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No strategy, no plan, no faith, knowledge, wisdom or understanding and whatever else we may consider to be essential to God’s final victory in these last days matters if the key ingredient is missing – the man of truth.

For the game has been played out now for 2000 years with all sides waging a war based on faith, doctrines, theologies, traditions, knowledge, understandings and wisdoms, and yet no one has been able to decisively achieve that which will bring an end to this tragedy of a powerless church flailing around trying to overcome a world where evil and wickedness get worse everyday. To add to the tragedy, the travesty is that the church in the Name of Jesus has been responsible for as much of the wickedness and evil as the good that it has tried to do. Why? Because we departed from the royal command a long, long time ago. We stopped listening to Jesus for so long that anything and everything that has been done has been by faith through God’s grace, for we certainly did not know what we were doing. No wonder the Lord said from the cross, “Father, forgive them, for they do not know what they are doing.”

Understand that he who works for the honour of the one who sent him listens firstly to the one who sent him and obeys the one who sent him, and if he were to improvise on that which he has been shown or told, it is because he is convinced that it will bring more honour to the sender. However, an improvisation – that is, an improvement in action – is only valid after you have obeyed the command and in the midst of obeying the command, you see the opportunity to improve on the honour to be gained by the sender. Like the servants given the minas and talents, it was only after they went and invested the monies that an improvisation was valid. What the lazy and wicked servants did in hiding and burying the money when they were told to put it to work was not an improvisation.

The disobedience of the twelve to go to Bethsaida immediately but rather, waited until dark to go to Capernaum, was not an improvisation but disobedience. However, going immediately to Bethsaida to find that there were no lodgings in Bethsaida or that there were men from Capernaum waiting in Bethsaida asking them to go to Capernaum because of a need would be an improvisation. So then, listening to James’ recommendations is permissible after you have finished listening to Jesus and have practised Jesus’ words to a satisfactory completion in God’s eyes. As Jesus said to Sardis, “…I have not found your deeds complete in the sight of My God.” The truth be known, anyone who has completed the task of listening to Jesus and practising His words will have no need of the words of James the Younger, no more than a man who can see has need of a guide dog for the blind, for such is the superiority of the words of Jesus

By now it should be obvious to all that Jesus is the supreme Man of Truth in whom nothing is false, who has worked for the honour and glory of the One who sent Him. This He has achieved by first listening to what the Father told Him and watching what the Father showed Him, and then repeating what the Father said in exactly the way the Father said it and did what the Father did in the exact same way, so that as His words and actions caused people to be in awe, they were in truth in awe of the Father who gave the words and showed Jesus the actions first. As Jesus told us, “I tell you the truth, the Son can do nothing by Himself; He can do only what He sees His Father doing, because whatever the Father does the Son also does. For the Father loves the Son and shows Him all He does.For I did not speak of My own accord, but the Father who sent Me commanded Me what to say and how to say it. I know that His command leads to eternal life. So whatever I say is just what the Father has told Me to say. Because of this, there is nothing false about Jesus, for He has fulfilled His own words of John 7.18.

And when He said to the ten, “Peace be with you! As the Father has sent Me, I am sending you,” which can only mean that as the Father sent Him to say what He said and do what He did in the exact same way, so He was sending the ten to say and do what He has told them and shown them in the exact same way.

Indeed, they were the ones who bore witness to how Jesus gave thanks, not just the fact that He gave thanks at the feeding of the 5000 and how He said to the man with the legion, “What is your name?” so that when their turn was to come to multiply the food and drive out demons, they would know what He said and how He said it, and their imitation of what they had heard and seen would bear witness to the truth of Jesus and His words when those watching would then be reminded that it is true that anyone who has faith in Him can do what He has been doing.

The details of how Jesus said or did most of what He said and did are not written, simply because they are not needed, for Jesus sent the Spirit of Truth who does not speak on His own but works for the honour of the One who sent Him. The Holy Spirit is here to show us the ‘how’ as we read the ‘what’ in the Scriptures… but then you would have to be one who can recognise His voice, otherwise you would not know who is the One speaking when He speaks.

