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Jesus only ever defined what a man of truth is when He said, “…he who works for the honour of the one who sent him is a man of truth; there is nothing false about him,” but said nothing about the man or woman of faith, as surely as Paul made mention of the ‘word of truth’ – And you also were included in Christ when you heard the word of truth, the Gospel of your salvation – and never made mention of the ‘word of faith’ that is so popular in many circles.

More has been made of faith than of truth unfortunately, and the unbalanced emphasis on faith ahead of truth is one of the causes of the troubles you see in the body of Christ. The internal civil wars of the church, when ‘christians’ persecuted and killed ‘christians’, have always been over faith rather than over truth. Fights always broke out over what people believed rather than what people knew… some believed Jesus to be the Son, others a son, and so the split began. However, those who know the truth have nothing to argue or fight over

Hebrews 11 lists those who were commended for their faith, from righteous Abel to men and women too numerous to name. And it was by their faith they were saved, as the writer wrote: And without faith it is impossible to please God, because anyone who comes to Him must believe that He exists and that He rewards those who earnestly seek Him.

So, what does God reward those who earnestly seek Him with? More faith? A life lived in paradise after death where they can fulfil all their dreams and fantasies? No… for those who earnestly seek Him God rewards with the knowledge of the truth about Him. That is, those who seek Him earnestly will be permitted by God to ‘find’ Him, and not only find Him but come to know Him. And if faith pleases God, what then does truth do to God? After all, did Jesus not say, “God is Spirit, and His worshippers must worship in spirit and in truth”?

Abel had faith and by that faith he was declared righteous… but unfortunately, he was unable to save himself from Cain. Enoch had faith and walked with God until he was no more… but his walk of faith did not allow anyone else to come with him. So, as much as faith is important to please God, it takes more than a man of faith to overcome the days of distress that lay ahead. Even Noah who is the first true man of faith – for neither Abel nor Enoch received any command from God, but Noah did, so that Noah’s faith was not just believing faith but also obedient faith, for he obeyed that which he was told – was only able to build the ark and save those God permitted him to save… but he had no power to do any miracles to convince those who were observing him. Thus, a man of faith is able to save himself… and though Noah may have shared what he had heard from God, he did no miracles to convince those who lived in his time.

And whilst Moses is included in the list of the men and women of faith in Hebrews 11, Moses was the first man of faith who began to display the foretaste of what is to come… the man of truth. For Moses not only believed with faith but he obeyed that which he was commanded after he had seen the Lord in the burning bush. Moses had the complete faith that makes a seed complete – the belief, the obedience and the knowledge – for God introduced Himself to Moses with a sign, a wonder and a miracle, that is, the bush that did not burn, the staff that became a snake and his hand that became leprous, which was then healed. Indeed, Moses was the first man of faith who had the power of signs, wonders and miracles to confirm the words he had been given to deliver, and in fact, became the first man of truth when he began to work for the honour of Him who sent him… however imperfectly.

Whereas Noah was able to save himself and his family out of holy fear as he built an ark, Moses’ faith was not just to save himself or his family, but rather his faith delivered his nation from the bondage of the Egyptians. So then, even though it is often mentioned that Abraham is the father of faith, the true father of all men who have enough faith to fear God and so save themselves is Noah, the third man who was given an instruction from God. Adam disobeyed and brought death to all his sons. Cain disobeyed and brought extermination to all his line… so the flood of Noah wiped out all the sons of Cain and spared perhaps his daughters if the women of Noah’s family were from Cain and not from Seth. Certainly no Nephilims or their children were included in the ark, and though Abraham’s faith credited to him righteousness, his faith did not accord to him the power of miracles, signs and wonders… whereas Moses’ did.

In Moses we see the transition of a man of faith to the beginning of a man of truth as his focus began to shift from saving the Israelites to ensuring that God’s reputation would not be sullied. He went back to Egypt to set his people free… but in the desert, when the people showed their fickleness and ingratitude to God as they made that golden calf and worshipped it, Moses’ loyalty and zeal changed from being zealous for Israel to being jealous for God. Instead of working for the deliverance of his people, Moses began to work for the honour of God when he made intercession for the Israelites in Exodus 32.12, saying, “…why should the Egyptians say, ‘It was with evil intent that He brought them out, to kill them in the mountains and to wipe them off the face of the Earth’?” Moses in his intercession showed concern not for the safety of the Israelites but for God’s reputation with the Egyptians… and so was formed in him the beginning of a man of truth, and likewise that seed was carried forth into the generations of prophets that came after… each working to correct Israel of her many rebellions for God’s honour, for Israel in her rebellion was far from honouring God who sent her. That was her prostitution, for she was more concerned about pleasing herself than honouring the One who raised her up and sent her into Canaan to be a lampstand amongst the nations of the world to show them what God wanted of the nations of the world and how God blesses and protects His people. However, her prostitution made it impossible for God to continually bless and prosper her without rebuking her… for if God did that then God would no longer be true to Himself… a just and righteous Person. However, for all their intentions, none of those heroes of faith were able to make the complete transition from men of faith to men of truth.

