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After the false prophet and Satan (the devil) comes enemies that are much closer to home… and these are from fellow disciples who do not listen and fellow believers who do not believe. Disciples who do not listen and believers who do not believe include ourselves more often than not, so that the overcoming of this group of enemies lays not in identification as much as in repentance.

Those who have accompanied us on our journey thus far are well and truly aware that the twelve did not listen to Jesus when He told them to go to Bethsaida immediately after the feeding of the 5000 and that the eleven did not believe the message He gave to Mary and the other women to go immediately to Galilee on resurrection morning. They are for us – the examples penned in scriptures – to teach us and to rebuke us as much as they are a record of what they failed to do, for whatever the failings of the twelve and the eleven were, these failures are also within each of us and more. Because of the hindsight given us to see their error and to be living in the consequences of that error… less, not more, grace is given to those of us who are aware of the truth.

As such, like the false prophet and Satan, it is firstly for us to come to know the enemy within us… as well as the enemy among us and the enemy opposing us. The devil (Satan) is the enemy opposing us; the antichrists including the false prophet are the enemies among us… but we who do not listen and do not believe when we are disciples and believers, are the enemies within us.

The central key to the overcoming of all our enemies lies in the overcoming of the enemy within us. For no devil or antichrist has any power over a disciple who listens and a believer who believes, for their obedience and faith empowers them and delivers them from the deception of the other two.

Satan can only oppose those who have not listened to Jesus’ commands that say, “Do not resist an evil person,” and “Love your enemies…” For anyone who applies these two commands and practises them concerning Satan has the perfection of the Father, which is far superior to the perfection of the fallen cherub, for his perfection is only in beauty, but God’s perfection is in all things.

The false prophet, when he finally makes his appearance, can only deceive those who do not know their scriptures or the power of God, but cannot deceive those who have obeyed and believed enough to come to know their God through the scriptures or the power of God. As such, for us elect of the Lord, neither of these enemies are to be feared; they are to be accommodated and tolerated so that they may play their parts to fulfill scriptures. Satan should not be bound until the angel who has the chain does so… otherwise we are in a way breaking scriptures. He is not to be slandered or even hated, but at all times, the truth about him should be told to him with love, and every effort must be made to assist him to come to the place assigned for him when Jesus is sitting on the throne of the Father, and that is under the feet of Jesus.

For the Father has sworn an oath to the Lord, “Sit at My right hand until I make Your enemies a footstool for Your feet.” Under the feet of Jesus is where Satan is meant to be, which is why binding him and throwing him into hell is not the proper place for him, and since Satan can no longer access Heaven as he did in the days of Job, then Satan is not one of those who are to be blessed with being under the feet of Jesus as Jesus sits on the throne. Just let him run free, for he knows his time is short, and let him continue his wickedness amongst the wicked. Those who fear him are those who do not know the scriptures or the power of God.

As for the false prophet, without him the final phase of the end times cannot be fulfilled. As such, his coming should not be resisted, but rather, be assisted as much as possible through the reactivation of the miraculous powers within the body of Christ and the ushering in of the conditions that will avail for him – the opportune moment to breathe life into an image of the beast and to trade with Satan his power of miraculous signs and wonders for the authority of Satan. For, the false prophet cannot deceive those who know their scriptures and the power of God and, more importantly, those who know their God. Only those who are ignorant of these three pillars of knowledge – the scriptures, the power and the Person – will be deceived, and indeed, deceived they will be because of their failure to fulfill their duties as believers and disciples to believe and to listen.

However, the enemy within us – the believer within us who doubts and disbelieves the message of the Lord and the disciple within us who does not listen and therefore does not do what the Lord says, but listens to recommendations and judgements of those who darken the Lord’s counsel with words without knowledge – that enemy must be resisted, vanquished and even put to the death at all cost and at all times. For the disbelief of the eleven and the disobedience of the twelve left them ignorant of the glory God had for them and struggling in the middle of nowhere in the dark, buffeted by the wind. So likewise, our disbelief and our disobedience leaves us in the same pitiful situation – ignorant of the glory God wants to reveal to us in the Kingdom of God and struggling with our physical power against forces that are beyond us.

Know then and understand… every time we disbelieve the Lord’s words and disobey the Lord’s words by not doing what He said and not practising them with full expectation of the eternal life that they bring… we have placed ourselves in a place of ignorance and darkness, struggling against things that were not meant for us to struggle against, while the Lord watches. As epic as your struggle may be to overcome those forces that you have subjected yourself to… do not expect a reward from the Lord when He comes to you or even to acknowledge you. For when the Lord did walk out on the lake, He was about to pass by the twelve until they called out to Him, even though He had been watching them from the hillside as He prayed with the Father. Likewise, any disciple now who does not listen should not expect the Lord to come to him, even though the Lord has been watching him from the throne as He prayed for him.

