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“Blessed are the peacemakers, for they will be called sons of God.” If those who are His disciples who are peacemakers will be called sons of God, then how much more is the Son of God, Jesus Christ, the Peacemaker, and indeed, the King of the peacemakers? The Lord who is a Warrior is not only gentle and humble at heart – in the core of His being, His soul and His spirit – but also is the One who so desires peace that He would make it at any cost.

As it has been written, He is not one who would keep the peace at any cost but is the One who would make the peace at any cost. He is not a war maker nor is He one who starts wars, but as the Peacemaker, He is the One who will wage the war required to make the peace.

For in the beginning, He set everything in its place and grew a garden for Adam, not a fortress. Adam was to have dominion over the Earth from the confines of a garden… a residence that speaks not of war but of peace. It was not God who started the war, but Satan when he trespassed into the garden where he had no right to be and initiated the defilement of God’s image. Satan was already “the model of perfection, full of wisdom and perfect in beauty,” who had his own sanctuaries with his own role to play as “a guardian cherub.” However, in crossing the line and coveting God’s place and throne and desecrating God’s image – Adam – Satan declared war on God… not the other way around. By inciting rebellion amongst the angelics so that one third joined him, he spread that war, a war that continued with more defilement and desecration of that which belonged to God. The acts of hostilities escalated to the point where angels of God had children with daughters of men, producing children called the Nephilim – an abomination that celebrates the defilement of God’s image by Satan. Perhaps now you might see why God wiped out the world of Noah with a flood and why the Israelites were commissioned to wipe out the Canaanites and all the descendants of the Nephilim that lived in their midst – the Anakites and the Rephaites.

So commonly is it asked, “How can the angry, vengeful God of the Old Testament be reconciled with the gentle, saving God of the New Testament?” Indeed many say the God of the Old Testament is a different God from that of the New Testament as a confirmation of their ignorance of the Scriptures, and not just the Scriptures, but more importantly, the power of God.

It can be offensive to those who love and hold onto the Scriptures and search them diligently that I have said, “The knowledge of the power of God is more important than the Scriptures.” Being offended by this statement is just another manifestation of ignorance, for anyone who truly knows the Lord knows it is the power of God that preceded all Creation, and therefore, certainly what we call Scriptures. Indeed, without the power of God, there are no Scriptures, for Scripture is but a written testimony to the acts of God by His power.

God does not change… He is the same yesterday, today and tomorrow. So the angry, vengeful God of the Old Testament who cursed Satan, who drove Adam and Eve out of the garden, who destroyed the Earth of Noah with the flood, who decimated Egypt, who wiped out Canaan and also Israel… is also capable of the same anger in the New Testament if we, like the people of old, refuse His peace offering. The gracious, kind, merciful, compassionate God who healed the sick, caused the lame to walk, raised a dead child to life, was also there in the days of old, except… they never gave Him the opportunity to show His kindness.

You see… repentance brings out the merciful, compassionate and kind side of God who is Love… but God never encountered repentance in the ancient days.

When He walked into the garden that fateful day, God was not greeted by a repentant Adam, but a denying, accusing Adam. God is many things – kind, generous, compassionate, forgiving – but an accuser and a denier He is not. God does not accuse but reveals and judges… as Adam became the accuser of God and Eve for his sin… “The woman You put here with me…” and denied his culpability in his sin, “…she gave me some of the fruit of the tree and I ate it.” Forget repentance… Adam did not even apologize. Adam was no longer God’s image for God, so God was given no choice but to drive Him out. See that God who knows all things did not walk into the garden saying, “Adam, come here,” but rather said, “Where are you?” giving Adam the opportunity to answer in repentance… but Adam chose denial and accusations.

When Noah was building the ark having been commissioned by God, no one else who watched Noah doing something totally impossible and inappropriate for his time, repented at the preaching of Noah… for Noah did not preach with a message of words, but by a picture of wood nailed together of an ark being built that would only be needed if a devastating catastrophe were to happen. The people of Noah’s day were given a clear sign and the time – to see and consider – but no one repented.