Moses, when he struck the rock instead of speaking to the rock, failed to show God holy in the sight of his people in Numbers 20.11-12 and thus did not complete his mission and did not bring Israel into the promised land. The man of God from Judah, because he went to the old prophet’s house to eat instead of obeying the word of God, was killed by a lion. Elijah, when he ran from Jezebel, was told to anoint Elisha to replace him… and though Elisha had the double portion as he desired, he could not stop himself dying of a sickness for he had called curses on some boys who teased him.

Each of these great men of faith gave us a preview of the man of truth who would come forth from the Man of Truth – He who not only believed the One who sent Him, but worked for the honour of the One who sent Him… flawlessly.

Though Moses, the man of God from Judah in Jeroboam’s days, Elijah and Elisha all worked for the honour of God, not one was able to do so flawlessly…. until Jesus of Nazareth came. In Him and through Him, all those who had not only believed God but also worked for His honour would be perfected… which He demonstrated by using the words from Moses’ mouth instead of God’s words to repel the devil in his temptations. Each time, Jesus used Moses’ words against Satan rather than the Father’s words, quoting from Deuteronomy 8.3, 6.16 and 6.13 rather than from Leviticus. In so doing, Jesus began to show the first glimpse of who He is… the Resurrection, the Author and Perfecter of our faith, as the writer of the Hebrews recorded in Hebrews 12.2.

You see, the writer of the Hebrews had this to say of all the men and women of faith: These were all commended for their faith, yet none of them received what had been promised. God had planned something better for us so that only together with us would they be made perfect.

That something better is the ministry and work that God sent Jesus to do and finish… and Jesus, in doing it only for the honour of the One who sent Him, perfected the works of faith for all men and women of faith who preceded Him, so that in the battle against Satan in the desert, Jesus was able to use the words of Moses as if they were the words of God… that is, as if they were words of truth, for indeed, through Jesus, Moses’ words had become the truth as well. The desire by Moses to honour God completely, which died when he failed to speak to the rock, was resurrected in Christ so that his words became the truth that refuted Satan. So the man of faith who desired to be the man of truth received the goal of his faith through Jesus, the Man of Truth, when Jesus fulfilled the Law and the Prophets for the honour of God who gave the Law and sent the prophets.

You see, if Jesus came to abolish the Law and the Prophets as many thought He was doing, then He would have dishonoured God… dishonoured God because Jesus would have been saying that the Law given by God was not good and the prophets sent by God were false, that is, God is a liar. However, in fulfilling the Law and the Prophets and even the Psalms, Jesus honoured God… declaring His Law to be just, His prophets to be true and His promises reliable so that whosoever believes in Jesus has likewise honoured God who sent His Law and promises through His prophets and psalmists.

Indeed then, the heroes of faith from Abel to John the Baptist did not receive what had been promised until Jesus fulfilled the Law, the Prophets and the Psalms so that, together with all who put their faith in Jesus, they would receive the promise of the life that a man of truth would live… a man or woman in whom is nothing false as surely as there is nothing false in God. That is, a man or woman who would begin to live the life known only to God who said, “I am the Truth,” through His Son, Jesus Christ.

Yet rarely have you ever heard made mention of the terminologies of truth in the church, only the terminologies of faith, such as “the doctrines of our faith,” “the men of faith,” “the people of faith,” “the prayer of faith,” “the acts of faith,” and lately, the “word of faith;” and from Paul, fighting the good fight of faith and contending for the faith.

Check the archives, search it out and you will see that rarely do you hear or read of the terminologies of truth… “the doctrines of truth,” “the men of truth,” “the people of truth,” “the prayer of truth,” “the acts of truth,” and “the word of truth,” much less fighting for the better fight of truth and contending for the truth.

