not exist for someone else and even if someone else were to pick up a stone or use a word or faith, he is using something that has its existence for God, not for him. And since such things are from God and God alone… then, elect, know and understand now, once and for all, everything that is made by God contains within it the very essence of God Himself, the essence of His glory as it were, not in its entirety as Jesus is the exact Representation of God’s glory in its entirety. No, but yet each and every substance seen and unseen, be it faith or a grain of sand, holds within it the purpose as well as the evidence of its origin of existence. And since God is Love and the Truth… the divinity that has been imparted in all created substances recognises the hand and the feet, the sound, the very thought of its Maker, and responds yielding the power within them to fulfil the very purpose of their existence… for all things exist for their Maker.

Herein then lays the glorious genius of God’s plan through Jesus Christ that can never fail, even if it has been laying dormant for 2000 years.

The air and wind that responded to the words of Jesus, the water that held up His feet, the time that shortened so that the boat immediately reached the shore, the bread and fish that multiplied at His touch and word… recognised their Master for whom they exist, and responded, yielding forth the power that is inherent to them, the power that created and sustained them… and what is impossible for man became possible for the Man of Truth.

And likewise, anyone who believes in Jesus and has faith in Him and so has begun to honour Him can do what He has been doing and greater things than this will he do… because in the doing is the work that displays the honour of the One who sent him. So then, it is not as much that a man of truth who works for the honour of the One who sent him has all the power within him, but rather, he has that power which causes all things which exist for God to yield their full power to him, for they too want to honour and glorify the God who brought them into existence and are themselves released from bondage to find fulfilment in the destiny appointed for them by their Creator… to exist for the Creator for His good pleasure.

As such, dear reader, there is no detailed list of weapons of divine power in this Book of Wars of the Lord that you need to study as to acquire their divine power and learn their use of. No, that is the way of the world. Rather, what there is is a detailed description of the person you need to become… the man of truth just like Jesus Christ. For when you are such a person, everything becomes a weapon of divine power for you, because all that exists for God recognises the son of God in you and yields forth their power, which originated from God to your thought, word and action, so that God is glorified.

All the power, all the weapons, all the means, tools and substances for you, elect, to fulfil the work that the Holy Spirit has set you aside for already exists within you and around you. You only need to become a man of truth by learning to work for the honour of the One who sent you until you are truly working for His honour. Then you will find that faith, word, thought, action and even the elements of nature will yield their power and be whatever you purpose, whatever you think, whatever you say and whatever you do for the honour of Jesus.

You might have observed that those who do not work for the honour of the one who sent them can use these same God-created substances to destroy and enslave, as they use words to lie or faith to deceive, and even splitting the very elements to yield an imaginable destructive power… like the atom bomb. That is true, for all substances made by God can be manipulated to yield a measure of their God-given power and so appear to be controlled, but it is only to a man of truth that substances yield the fullness of their power so that not only is the power evident, but the perfect, precision of the elegance of God in His divine nature is revealed.

For when Jesus turned water to good wine, the very atoms of hydrogen and oxygen split and welded together in what should have been a holocaustic release of atomic fission and fusion energy, which would have required massive machinery to contain if Jesus was not the Man of Truth that He is… but to Him the atoms responded to His very thought and a nuclear fusion reaction occurred in those clay jars where water became good wine without so much as a bubble breaking out of the water. Yes, an atom will yield a trace of divine power to men who desire to be ‘God’ themselves, but never with the elegance and simplicity with which it will yield to the man who honours God.

So have no fear… “Fear not,” as the Lord has said, for even the very metal on the knife or bullet that is racing towards your flesh exists for God and not for His enemies and recognises the purpose for which it exists. Creation groans waiting for the sons of God to be revealed, as it is written, but until there are men of truth, how can there be sons of God, for God sent His Son, the Truth, to raise them?

So then, here is the simple secret to the power of the man of truth in whom there is nothing false. Not only do his thoughts, words and actions contain no falsehood, and therefore whatever he thinks, says or does becomes so that he can even call things that are not as if they were, and they are; but to such a man all substances seen and unseen gladly yield, for the divine power that has been placed in them by God is released cooperatively so that what he thinks, says and does manifests to an extent beyond what he may have intended. For creation has groaned too long and desires to be released from its bondage to fulfil the purpose for which God birthed it for in the first place – to yield forth the New Heavens and New Earth that would carry that which this creation forged with time into eternity for God’s good, pleasing and perfect pleasure.

So, as we near the end of this phase of our journey, it is time to see what lays ahead and we have come full circle, elect, for the man of truth begins his existence by first listening to the One who will send him.

So then, “Listen to Him!” Selah

The church that honours the One who sends it is the church of full power. “Let them who have ears to hear, hear what the One who sent them says.”


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