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“Don’t you know Me, Philip, even after I have been among you such a long time?”

Much has been taught to you, elect, on the importance of knowing God and Jesus Christ whom He sent and the need to not only believe in Him, but to also make sure you know Him so that you may be spared these dreadful words of Jesus Himself when you come before Him:  “I never knew you.  Away from Me, you evildoers!” For to call Him, “Lord, Lord,” and to do things in His Name without knowing Him is to invite that rejection by Him.  So be careful that every demon you drive out, every miracle you do or every prophecy you make comes from knowing Him and adds to your knowledge of Him rather than for the enrichment of your purse and the praises of men.  Your training and your disciplined fellowship with all its trials, hardship and disappointments, even failures and rejection by your fellow believers, are to ensure that the temptation to do things in His Name and to use His Name to enrich yourself and to be praised by men is erased from you forever.  Such is God’s love for you that you are trained to ensure that Jesus never has to or can say to you, “I never knew you.  Away from Me, you evildoers!”

For to know Someone is to know what and how He spoke, what and how He did, and where He did them… and if you are really a witness, even when He said and did what He said and did.  This final phase of your discipleship as elects of the Holy Spirit who, through His superb counsel and teaching, has ensured that you know what and how He said and did what He did and where and finally when.  It is this witness to this knowledge – the what, the how, the where and the when of Jesus Christ – that will allow the Holy Spirit to make you His lampstands as lights that shine into the darkness of religious ignorance that is enshrined with blind traditions and superstitious dogma, which has caused the Name of Jesus Christ to be so slandered and disrespected that surely every holy angel has been tempted to lash out, as one did to the Assyrians, had the Lord, the Holy Spirit, not restrained them.  Restrained because it was not yet time.  Restrained because the standard had not yet been raised and the cup of sin had not been filled to the overflow as it did for the Amorites when God waited patiently until He did unleash Israel on Canaan.

The path of knowledge, the walk of growing to know Jesus more and more, never ends, but it does lead you along recurring familiar steps so that you come to the place where you recognise His voice as well as what He said and what He did, and how He says and does things, as well as even His motive for His thought, word and action.  To know Him well enough – through all this fellowship with Him like the first eleven – so that not only would you recognise His voice and face, but also know the times He has set for Himself.

Judas knew Jesus enough to know when and where He would be after the Passover supper to lead the Sanhedrin and the mob straight to where Jesus was praying.  To identify Jesus, Judas arranged a special signal – the One he kissed was Jesus – so that the eleven could not pretend to be Jesus as well.  So when Jesus asked them, “Who is it you want?” and replied, “I am He,” the kiss from Judas would confirm the response.  If the traitor knew the ways and times of our Lord well enough to lead His enemies straight to Him, then shame on all of us who claim to love and know Him but do not know or care to know His ways and His times.

Many have tried to wipe away this shame before us and paid with their lives.  Soon they will be returning with Jesus as their reward for their deeds.  So likewise, as we follow their lonely, blood stained path, be not surprised that it will be the church itself that will be most upset.

Firstly, learn a lesson again from the apostle Peter who allowed his zeal and his fear defend the life of his Teacher, causing him to strike Malchus and cut off his ear… only to be rebuked by Jesus, “Put your sword away!  Shall I not drink the cup the Father has given Me?” A most foolish and inappropriate thing to do… probably the very thing any of us would do had we been there and held a sword.  Foolish because a fisherman with a sword does not stand a chance against trained soldiers… and inappropriate because he was using the wrong weapon.  This is not a criticism of Peter, for what he did was recorded for our benefit, and so rather, from here on whatever we say or teach that appears to criticise the eleven and even Paul is because the Holy Spirit has used them to teach us what to do and what not to do.  So that if we do what they did, it is to honour them, and if we do what they did not do, it is to glorify them.  For it is thanks to the very clear and decisive action of Peter to strike and cut off the ear of Malchus that we can see its foolishness and inappropriateness and so learn in the hope that when it is our turn to defend the Lord, we will neither be foolish nor inappropriate, but rather, be opportune with the appropriate response that is purely of the Kingdom of God and not with the means of the kingdom of men.