For you see, to use these terminologies in the context of Jesus’ words you would have to be a man or woman who works for the honour of the one who sent you. If Moses, the most humble of men, lost his place and standing to lead the people into Canaan because he did not do what he was told, even though water did come from the rock, then how can we who say we believe in Jesus and that we are His servants and even His disciples, do not listen to Him or do what He says, but gladly listen to those who did not believe in Him even when they lived with Him, expect to enter our promised land… the life lived only by a man or woman of truth so that we can come to know and live as God lives.

And if we honour those who went to Capernaum instead of Bethsaida, who stayed in Jerusalem instead of going to Galilee, who went fishing instead of waiting in the city, who appointed a replacement of Matthias instead of waiting for the Holy Spirit, who approved the recommendations of a man who was more interested in honouring Moses than Jesus… without seeing the truth in the accounts left by the Holy Spirit so that we might be taught, rebuked, corrected and trained in righteousness, without judging or condemning them, no more than we could judge or condemn anyone… how can we begin to live the life of the people of truth that is held in Jesus Christ for those who not only believe Him but work for His honour?

Where is the honour to Jesus…

When we water down His words for more politically acceptable words?

When we stay away from practising His words for the sake of traditions?

When relics of dried bones and saints are held with more reverence than His words?

Where is the honour of Jesus when His work of salvation is deemed imperfect and incomplete, so that men from Judea taught, “Unless you are circumcised, according to the custom taught by Moses, you cannot be saved”?

So when we do and say all these things, have we truly honoured Him who sent us? No, we have not and so we are found to be a people of faith but not of truth, and though our faith may save us, it does not reveal that which God had promised and the world does not see the Father Jesus came to reveal…. but just another group of religious people making up their rules and enforcing it on others. So then, the cry of people of faith has been prostituted and deteriorated to the point that the sons of Satan have come up with their imitation and dishonour our Father with their murderous howls, “Convert or die!” And God has been dishonoured by those murderers who satisfied their blood lusts in the Name of God as they tortured and murdered the multitudes of people who may not know God but believed in the good news of God enough not to lower themselves to convert out of fear.

So elect, it is not just for the justice of Jesus that we must succeed in this task and have formed within us that man or woman of truth that Jesus spoke of. It is for every man, women and child from Abel onwards whose eyes were fixed on the grass of the field, the birds of the air, the stars of the Heavens and knew God who made this universe has nothing to do with those whose swords, spears and flames were about to murder them all because they had faith to believe God is good.

So then, it is not so much that we seek to dishonour the forefathers of the truth we have been handed through them, but rather, we seek to honour the One who gave us that truth, Jesus Christ, that we must acknowledge their failings as well as take encouragement from their faith and come forth with that which they gave their lives for… the truth.

So Moses struck the rock, the man of God ate a meal, Elijah ran from Jezebel, Elisha cursed when he should have blessed, the twelve went to Capernaum, the eleven stayed in Jerusalem, the seven went fishing, no one waited for the Holy Spirit before replacing Judas, and everyone listened to James the Younger, and so on and so on… those are the works of men of faith.

Now, see the works of the Man of Truth who changed water to good wine, opened blind eyes, raised the dead, walked on water, calmed the storm, multiplied the food, showed mercy to those who did not deserve mercy and so on and so on… and know that as you listen to Him, practise His words to work for His honour wherever, however He may send you, you will bring honour to every man and woman of faith who are groaning with the rest of creation to see the sons of God revealed… the brothers and sisters of the Man of Truth, who work for His honour for the glory of the Father who sent Him.

Never will it be for us to say, “Convert or die,” but that we may forever erase the shame of these words uttered in Jesus’ Name by murderers and liars… murderers because they killed to enrich themselves without being able to give life, and liars because they lied about the One who sent them. But rather, elect, in the days of distress that now envelope us in ever increasing intensity, our message must be… “Repent and you will live, even as Jesus lives.” Since we ourselves desire to remain alive until Jesus arrives, so then we must do to others as we want done to us… keep all whom God entrusts to us alive until Jesus arrives so that all may honour Him, the Son of Man.

So then, this is the confidence we have, for even though like our forefathers we are at best men and women of faith who would if we could be men and women of truth… through Jesus Christ, the Author and Perfecter of our faith, will emerge the men and women of truth we desire to be when we earnestly seek to know Him in order to honour Him.

Work then without ceasing, not for reward, not for your honour, glory or vindication, but for Him who honoured the One who sent Him and then the life of the Man of Truth is yours to live forever. For no man of faith was declared to be the Son of God by the power of the Holy Spirit and was raised from the dead to be seen by hundreds…. only the Man of Truth was. Such then is the superiority of the Man of Truth over even the man of faith. Amen

To be continued…


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