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True friends of a deceased will do everything to ensure that the wishes of the departed are carried out and so much more that they do so for the will of their friend, whether they are of the same blood or not.  It is unfortunate that in the world there are often times when the friends come from outside the family and the enemies come from within the family.  That is why you can read so often of family members of the deceased taking the will to courts of law and having them changed.

As friends and servants of Jesus, it is our duty to ensure His will is carried out to the letter, and if we say we love Him, then laying down our lives to see that His will is carried out is the proof of that love.  And in the case of the elect, going the extra mile is laying down our deaths… to remain alive until He arrives even though everyone hates us because of Him.

How often we wish for death when things go against us, when people want to hurt us or have hurt us or threaten us, for after all, for us who have believed in Him, to die is glory, for the promise of Heavenly bliss awaits us.  However, how can we really face our Friend when He looks us in the eyes with eyes that ask of us, “Why?”  It is not so much as what we have done, but rather, what we do it for.  He clearly warned us that not all who call Him, “Lord, Lord,” will enter the Kingdom of Heaven.  Even if they have done miracles, prophesied and driven out demons in His Name, He can still say that He never knew them, for they did not uphold His will.

Take for example the recent American who prophesied that the end of the world would come on a certain day when Jesus has said that no one knows the hour or the day of His return and the world will not end until His millennial reign ends.  So has Jesus been back a 1,000 years since 21 October 2011?  No, Jesus did not come back on the 21 October 1011 and this Earth has not been under His rule for a millennium yet.  So did the poor misguided uphold the will of Jesus?  No.  Did he lay down his life for it?  No, though others who were deceived by him did by selling their houses etc. and enriching the ‘prophet’.

James the Younger – half-brother of Jesus since they shared the same mother, Mary who was the cousin of Elizabeth – gave recommendations that were adopted, which changed the will of Jesus.  And surprise, surprise, he was family by flesh.  And the friends of Jesus, including Peter, did not oppose him and so the letter was sent to the gentiles in Acts 15… a letter that effectively changed the will of Jesus.

Many pray for revival.  The elect of the Holy Spirit is not here for revival, but for the restoration of the will of Jesus in its fullness.  If not a stroke of the pen is allowed to disappear from the law, then neither can the will have a single word missing.  And who is the remaining witness to the original will who is still with us?  Is it not the Holy Spirit, the Lord Himself?

Why restoration of the will and not resurrection?  Because the will cannot be changed, and resurrection still produces a change.  No, the will is to be restored and then carried out as it was dictated.  But the plans that have died because the will was changed can be resurrected.

That is why in 1999 the ministry took a different direction, and in 2001 the command “Listen to Him” [Matthew 17.5; Mark 9.7; Luke 9.35] was restored to us, and we spent the decade practising it and restoring it to others through the flesh and in the spirit.  In 2009, the last of the conferences that restored the command to pastors was also finished.  And in 2011, the Testimony of the Holy Spirit was restored and now is being given out through spirit and through flesh.  In the first decade, there were those who lost their election because they did not consider the work of the restoration of the command foremost in their lives, and now we have also seen some of the elect fall by the wayside because they have not considered that the restoration of the Testimony as foremost.

The will of Jesus cannot be upheld unless there are those who have listened to the words of the will.  And it cannot be verified unless there is a witness… a credible witness whose testimony can confirm that which we have read and heard is indeed the will of Jesus.  Since all men will be proved liars, then the only reliable witness is the Holy Spirit, the Spirit of Truth.  That is why the Testimony of the Holy Spirit is so important if the will of Jesus is to be restored.  And He will confirm with power.

However, there is the need of two or more witnesses to establish a matter.  As such, you and I have to be available to testify with the Holy Spirit as well.  Since it was the women who believed and went to the tomb, and it was the women who delivered the messages as they were given, so it should not surprise you that once more it is the women who have been used to restore the Testimony, not men, and it will be women who will deliver it, especially those who are most like  Magdalene, that is, those who love to sit and listen to Jesus and prepare Him for what He has to do.  Others are those who followed Jesus and supplied His needs as well.  What can the men do?  Keep quiet for one, and not be like the twelve who condemned Mary when she anointed the Lord.  And listen to the women as they make their submissions and deliver the messages they have received from the Lord and even from angels.  Do not disbelieve and consider their words as madness, like the eleven did to Mary and the other women.

The command has been restored and the Testimony has been restored.  Now will begin the restoration of the will of Jesus.  It may have taken ten years for the restoration of the command, but it will not take ten years for the Testimony, for the restoration of the will will set off the days of distress of which the days will be shorten for the sake of the elect of the Lord, the Holy Spirit.

You see, dear friends, it is not a prophecy of Jesus that earthquakes, famines and pestilences will increase, but it is His will that they increase.  You cannot pray against it, but you can escape it.  But it is best you prepare to administer it.  So, that which Jesus has said before His death is to happen is not prophecy, but His will, and with the restoration they will happen.

Hr. Ed, manager of the Holy Spirit’s Workshop

Copyright Information:  NEW INTERNATIONAL VERSION [NIV]  All scripture quotations, unless otherwise indicated, are taken from the Holy Bible, New International Version®,
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