It is men who use swords to strike and kill… even Israel had to use swords in the conquest of Canaan because they rejected God as their King from the beginning.  Israel conquered Canaan as the Kingdom of Israel, as the nation of Israel, not as the Kingdom of God.  God was Israel’s God, not King, and so in the warfare of Israel, God assisted as God but not as King.  Israel had to use swords to slaughter as God assisted with signs and wonders… for it was God who sent the hornets and the hailstones, not Israel.  Had Israel from the beginning accepted God as their King, then we might have seen Israel using hailstones, hornets and snakes as their weapons, even plagues, without ever raising a spear or sword.  If the sight of 500,000 men armed with swords struck Jericho with fear and caused the Gibeonites to wisely seek a treaty, imagine what 500,000 armed men able to send out hailstones, hornets, snakes and plagues as their main weapons would do to Canaan.

Imagine if you could for a moment… as the soldiers and mob picked themselves off the ground and Peter, instead of unleashing the sword in his hand, unleashed the sword that was in his mouth and shouted, “He is the Christ, the Son of God,” as the Father had shown him… what might have happened to the soldiers and the mob?  However, Jesus had to be arrested, tortured and crucified so that Scripture is fulfilled, so Peter was never to make that alternate response, but allowed only to strike with the sword in his hand.

Not so for us, elect, for we live in different times.  For us, Scriptures in the Law, Prophets and Psalms of Christ’s crucifixion, death and resurrection have been fulfilled.  What remains unfulfilled is the Scripture of His return, and Jesus is not returning to be crucified and killed again, but to kill and to judge.  So those destined to be killed by the sword of His mouth must be lured to Megiddo to meet their destiny.  They must be prodded, taunted and angered to give chase to be lured to Megiddo, and to this end we need to be wise and appropriate for our times.  This time, unlike Peter, it will not be a sword wielded by a human arm, but the power of the Kingdom of God wielded by a born again human spirit.  Not armies that stretch out with a sword of arms, but arms with the power of God to do whatever Jesus has been doing and to do even greater things so that the shame of the age, the changing of the set times, is corrected.

What right has anyone to know any of the times or dates that the Father has set by His own authority when we have refused to stand by the time and date that He had set for His Son to be born?

In our times, a person is known not only by his name, but also by his birthplace, birth date and parents.  Indeed, with the six billion people on this Earth, so many names are shared that the proper identity of a person can only be accurately ascertained by his full name, parent’s names, birthplace, date of birth and of course, for the 21st century, his DNA.  So likewise, when a person knows another person as in a relationship, knowing, honouring and celebrating that person’s date of birth is a sign of relationship.  So it is time, elect, to take the stand and declare the error concerning the time of Jesus’ birth – the time set by the Father for His Son to be born into the world.  If you will not honour that in spirit (attitude) and in truth, then should you be astonished that God has kept hidden from you all the other set dates and times?  Most Christians are as ignorant as the rest of the world when it comes to the times and dates God has set for His acts.  Why?  Because for almost 1,700 years we have not honoured the time and date set by the Father for His Son’s birth, just as we have not learned to honour the times of His life.  In truth, because we honour so little of what He said or did or how He said or did it and where, the times of His life have been hidden from all who read the gospels unless the Holy Spirit has revealed them.  But now, as part of the final days, it pleases the Holy Spirit to permit His elect to see the times of the life of Jesus so that now many of you know not only what He said or did, or how He said and did it or where, but also when.

You see, elect, if you want to know when Jesus will return, you must first find out what was said, what was done and what needs to be said and done, but most importantly, to know the future times of the Lord you must know the past and present times of Jesus.  For if you do not know where He is now, what He is saying or doing now, how will it even be given to you to know what He will do or say or when in the future?  If you do not care to know His times when He was on Earth, why should you be allowed to know His times when He will be on Earth again?  Your permission by the Holy Spirit to come to know the times of His life with the eleven is His deposit guaranteeing the hope of your glory to come, to be part of the times of His life on Earth in the millennium.  So, see the privilege, see the honour and seize the opportunity for His vindication!

Now as for the time and date set by the Father for the birth of His Son, we know it was in the northern spring when lambs were born… and since no lamb can be sacrificed for the Passover until eight days after its birth, we know it was at least eight days before the Passover… and in Jesus’ case, being the Lamb of God, His date would have been eight days before His sacrifice as God’s Lamb on that roman cross.  Those of you who know the times of the Lord’s life will know the significance of the sixth day and the eighth day I speak of… to those who have ears to hear, you will hear.

Enough for now to set yourself apart from the prostitute and come out of her feasts that celebrate an imposter’s dates and times, and re-establish the time of His birth as the northern spring from here on… and for this year it will be celebrated eight days before the prostitute celebrates His crucifixion, until even the date is revealed to those who have ears to hear the time and times of the Lord, not by half but in all its glorious fullness.


Here ends the Book of Time until time is set aright in His kingdom.


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