When the Lord had to return from Galilee to that locked room in Jerusalem, because no one had joined Him because of the eleven’s stubborn refusal to believe Mary Magdalene and the other women, the Lord rebuked them for their lack of faith as well. It is just as well the Lord is gracious and patient that He did walk out on to the lake so the twelve might see Him and call out to Him and that He did walk back from Galilee to the locked room so that at least they beheld Him on resurrection day. For if the Lord had not walked out on the lake, the twelve might have perished in that squall. If the Lord had not come back to Jerusalem, none of the eleven would have seen Him on resurrection day, only the women would have. How untenable their positions as His disciples to lead His church would have become if it was only the women who saw Him on resurrection day… and even then, it was only to the ten He came, for Thomas was not there. Thomas, the disciple who missed out on seeing the Lord on the day of His resurrection, the greatest moment of joy and relief for any grieving disciple of the Lord, the moment when the news that He is alive is made real to you, when you behold Him with your eyes and claps Him in your arms… Thomas never experienced.

So then, know your enemies, for knowledge will give you the forewarning you need to avoid the traps and repentance will deliver you from them… if you still blunder into them. Blunder into them you will, so be in continuous unceasing repentance of your unbelief and your stubborn refusal to listen, even as you are bending your ears to listen and committing your faith to believe.

You will find that when you have overcome the enemy within you, you will be able to overcome the enemy who is among us and the enemy who opposes us. For the believer who believes without a doubt the words of Jesus will receive whatever has been said and promised, for that is how God honours those who have faith in His Son… and the words God has given His Son to speak to us have more than enough blessings to overcome every problem we can encounter from any enemy amongst us or against us.

The disciple who listens and puts into practice what he has heard will find that the words of Jesus have enough power to not only make him like a wise man who built his house on the rock, which can withstand the wind, the rain, the rising river and the torrent, but that the successful execution of His commands allows that disciple to be more than a wise man… much more. He will be one who will bear witness that with God nothing is impossible and that all things are possible for those who believe. He would not be like a wise man who built his house on the rock, but would be a man who can build his house where the wind does not reach, the rain does not touch, the river cannot rise to and the torrent cannot find… a man who builds his house where even the wise cannot build.

And as you learn to overcome the enemy within you – that unbelieving believer and that disobedient disciple – remember always to love your enemy… for love never fails. Pray for your enemy, bless your enemy and do good to your enemy – you – until he is convinced that the best there is for him is to believe and to obey no one else except Jesus. At that moment, when you are fully convinced in your faith of Jesus and fully convicted to obey Him… the miracle of the glory of God will change all your enemies to your friends, like water to good wine.

For you will be able to realise and see every moment of your doubt and disobedience was another moment of your coming to know the Lord in His justice, mercy and faithfulness so that you may understand the fullness of His kingdom and seek all His righteousness, not just some, but all… and go beyond what has been commanded of you. So, the unbelief and disobedience of the ten, eleven and twelve availed for them a lifetime of study to come to know the Lord in His justice, mercy and righteousness, and as they paid the price with their martyrdom, so now they will return to reign with Him. Had they obeyed, had they gone to Galilee, had the Kingdom of God been launched in full power from resurrection morning on Earth, not one of them, not one of us, would come to be able to reign with Christ as His kings and lords through the millennium. Surely God works all things out for the good of those who love Him, who have been called according to His purpose.

And in true transformation and transfiguration that comes through the knowledge of His glory, the false prophet is no longer the feared enemy, but rather, an essential lackey that must play his part to prepare the Earth for the Lord’s return… and not just play his part, but rather, thanks to him the Earth will be prepared with even greater glory and honour for the arrival of its King – the Lord Jesus Christ.

Through him (the false prophet), the Holy Spirit will be able to satisfy Himself through His elect, that His mission as the Spirit of Sonship has succeeded as the elect take their stand to defend and protect the meek so that they can inherit the Earth. Through him (the false prophet), the image of the beast will be able to abolish buying and selling without his mark, so that the elect of the Holy Spirit can do what Jesus has been doing to continue to feed the hungry, heal the sick and clothe the naked as Jesus did. Through him (the false prophet), the elect will be able to show the kings of the world and their armies how badly mistaken they are… if they thought the weapons forged by men had any power at all. Thanks to him (the false prophet), all the kings of the Earth and their armies will be conveniently gathered in one place for Jesus to destroy by the splendour of His coming. You will rejoice to see the false prophet take centre stage in the eyes of the world, for you know in a little while, Jesus is finally come!

As for Satan, suddenly he becomes that scapegoat who never realised that he was created to be the scapegoat from the beginning and that everything he has ever done has all worked out for God’s greater glory to display the fullness of the measure of God’s wisdom… through the mercy He shows ungrateful men on judgement day.

Thanks to Satan, man has been saved from committing his own sin of ingratitude, but was deceived to commit the sin of rebellion concocted by the serpent. Thanks to Satan, as it was in the beginning so it will be in the end, Satan will deceive men… and cause Gog and Magog to rise up in rebellion against the rule of Christ, a rebellion that would have taken place anyway, even if Satan did not go out to deceive after he was released from the abyss at the end of the millennium.

Such is the omnipotent might of our God who knows the end from the beginning and makes things known before they happen, that every knee will bow and every tongue confirm that He is the Lord to the praise and glory of His Name.

So then, elect… know your enemies that you may truly love them, for as it is said, you cannot love someone you do not know. Repent then of the idolatry of your enemies, for anyone who loves the enemies they do not know has made an idol of them… and God hates idols!


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