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The Lord highly exalted Solomon in the sight of all Israel and bestowed on him royal splendour such as no king over Israel ever had before. And yet when Jesus spoke of the splendour of Solomon, this is the comparison that was made: “Yet I tell you that not even Solomon in all his splendour was dressed like one of these. If that is how God clothes the grass of the field, which is here today and tomorrow is thrown into the fire, will He not much more clothe you, O you of little faith?”

The splendour of the richest king of Israel, Solomon, cannot be compared to the lilies of the field, which the Lord called, “the grass of the field,” meaning a common thing, designed for food for the livestock. And if the Lord gave splendour to Solomon that was more than any king Israel ever had, the question then is: How much splendour has God endowed for Jesus, His Son, when He comes to His own kingdom?

Now, for many of you, the topic of a king’s splendour is an unusual topic in the Book of War, for what has war to do with splendour? Much, from God’s perspective. As usual, be reminded, God makes known the end from the beginning. So from the beginning of the church age, God has made known the end, especially how the lawless one will meet his end. Paul wrote of the end of days that he saw: And the lawless one will be revealed, whom the Lord Jesus will overthrow with the breath of His mouth and destroy by the splendour of His coming. See the word… it is not by the power or the glory of His coming… but by the ‘splendour.’ So what is splendour? It is that which displays power and glory with the delicateness, softness and beauty of a flower.

Our King is not just a Warrior of power and unimaginable self-control, precision and gentleness who is invincible… but He is the King of splendour, whose power and glory are blended in and presented with the beauty and glamour of the finest lilies and more, much more. For the splendour of the lilies of the valley is of mere grass of the fields for our King and His kingdom. The shock and the awe that will be inspired by the arrival of the King, when the false prophet (the lawless one) sees it for himself, will destroy him, for at that moment the false prophet will truly realise what a fool he has been. The lawless one is not Satan, for Satan is already revealed, and we know exactly who and what he is – the fallen guardian cherub, a liar and a murderer from the beginning. There is nothing left to reveal of him really, hence the foolishness of those who want to learn his so-called deep secrets.

The beast that is raised by the false prophet is also revealed… there is nothing about him either that we need to know or worry about, for being the beast, he is the ‘soulless’ one, the one who is like an animal, having only flesh and spirit but without a soul, and therefore subject to no salvation and joins with the false prophet in the lake of fire first.

It is the false prophet who is yet to be revealed, especially to the ‘church’ who, by and large, have yet to realise that he is a disciple who is entrusted with a measure of power to perform signs, wonders and miracles that are false… not because they are not real, but are false because they are not performed for the glory of the one who sent him.

You see, what is false is obviously the opposite of what is true, and it is the one “who works for the honour of the one who sent him is a man of truth; there is nothing false about him.” Everyone who does not work for the honour of the one who sent him then has something false about him, meaning, every disciple of Jesus Christ who does not work for the honour of Jesus has something false about him.

See that it is for the ‘honour’ of Jesus… thus, what honours Jesus and what dishonours Jesus? When a disciple does not listen to Jesus, that is dishonour to Him, for a teacher who has disciples who do not listen to him is dishonoured. Hence, any disciples and any who do not listen to Jesus dishonour Jesus.

The failure of the eleven to listen to Him and go to Bethsaida immediately dishonoured Him before His enemies. The failure of the eleven to go to Galilee when the women, especially Mary, brought them the message dishonoured Him… and on it goes. Where do we get the right and the audacity to think that God would honour us when we do not honour His Son and those whom His Son has sent beginning with Magdalene? When the church begins to make mention of Magdalene wherever the Gospel is preached, then has honour for the Lord begun to be shown again.

So these ‘false’ signs and wonders performed by the false prophet are not false or counterfeit at all, but are real. What makes them false is that they are not done to honour the one who sent him… but how can the false prophet honour the one who sent him? For no one, no one, sent him. As such, he is a man of no honour and no honour will be given to him. Whatever he does, he does to honour himself… wherever he goes, he goes because he sent himself.

So, realise also… when we go where we send ourselves, there is no honour in it, for no one sent us. When Peter and the other eleven sent themselves to Capernaum, there was no honour awaiting them. Peter’s walk on water was guaranteed to end in his humiliation and dunking in the water, for his “little faith” had nothing to do with belief, but rather there was no honour in the faith to begin with. When you do not repent of not listening to the Lord, you dishonour Him. Repentance for not listening to the Lord at least restores some ‘face’ or ‘honour’ to Him, for at least it shows He has servants and disciples who have enough courage to face up to their failings. As such, know and understand that the false prophet is the one who performs ‘real’ miracles… real blind men seeing, real lame men walking and so on… but they are false because there is nothing true about him, for he does not and cannot work for the honour of the one who sent him.

And so, when the Holy Spirit is ready, He will permit Himself to be taken out of the way and the lawless one will reveal himself as he works his miracles for no one’s honour, not even his own, for in trading his power for Satan’s authority, he will have disgraced himself by making himself a traitor to all his fellow disciples who probably admired him for the power he had been entrusted with.

So, when Jesus turns up, it is not the power or the glory alone that will overthrow the false prophet who is lawless because he has broken every law including the one that commands us not to blaspheme the Holy Spirit. For him, there is no law left to obey, and since there is no law left to obey, there is no sin left uncommitted and no possibility of obedience of anything. He is the absolute anarchist. The splendour of Jesus is the beauty, glamour and the delicateness of the supremacy of His power and glory that the lawless one will not be able to match with his clumsy rebellion, using the armies of the world to help him. Indeed, the very opening act of the beginning of the millennium will make all the acts of the false prophet look downright primitive… yes, primitive.

