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For though we live in the world, we do not wage war as the world does. The weapons we fight with are not the weapons of the world. On the contrary, they have divine power to demolish strongholds. We demolish arguments and every pretension that sets itself up against the knowledge of God, and we take captive every thought to make it obedient to Christ.

The array of weaponry that the Lord provides is as diverse and as numerous as there are stars in the sky… for all of Creation, whether seen or unseen, and all the forces that govern their existence can be turned into a weapon of war by the Lord. As such, any attempt of categorisation of the weapons of God that He uses when He wages war is at best a shallow overview of the sophisticated machinery that God has at His disposal to achieve the ends that He has purposed. And as such, the means by which the ends are achieved are just as diverse.

So, for the reader, it is not a matter of knowing every detail of every weapon of war that is at God’s disposal, but what is important is that the reader develops an expertise from continuous practice of the words of Jesus in some areas of God’s warfare, while also acquiring an overview of the awesome array available to the Kingdom of God. Not that we put our confidence in the created, but rather, let our confidence in the Creator increase as we come to know the limitless ability of God to shape and achieve all things for His purpose and for the good of those who love Him, whom He has called according to His purpose.

The Lord’s warring capabilities were first demonstrated when the world of Noah’s days, with its society of humans and Nephilims, produced such wickedness that the Lord was grieved that He had made man on the Earth, and His heart was filled with pain. In one cataclysmic unleashing of natural forces beyond men’s understanding, as the ‘windows’ of Heaven opened and the springs of the deep emptied their contents, water flooded the Earth until every high mountain was covered by twenty feet… and only the occupants of the ark of Noah and the fish survived.

Even as God wiped out one set of His enemies, He was already preparing for the next battle, and delusions were being created even as the waters of the flood were still rising. Delusions that would have the future enemies of God rendered unable to believe even if they were told or shown. Though Jesus had said, “The knowledge of the secrets of the Kingdom of God has been given to you, but to others I speak in parables, so that, ‘Though seeing, they may not see; though hearing, they may not understand,’ ” the disinformation campaign by God began millenniums before Jesus walked the Earth.

As such, understand that not everyone is destined by God to see or hear the truth in the Gospel we preach, for God knows their hearts, and according to their hearts, God has already prepared the way for them to come to judgement.

When Egypt’s pharaoh of Moses’ days forgot the favour God had shown him through the kindness of the forefathers of Moses to the forefathers of Egypt… God once more revealed His terrifying superiority as the Lord of war who wages war against injustice, cruelty and faithlessness. These three points – injustice, cruelty and faithlessness – are the salient features of all of the wars of men everywhere. It is faithlessness that starts the wars of men, cruelty that mars the wars of men, and injustice that fuels the wars of men, whereas God, our God who is the Warrior, wages war for justice with mercy out of faithfulness.

The twelve miracles of Exodus, done through Moses and Aaron, were the warning shots that gave pharaoh the opportunity to capitulate to the final devastating blow with the wiping out of his charioteers, and are the precursors of the current birth pains of the end times that Jesus foretold to His twelve disciples. Through those twelve miracles, God again demonstrated the power of His weapons that no weaponry of man can withstand, not even sorcery or magic… for the snake of Aaron’s staff ate the snakes that came from the Egyptian’s staffs.

Those miracles also show the progressive escalation of each move of God, so that at every turn pharaoh could have relented. However, because he refused, his heart was hardened so that he would not even if he could. The dealing of pharaoh by God is a warning to any man who thinks he can stand against God’s will when God marches out to wage war to deliver justice, mercy and faithfulness.

Justice… because the Egyptians would never have had a mighty kingdom if Joseph did not help them through the seven years of famine with his brilliant plans. Mercy… because no nation deserves to live as slave to another. And faithfulness… because God had promised the deliverance to Abraham, His friend, in exactly the number of years of slavery. Even the killing of the firstborn of Egypt was merely God giving to the Egyptians that which they wanted for themselves. For God, the command to “Do to others as you would have them do to you,” remains the only one that fulfils the Law and the Prophets. So the killing of the male babies of the Hebrews by the Egyptians was the expression of their desire to have their male children killed as well. Except in His mercy, God only killed the firstborn male… not every male child, so that Egypt might have a future.

