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Like any considerate and competent friend who does not want to inconvenience his friends and family, Jesus made provisions so that all who carry out His will are amply able to.

When you learn to look at the words of Jesus as His will, His legal death will, you will see the provisions that He has left so that His beneficiaries are able to carry out the letter of the will easily.  After all, He said that His yoke is easy and His burden is light.  That means the requirements of His will are easy to fulfil and the burden it carries is light.  They are light and easy for those who want to carry out His words as His will.

However, thanks to the contamination by men like James the Younger, most well meaning believers are not really carrying out the words of the will of Jesus, but are carrying out the words of men who have changed His will.  As a simple example, when you listen to the tradition of men in some denominations and you call the clergy, “Father,” you have gone against the will of Jesus, which says that you are to call no man, “Father.”  Your ignorance avails of you the grace so that you will be saved, but it means that for now you are cut off from the benefits of the will.  That is why in those places where the words of Jesus have been replaced by the words of men and the traditions of men, there are so little miracles.  The reason Jesus hated the teachings and practices of the Nicolaitans was that they replaced the words of His will with theirs as they introduced Judaism into the practice of the believers.  Their growth within the church was aided by James’ own teachings, and is continued to this day as pastors continue to teach from the letter of James to the believers of Jesus Christ, failing to realise that James was only allowed to write a letter to the twelve tribes of Israel, and his letter was never addressed to the church and as such should never be addressed to the church.  Martin Luther was not far from the truth when he said that the letter of James is a letter of straws.  The letter of James holds life for a Jew who wants to remain under the law, but holds nothing but a curse for those who have believed Jesus enough to eat His flesh and drink His blood.

For those who are upholding His will that they have heard, without deviation, the fullness of the provision is available if only one knows how to access them.  The access is simple:  Listen and put to practice without fear of making mistakes.

Firstly, the Counsellor is with you.  He will guide you into all truth and remind you of what Jesus said.  He will not remind you of what James said or what Nicolas said.  He may use Paul’s practice as an example, but by and large, He will only remind you of what Jesus said and give you the conviction of the right way to put the words into practice.  And as you practise, His power becomes available to confirm the word.

Secondly, in His will, Jesus has made all material things available for those who seek to uphold His will.  When He said not to worry about what we are to wear or eat, but seek first the Kingdom of God and all its righteousness, that was His way of telling us that even the most basic of needs had been taken care of, and to receive more, we only needed to see what we already have and more will be given.  As for problems, we only have to see that they are few, and even what we have or think we have will be taken away.

As for the means to carry out His plans, the power is supplied by the Spirit, and the way to carry out His plans is already in His will.  We do not have to go and devise ways to carry out His plans.  As we uphold His will and put to practice His words that we have heard, holding fast to His words and doing what He has been doing until we do the greater things, the means to carry out the plans would manifest so that the ‘how’ is supplied in His will to do the ‘what’ in His plans.  As for the ‘when,’ He left that to us.  Our disbelief and disobedience are what delays Him.  He is not the One who keeps us waiting; we are the ones who keep Him waiting.  It was the eleven who delayed the launch of the church, and we delay His return now because we only care to live well and die to go to Heaven, never realising that He is waiting to return but He cannot because the conditions that must be fulfilled have not been fulfilled by us.

Discover for yourself then the provisions of His will.  Look around you at what do have already, and give thanks for what you have so that the more can be given to you.  For it is with the more that we can do more, and if we each do what needs to be done in our part of the world first, then when we are finished, the power to go to other parts will be there.  But if everyone was doing what they are supposed to be doing, there will be no need for any of us to travel.

There are two billion people on Earth who profess to be ‘Christians’ in a world of seven billion.  Imagine if every Christian upheld the will of Christ and carried out His plan.  Each of us would only have to testify to three other persons, and everyone would have been testified to and the end can come.

Unfortunately, as much as I know nothing is impossible, that is not going to happen.  So the work is left to the few.  One and ones, here and there, like Jonathan and his armour bearer, like Shammah and Eleazar… one and ones who will stand their ground and defend and restore the will of Jesus against those who seem to be of importance, who have changed His will.

Here is a truth:  If you have food to eat, clothes to wear and a place to live, that which pagans run after has already been added to you.  That means to those who have more shall be given, and more of what the pagans run after can be given to you, including riches, wealth, health, long life and power… which can assist you in your ministry.  So give thanks for all that you have and receive the more to use it to carry out the plans of Jesus.  That is what His will provides, and all who uphold it will receive.

Hr. Ed, manager of Holy Spirit’s Workshop


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