For the splendour of a king is also his ability to make all those who see him and visit him in his kingdom and palace to be in awe… such awe that they consider what they have to be inadequate. As the kings of Solomon’s time, even Queen Sheba, came bearing gifts to him, they were entering a city, a temple and a palace that made their own cities and palaces look like humble huts. That… is true splendour – glory and power with finesse.

Finesse, yes… as Jesus displayed His glory and turned undrinkable water to the best of wine for the honour of the bridegroom. Finesse… as Jesus walked on the water, not towards His disobedient disciples, but walked as to pass them by… displaying His power and instantly translating them to Gennesaret so as to leave us without a doubt that He could have taken them to Bethsaida just as instantaneously, but He chose not to.

So, the splendour of our King is such that the least of His creation, the mere grass of the fields, is far greater than Solomon in his splendour. He is the King who uses the common, the humble, the down trodden to bring down the proud and the strong. He uses grass to humble Solomon’s splendour. So He will once more use that which this advanced 21st century calls common, unacceptable, inappropriate and even primitive and ancient to bring scientific men who deny God to their knees.

So, what will bring forth the splendour of the Lord and reveal it? Honour. It is not the wise or the strong, not the clever or the cunning, not the rich or the beautiful, who will reveal this splendour of Jesus our King… but rather, those who would honour Him enough to listen to Him, to believe Him and to obey Him. The prerequisite to be a listener, a believer and an obeyer of Jesus is no respecter of men according to their achievements or ability. Indeed, even the foolish, the weak, the ignorant, the unschooled, uneducated and the lowly of birth, the poorest of poor… anyone… can be one who would honour Jesus. Indeed, the richer you are, the more successful you are, the more accomplished you are and the more capable you are, the harder it is for you to be one who would listen to Jesus, believe Him and obey Him.

That is why He said, “…it is hard for a rich man to enter the Kingdom of Heaven. Again I tell you, it is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle than for a rich man to enter the Kingdom of God.” The richer people are in spiritual wealth, with intelligence, experience, wisdom, knowledge and understanding of their own making, the harder it is for them to enter the Kingdom of Heaven. That is why it was said by Jesus, “Blessed are the poor in spirit, for theirs is the Kingdom of Heaven.” For their richness causes them to see faith in Christ as foolishness. The people who are materialistically wealthy with silver, gold, money, possessions, power and status will find it impossible to enter the Kingdom of God, for they see no need for miraculous power as they can keep themselves healthy with science, afford the treatment of the best of medicine, buy the food, travel where and when they want, and so on. So it is for this reason that Jesus has said, “Blessed are you who are poor for yours is the Kingdom of God.” So, when you see a rich young man displaying the power of the Kingdom of God then you will truly know… with God nothing is impossible.

However, it is in the way our King will use the common and weak ones, like the grass of the fields, to humble the greatest of wicked men (like Solomon), despite all their riches, that you see the splendour of our King.

The pinnacle of that splendour… indeed, the defining essence of the splendour of Jesus (the finesse of His power and glory) is His holiness. What sets our King apart from all other kings is His unflinching, uncompromisable holiness, His separation unto God.

For it is God alone He listens to…

God alone He obeys,

God alone He makes intercession to;

For God alone He works unceasingly,

For God alone He glorifies,

God alone He honours,

God alone He loves first and foremost.

That is why David wrote: …worship the Lord in the splendour of His holiness. And it is from that holiness comes the splendour of His majesty, for He alone is the King completely holy unto God. The measure of the majesty of our King that no other kings can match is then not in silver, gold, military power, political power, intellectual power, not even miraculous power… but it is in His holiness to God. No other king of the Earth, not even the man who wants to make himself king of the Earth, the lawless one, can match Jesus in His holiness to God and therefore match the splendour of that majesty. For the majesty of Jesus is displayed not as we think of majesty of pomp and ceremony, but of holiness.

So, whenever any disciple of Jesus comes to the place to see that every word spoken by Jesus is exactly what the Father said and was spoken exactly how the Father said it… that disciple is ready for the holiness of Jesus to be revealed to him. And any disciple who desires to do likewise as Jesus has done… to say exactly what the Father has said and in the exact way of how it was said, is ready for the Spirit of Holiness to also declare him with power to be a son of God.

And so it is from the humble, the common… the grass of the fields, ‘ordinary’ men and women, that God will begin to display His splendour and bring down even the mightiest, the worst, and the richest of kings because of their wickedness. If even Solomon cannot compare himself to a mere lily of the field in splendour, what man alive today can? So, do not delude yourselves with what you see of this world, for all its ‘splendour’ is nothing compared to the splendour of King Jesus. That is why it has been said and written that it was a foolish thing for Satan to offer Jesus all the kingdoms of the world and their splendour, for they cannot even compare to a field of grass when it comes to true splendour.

So then elect, “If that is how God clothes the grass of the field, which is here today and tomorrow is thrown into the fire, will He not much more clothe you…?” especially if your faith, though it be little, is filled with the desire to honour Him and Him alone. When faith is committed to honouring Him and Him alone… then that is the faith of the Holy Spirit who remains here to honour God and God alone by bringing glory to Them, the Father and the Son. So, see that you who abide in Him and in whom His word abides… are abiding in the invincible Warrior King of unmatchable splendour. And as He is, so you are, for where He is, so His servants must be… and by the time He arrives on clouds of glory, this world will have been given a morsel of a foretaste of His splendour through the elect of the Lord. Amen.


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