So, elect, you can now begin to see the purpose for which you have been set aside and the work the Holy Spirit has for you. Set aside so that you may testify that Jesus is the Man of Truth about whom nothing is false, because in listening to Him, in practising His words, in working for His honour, you too can testify that it is possible to become a man of truth about whom nothing is false. And rather than speculate about what it means to be a man of truth, you who have learned not to speak on your own but to work for the honour of the One who sent you, will live such a life, and to live it and testify to it to make others witness it.

In Jesus and through Jesus we are shown what can be done with faith, with words, with spit, with saliva, with a few fish and barley loaves, with every situation and circumstance, so that what is impossible with man is made possible for the glory of God who sent you.

The power of a man of truth can then be seen clearly in the life of Jesus in all that He has done and said to honour the One who sent Him, and in so doing, He brought glory as well.

For in the hands of a man of truth, faith – that is, being sure of what we hope for and certain of what we do not see – becomes reality, so that a mustard seed’s worth is sufficient to move any mountain, for whatever a man of truth says and believes for in his heart is, for there is nothing false about what he says or what he believes for. Faith in the hands of those who are not men of truth is nothing more than theories, fantasies, hopes and dreams that may or may not be without certainty. The absence of falsehood gives certainty to faith and it is a man of truth who removes falsehood, for there is nothing false about him. As such, when you are a man of truth there is little need for faith, nor is there a need for much faith. The apostles cried out, “Increase our faith!” when there was no need of that, for all they had to do was not speak on their own and honour the One who sent them by going where they were sent. As such, Jesus did not have to invest faith in believing that which He was told to say would happen, for He knew that what He said would be since there is nothing false about Him, and what faith He had was eventually invested in the Person who sent Him rather than what He needed to believe in. Likewise, when you are working for the honour of Jesus who sent you, you need not waste your faith believing for what you pray for, but rather, invest all your faith in Jesus the Man whom you believe and are coming to know, and that investment yields the returns as your unceasing practice of His words will likewise unceasingly show you the truth in the Man in the truth of His words.

Now, words in the hands of a man of truth become as dangerous as a double-edged sword and as sure as a foundation on a rock… for the words of a man of truth have nothing false about them and therefore, what those words construct and illustrate, reveal and decree, are and will be as if they always were… for words in a man of truth have no falsehood and without falsehood, these words then become what is, what will be, as if it always was, and come into the realm of being eternal. Which is why Jesus said, “Heaven and Earth will pass away, but My words will never pass away.” Words from a man of truth are eternal, for there is nothing false about them and as such, not only can they describe the present and prepare or form the future, they can also change the past, as God has said, “I am making everything new!” For by his word a man of truth calls into being things that are not as if they were and they are! You see, you cannot be a person who can call things that are not as though they were unless they are… otherwise you are a liar, and God is no liar; neither is Jesus. The reality that Jesus spoke not on His own but worked for the honour of the One who sent Him is what made Paul realise that God can and does call things that are not as though they were.

Satan can do no such thing because he spoke on his own and was never sent, which was why God had to ask him, “Where have you come from?” Since he was never sent he can never work for the honour of the one who sent him, hence Satan is the father of lies because as Jesus said, “…there is no truth in him.” The moment Satan worked without being sent for his own honour, he had no truth in him, and so all his words can only be false and therefore lies. Likewise, all the angels who joined him in the rebellion lost all the truth that was in them and became nothing but lying spirits even when they are trying to tell the truth. Now compare them with the one who was sent to be a lying spirit in the mouths of Ahab’s prophets to entice him to his death. He succeeded because God said, “You will succeed…” but not only that, but because he (she) spoke up for the honour and glory of God so that Israel might be rid of a king who brought nothing but shame to God, even when God had mercy on him in not destroying him earlier as He promised through Elijah.