When Moses went to pharaoh with this request, “Let My son go, so he may worship Me,” God did not send Moses with a large and mighty army, but only with his older brother… an eighty year old man with an even older man with a wooden stick. That does not present to anyone the message of a God out to avenge for the maltreatment of His son, for the Lord said, “Israel is My firstborn son,” does it? Indeed, the use of Moses and Aaron shows the very nature of the gentle and humble God… two old men, one with a speech impediment and a wooden stick. I remind the reader again… His enemies have a habit of underestimating Him because He is humble and gentle at heart, and He is the Prince of Peace, no, the King of Peace, who prefers to avoid the war by giving a peace offering.

All God told Moses to say was, “Let My son go, so he may worship Me.” There were no threats, there were no accusations of maltreatment, nor were the sins of Egypt’s ingratitude brought up… just simply, “Let My son go, so he may worship Me.”

You see how we fail to listen, really listen. “Let My son go…” but was God greeted with repentance from pharaoh, the beneficiary of God’s kindness to his forefathers through Joseph? No, just proud and haughty words… “Who is the Lord that I should obey Him and let Israel go? I do not know the Lord and I will not let Israel go.” So God devastated Egypt with twelve miracles.

When Israel surrounded Jericho with an overwhelming army, did Jericho surrender? Did they use the forty years of grace to seek God or did they use it to breed even more Nephilims with the demons they worshipped so that they could build a wall high enough to defend themselves and an army of ‘super’ soldiers as well? For indeed, the first generation said of them, “All the people we saw there are of great size.” Neither did they use the seven days of marching as a time to make a peace offering to Israel. For how could a nation of three million or more survive in the desert and march out with an army of half a million unless they were provided for supernaturally? It is not as if the Jerichoans were ignorant of supernatural powers and beings, for they were breeding the Anakites.

Did Israel repent… or did Israel just say, “Sorry,” and relapse despite God’s patience? You see, God the gracious, the compassionate, was never met with repentance or peace whenever He wanted to correct the son. Adam did not repent; Noah’s world did not repent; and pharaoh refused God’s offering of blessings each and every time. The angry God of the Old Testament, as people call Him, is because those who should repent did not, and those who should be grateful… were not.

Now see what difference repentance makes to God… for John the Baptist came, preaching… and saying, “Repent, for the Kingdom of Heaven is near,” and people came confessing their sins, they were baptized by him in the Jordan River. The willingness of those who were the ‘sinners’ of Jewish society – the tax collectors and prostitutes – to accept the message of John and repent, allowed Jesus to begin His ministry with the same message, confirming His message with signs and wonders that were very different from the signs and wonders that were dealt out to Egypt.

Pharaoh did not greet Moses and Aaron with the contriteness to repent of the maltreatment of the sons of Israel who were responsible for Egypt’s present greatness through Joseph… but denied the knowledge of God and received the twelve signs and wonders that devastated Egypt. Had pharaoh been a different man, a man who knew the truth well enough to acknowledge, “Yes, Israel is God’s blessing to Egypt,” and let them go into the desert to worship God… what would God have done to Egypt? The answer is easy… the exact reversal of the twelve signs and wonders of Moses and Aaron would have left Egypt in such a powerful position that even as Israel marched east for Canaan, Egypt would have marched west and south.

For indeed, if Canaan was cursed to be a slave to Shem forever, so then the sons of Cush and Put would also be slaves to the sons of Shem and Japheth… the wiping out of all snakes from Egypt (snakes turned to sticks); the purification of all waters in Egypt (water to good wine); the multiplication of frogs to wipe out all the gnats and flies (the removal of sickness); the multiplication of the livestock; the healing of the people; the increase of rain instead of hail; the multiplication of bees instead of locusts; the blessing of enlightenment instead of darkness; the blessing of the firstborn; and the preservation, no, the increase of their military power… would have left Egypt a much more powerful society at every level, in need of no slaves to maintain their economy.