As such, the mastery of the weapons of war that belong to God does not come by knowing what they are or even how they work… it comes from knowing who God is and how He works. And God is working all the time to bring forth justice, to show mercy and to display faithfulness…. if only you have ears to hear and eyes to see.

In the battle of Egypt, God used two men of faith and the forces of nature bent to His will, as well as directly participating in the action Himself. For the killing of the firstborn was not done by some angel of God, but as the Lord said, “About midnight, I will go throughout Egypt. Every firstborn son in Egypt will die.” And Moses recorded for us: At midnight the Lord struck down all the firstborn in Egypt.

The first thing one must always remember is that our God is a Commander who leads from the front and who reserves for Himself the worst of the battle to fight so that we might be spared its horrors. Just as He killed the firstborn of Egypt, thus sparing men and angels of this task, so He allowed Himself to be crucified on the cross and spared all of us from the most horrible part of the battle against sin and death for the salvation of the world. As such, remember, saints… whatever task you are assigned, God has already done the worst of the work and yet He shares the glory of the whole work with us that we might reign with Him.

Now as to the weaponry used by the Lord, they are best summarised by four headings:

  1. The personnel
  2. The natural elements
  3. The supernatural elements
  4. The psychological elements

When it comes to personnel, God chooses men and women who seem to be the most unlikely for the work with characteristics appreciated by few except God. The number of the personnel does not matter to God. What matters is their doggedness in completing the work no matter how insurmountable it looks or seems.

For the first battle, God chose only one man – Noah – to do what would be impossible for one man – build a large ocean going vessel of 450 feet by 75 feet by 45 feet high in a world that has no known boat building industry.

In the second battle, which was delayed by a generation due to unbelief, God was going to send half a million untrained men against fortified cities with trained military personnel… and not only untrained, but unarmed, for Israel did not come out of Egypt with its weapons, only its gold. Unfortunately, that group did not have the faithfulness required, as shown by the ease with which they turned away from God in Exodus 32 no more than forty days after they had heard God speak to them from the top of the mountain in Exodus 20. In less than six weeks they had forgotten their meeting with God and what He had told them, “You shall not make for yourself an idol…”

So it is the unlikely, unsuitable, unworthy men and women that He tends to use… rarely does He choose one who is suited for the task, like Saul (both of the Old and New Testaments). Paul was only brought in because of the digression of the eleven from the original script.

The use of the natural elements by the Lord is well documented and should be familiar enough to all that only a cursory remark about them need be made. In the first battle, the springs of the deep were used to supply some of the waters, as well as the windows of the Heavens… what we call, ‘worm holes’ were opened to send the water that had been placed above the sky to join with the waters on the Earth.

For the battle of Egypt, God used gnats, frogs, flies, plague, soot, hailstones, locusts and wind, that is, insects, bacteria and weather, as well as the waters to blood and the unearthly darkness. As He was about to send Israel into Canaan for the battle of Canaan, He was going to use the hornets, as He said, “I will send the hornet ahead of you to drive the Hivites, Canaanites and Hittites out of your way.”

However, God is not limited to just the use of natural elements… and anyone familiar with the wind will know God uses the supernatural as well. As He did with Moses… from the snake of Moses eating the snakes of the magicians to the changing of the water to blood – a process of transformation and transfiguration, so that a stick of wood was transformed to a snake and water was transfigured to blood – the weapons of transformation and transfiguration were used and demonstrated by Jesus first at Cana, then on the holy mountain in Galilee and finally on the road to Emmaus. Sufficient that at this point in time you realise they are there. The mastery of their use will come with practice and when the need for them arises.

When it comes to the supernatural, the Lord also uses supernatural personnel – His angels – and of course, His Son and Holy Spirit. The first thing the Lord said to Moses in Exodus 23.20 was, “See, I am sending an angel ahead of you to guard you along the way and to bring you to the place I have prepared.” Angelic personnel are used by the Lord to encourage and supply His people, also to give directions to His people as well as to rescue them. The power of one angel was demonstrated when the entire Assyrian army was wiped out in the siege of Jerusalem: That night the angel of the Lord went out and put to death 185,000 men in the Assyrian camp. The coming harvest of those of the Kingdom of Heaven as well the removal of the sons of the devil (SODs) will be done by these angelic personnel of the army of the Kingdom of God.