Now if you do not listen, how can you be sent? If you do not obey what you have heard, how can you honour? And if you speak of things contrary to what you have heard, have you not spoken on your own? And have you not ensured that falsehood abides in you and are you then surprised you have no certainty of what you believe for or see what is unseen? Should you be surprised then that your prayers are unanswered, your plans wither to nothing and your prophecies are proven false? You see, being a man of faith can save you, but it is a man of truth who has the confidence that he is saved and from that salvation walks into the new life. A man of faith lives in the constant hope of the salvation he has yet to see. A man of truth lives as a consequence of his salvation… that life he knows is his already.

Now, what then of knowledge, wisdom and understanding in the hands of a man of truth if words and faith alone can yield such results? Because there is nothing false about a man of truth, then truth has reached its perfection in such a man and from that perfection, which comes not by the love of enemies but rather, it exists because of this reality: There is nothing false about him. Then knowledge, wisdom and understanding manifest with the perfection that belongs to God alone, yet no longer, for that same perfection is now also available to he or she who does not speak on his or her own, but works for the honour of the One who sent him or her.

You see, He who was perfect was perfected in suffering… suffering at the hands of those who hated Him without reason, so that He would add to that perfection He had as the Man of Truth through His love of enemies, just as His Father is perfect because His Father loves His enemies. Understand the perfection of the Father is in His love of enemies; the perfection of the Son is in Him being the Man of Truth honouring the Father who sent Him when Jesus also loved His enemies who crucified Him, which added to perfection and took perfection into the next realm, doing that which is impossible and proving that He is God, for with God nothing is impossible, and also making nothing impossible for God forever.

As for us in whom there was no truth, for we were born slaves to sin, sold to Satan by our forefather Adam, we could not begin our existence as men of truth, for no one sent us to the slavery we were born into… Adam went into it contrary to God’s command. As such, all men, all sons of Adam, are born rebels… and a rebel can never be a man of truth, for to be a rebel you have to work against the One who sent you. Knowing our state of wretchedness, God gave Jesus the words for us to practise and in the command “Love your enemies” came the ability to transfer His perfection to us as we practised it. However, the perfection that comes through the love of enemies is unreliable, not because God’s word is unreliable, but because we cannot be relied on to practise it every time. However, it was enough to give us a deposit as it were of perfection and for us to come to know the Father all the more in His perfection and fullness of mercy… enough to inspire those who had practised to come to want to work for the honour of Jesus if He would send them.

So the perfection that came by the practice of the first command of love from Jesus gave those who obeyed it a grain of perfection, which would permit God to fulfill another truth of His word – “…to everyone who has, more will be given…” – so that the sending of those who have practised might raise up one and ones who would work for the honour of the One who sent them and give God the harvest due Him from the Son He had sown… more men of truth and a new creature, a female of truth, a daughter in the fullness of the stature of the Son… only female.

Now is it any wonder then that Paul saw a time when the Holy Spirit would be taken aside so that the man of lawlessness would be revealed in order that the men of truth (male and female) may be tested and show to all creation the manifold wisdom of God, that He planned not only to have sons and daughters, but sons and daughters worthy of the fullness of the stature of Christ?

So you see, elect, this much feared ‘man of lawlessness’ is really nothing more then a tool to test the manifold wisdom of God and prove Him true once more as he is allowed to do what is permitted so that those who have listened, obeyed and practised can release the man of truth (male and female) from within them. And as they release this creature on Earth, so it is released in Heaven… and the Kingdom of God can finally be launched at full power through men of truth in whom there is nothing false, so that the kingdom itself will have nothing false, not in its King or its citizens, thus becoming the kingdom that can truly endure forever.

So then, repent if you have spoken on your own. Repent if you have not listened. Repent if you have not obeyed. Repent if you have not been working. And if you have been working, repent if it was not for His honour but for yours.

For the man of truth is within you, waiting to come forth out of you to become one with you for the glory of God who planned this so long ago and brought it all forth for everyone to see when He said, “Let there be light,” and there was light.

Now do you understand or are you still dull of heart?


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