You see, if pharaoh accepted, God would have been able to do to Egypt as He did to those who lived in Judea and Galilee, for when the people went out to him from Jerusalem and all Judea and the whole region of the Jordan, confessing their sins, God came amongst them and began to remove the vipers in their midst by first pointing out who they were… as John the Baptist …when he saw many of the pharisees and sadducees coming to where he was baptising… said to them: “You brood of vipers!” A snake exposed is a snake that can be killed. Then God changed their water (dirty) to good wine, and He began to drive out demons (frogs, gnats, flies), and healed the sick (removal of sickness and boils), multiplied the bread and fish (multiplication of livestock and produce), controlled the weather (bringing rain, stopping the storm); and gave them light through the revelation of His word and the right to be born again (sons); and finally, gave them the power to overcome even the strongest enemy, the romans.

That is what Egypt could have received if they greeted Aaron (for he was the mouthpiece) with repentance, and Moses’ staff would have brought miracles of blessings. You see, God does not change. The healing, kind, compassionate God of Jesus is also the God of Moses, except pharaoh did not repent, and neither did Adam nor the people of Noah’s days.

Having said that… now what will happen in this age if the God of the New Testament – the blessing, healing, generous God – were to come upon this world of the 21st Century and begin to expose and remove serpents again, clean the waters, heal the sick, multiply the food and so on… so that the abundance so destroys lack that buying and selling would no longer be needed, and the people of this age consider it an affront so that they would rather take on a mark that would allow them to perpetuate lack and permit them to continue to buy and sell? What would happen, especially if these blessings, signs and wonders are to prepare the way for His Son to come back to receive the justice due Him? You will find that the God of the New Testament and the Old is very much the one and the same.

For God our King is indeed the Peacemaker. Always seeking to make the peace first… with a peace offering, delivered to head strong and sinful people using mild mannered men or women who appear to be of no threat… like a crazed boat builder when there were no oceans, or two geriatrics with a wooden stick and a speech impediment. Envoys that are in no way threatening so that the peaceable intentions of God cannot be mistaken… and finally, His Son, humble, gentle, healing, a Friend of sinners and tax collectors mounted on a colt, the foal of a donkey. No, you see… the intentions of God the Peacemaker, Jesus the Peacemaker, are always obvious… it is just that His enemies are too blind and too deaf to see and hear.

The resolve of the Peacemaker is such that if His peace offering is refused, then He will make the war that will make the peace. Indeed, Egypt’s sons and warriors were laid to rest and never had to fight again after Moses left. So likewise, our King, the Peacemaker, now presents the world with a peace offering: His elect empowered to heal, deliver, multiply and provide the safety needed to see through those days when God restores the Earth to what it was before the flood devastated it. Those who accept it will be greeted by these words: “Come, you who are blessed by My Father; take your inheritance, the kingdom prepared for you since the creation of the world.” And those who refuse it will be removed first like the animals of Egypt, then like the sons of Egypt, and then like the charioteers of Egypt, and the peace will be made with the removal of all who have or intend to war against God.

The removal of the demons and sons of the devil will be like the removal of the snakes, frogs, gnats, flies and livestock. The removal of the sons of the kingdom will be like the removal of the firstborn of Egypt. For all enter first the Kingdom of Heaven and some are then born again to enter the Kingdom of God. So in a way, the sons of the Kingdom of Heaven are like ‘firstborns.’

The gathering of the armies of the kings of the world outside of Jerusalem will be like the gathering of the chariots of pharaoh in the Red Sea… and their demise will be just as certain, for the clouds of glory that will carry Jesus and His elect back to Earth will generate the electromagnetic pulse required to disable every modern chariot as if they were the chariots of Egypt with their wheels fully off. God does not change; He is the same yesterday, today and tomorrow. He is always the Peacemaker… just how He will make the peace depends on our repentance or our refusal to repent. That is our choice, but as for God… He has no choice… He must make the peace, for He is the Peacemaker… our King and our Peace. Amen.

Peace to all who give themselves no rest and give the Lord no rest till He makes His Son the praise of the Earth.


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