The last of God’s general group of weapons is what is best described as His psychological warfare department. He said to Moses, “I will send My terror ahead of you and throw into confusion every nation you encounter. I will make your enemies turn their backs and run.” Confusion… of not knowing what is happening and of conflicting reports and data, as well as warning signs of what is about to happen. Seven days of watching an army of 500,000 march around their city would have given insomnia and loss of appetite to every Jerichoan. And the sudden shout and collapse of the wall would have killed most of them, for after seven days of marching around the wall, the Jerichoans would have all been lured one and all to watch from the strength of their wall… and become even complacent as they were beguiled into thinking that the Israelites may be marching around and around on the seventh day because they found the walls too impenetrable. First, fear and worry of the attack… and then relief and even complacency as they were lulled into thinking the Israelites did not dare to attack before suddenly… the wall they trusted collapsed on them.

Can you see how deadly a foe God is? First He frightens you and then when you think you are safe, suddenly the very thing in which you trusted becomes the weapon He uses to destroy you. Of course, if the Jerichoans had surrendered before the seventh day, they might have been shown mercy, for God does not delight in the death of the wicked. However, the sight of Israel not attacking, but just marching around every day and more so on the seventh day, just emboldened them to put their trust in the works of their hands. This is the classic maneuver of God to all peoples… first He puts the fear of what is to come into your heart and mind, and if that fear spurs you into repentance and obedience of God’s word, you are spared.

It is sufficient for now to gain a simplified overview of the array of weaponry available to the Lord and His army… but what is of utmost importance is to know that the Lord our God wages war to bring justice, to show mercy and to confirm His faithfulness. God did not start the war… but His enemies did when they broke faith with Him, showed Him no mercy and were unjust to Him. Beginning with the guardian cherub who left his position and entered the garden where he did not belong and lured two innocent creatures to their deaths by deceiving them, knowing that they were the image of God and God would have to redeem them or suffer the shame of His image’s nakedness exposed. Satan broke faith with God, showed God no mercy and was unjust to God.

Man – Adam – likewise broke faith with God by eating the fruit from the tree he was not to eat, unjustly blaming God for giving him the woman and failing to repent of his nakedness… so that a lamb had to be killed to cover his nakedness. Faith was broken, injustice was done and mercy was withheld… because of Adam.

No… it was not God who started the war, but His enemies who broke faith with Him without mercy and treated Him unjustly, and when God tried to make peace once more, those same enemies did the same thing to His Son… denying Him justice by falsely accusing Him, showing Him no mercy and breaking the faith with Him by deserting Him. No, God did not start the war… but God will finish the war and with justice, mercy and faithfulness.

With justice He will judge and rightly apportion to all who have sinned what is due to them as punishment, separating the evil and wicked from those who are ignorant and deceived. And even as He judges, He will do so with mercy, forgiving the sins of those who repent and allow Him to purify their lips that they may call upon the Name of the Lord right up to judgement day… for salvation will be available even for those who have been held in Hades, death and the sea. All these He does because He is faithful to Himself, for He is “…the Lord, the Lord, the compassionate and gracious God, slow to anger, abounding in love and faithfulness, maintaining love to thousands, and forgiving wickedness, rebellion and sin. Yet He does not leave the guilty unpunished; He punishes the children and their children for the sin of the fathers to the third and fourth generation.”

And because He is faithful to Himself, He cannot wage war in any other way… as terrifyingly powerful as He is.

So consider carefully whom you are serving and examine yourselves and your motives before you fall in and follow Him as He marches out to battle. Consider carefully whom you are opposing and surrender while there is yet time… for blessed is the dust that His feet rests on, for so glorious is He. Better to humble yourselves, enemies of the Lord, and place yourselves under His feet before you are cast into the lake of fire where your worm never dies.

Always remember, dear reader, the only reason our weapons have divine power is because He who gives such these weapons… is Divine. Now, raise up your arguments, set up your pretensions… oppose the knowledge of God with all your heart, soul, might and mind, and God will demolish them all as He teaches you, His enemies, what is worth fighting for – justice, mercy and faithfulness.


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