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“This is My beloved Son, with whom I am well pleased; listen to Him.” Every elect knows this command now and its true meaning and application even if the rest of the body are still ignorant of the command.  However, with time, more and more will come to know this command until it is fully restored.

Now this is the reality of time and its mystery… that in this creation nothing is done without a passage of time, however small or large that increment.  Time is involved in everything that has been created from the instant God said, “Let there be light,” and there was.  Even from the instant the words came forth and light materialised, there was a passage of time, however short or long.

The unbelieving world thinks that the passage of time is a constant.  However, in the Kingdom of God the first lesson into the mystery of time is that it is not a constant, but rather, it flows like a river at variable speed… as Moses said in Psalm 90.3-4:  You turn men back to dust, saying, “Return to dust, O sons of men.” For a thousand years in Your sight are like a day that has just gone by, or like a watch in the night. And Peter wrote in his second letter:  But do not forget this one thing, dear friends:  With the Lord a day is like a thousand years, and a thousand years are like a day.

To us, mere men, our 70 years seem to pass by at a constant pace measured by the rising of the sun and its setting, multiplied 365 times 70 or so, and that is the length of a man’s life in days, about 25,550 risings and settings of the sun or days, which when you look at it is not a very large number at all.  The millennium of the Lord when He returns would by our standard have 365,000 days or 365,000 risings and settings of the sun.  This is where sons of men are deceived by time:  All calculations of time by us are based on the assumption of a constant rate or speed of the substance we are using as a parameter… be it the speed of rotation of the Earth or the rate of decay of some radioactive isotope.  We make an observation now in the present of the rate of decay of a radioactive substance and assume that the decay was constant and will be constant, just as we make the assumption that the speed of light is constant, when in truth nothing of the natural world and its laws are constant.  They remain in action and are constant only if two things are not operating – faith and the power of God’s word.

One thing that Jesus tried to show us, if only our minds and hearts were not so dull, is that every natural law is changeable.  Gravity can be suspended, as Elisha floated the axe head and Jesus walked on water.  The very nature of a substance, which in our present language of ignorance we call its molecular structure, can be so altered that water becomes good wine.  Even the amount of time we may enjoy on this Earth is subject to alteration when it comes in contact with the power of God and His word.  The widow’s son and Lazarus received a time extension, and Ananias and Sapphira received a time reduction.  So as you continue to grow in the knowledge of God, you will understand that the only constant is God and His word.  All else is changeable by God and His word, but nothing changes God or His word… not even time, which is the reason of the often quoted saying, “God is the same yesterday, today and tomorrow.”

As such, time and its passage, its behaviour, are different in the world compared to time in the Kingdom of God.  Time in the Kingdom of God is not measured by the rising or setting of the sun, but rather, by the amount of work and pleasure done and experienced.  When you can understand this, then you will understand and know when a thousand years is like a day or when a day is like a thousand years in the Lord.

The understanding of the malleability of time by the Kingdom of God is what will allow the elect to do more than needed or commanded in the available time, even though that time will be shortened.  The shortening of days will affect only the enemies of God so that they are able to do less than they normally could.  But the understanding of time’s malleability will allow the elect to finish their work and have time leftover.

Like all rivers, whilst one part is flowing at a certain speed, another part is flowing at a different speed… even if they are right next to each other.  When Jesus got into the boat in the middle of the lake in John 6.21, it is written:  …and immediately the boat reached the shore where they were heading. That shortening of time for the disciples occurred for them only, but for everyone else on the Earth time still moved at its usual speed.  If you can understand this, then you are ready to master the mystery of time.

The mystery of time is its variability of the speed of its passage, a variability that is influenced and affected by such a large variety of influences, from perception to gravity to rotation, so that a person without the mind of Christ and therefore the mind of God cannot begin to hope to understand it or even recognise it is there.  The variability of its speed of passage is designed to make all who deny God a liar and God alone to be true when it comes to their version of the speed or age of creation and God’s version.  Yet even for a Christian, the revelation of the understanding of the variability of the passage of time is not available unless you are prepared to believe what Moses has written as he has written it.  If you care to read Psalm 90, you will find it is a psalm about the passage of time and a comparison between our perception of time’s passage and God’s perception and therefore God’s reality, which is the only true reality.

Once you grasp this truth that the speed of the passage of time and therefore quantity is variable, you will have no trouble in realising that the length of a day can be shortened or lengthened… so lengthened that the sun and moon seem to have stopped in its passage across the sky.  The truth is of course the sun and moon do not travel across the sky, but the Earth rotates on its axis as it goes around the sun.  The fact that the so-called church was ignorant of this truth until Galileo made the discovery testifies to our ignorance of God’s ways, no matter how much piety and religiosity we claim to have or practise.  What trust, elect, can you place on traditionalists and their silly doctrines when they could not even recognise that the Earth rotated around the sun and not the other way around?

The power of the Holy Spirit and the knowledge that was to come from Him was to show us these basic things so that we might come to grasp the greater knowledge… that of knowing God and Jesus Christ whom He sent.  A knowledge that can only come through the listening and practising of His words, not the words of men or the Laws of Moses.  Without miraculous power the plastic nature of the physical laws of the natural world that we see is not revealed.  However, one thing the Jews forgot and we, the church, forgot is that Moses did not get his miraculous power by observing the Law, but by obeying the One who sent him for His honour.  So the moment James the Younger harnessed the disciples’ love of the old wine to going back to practising the Law, we lost the power to reveal the malleability of natural laws and world to see God, the Lord of all… even of time

So then, once you understand the plastic nature of all things physical, all things natural, you can work with time, not as those of the world work with time, truly limited in what they can do because of the passage of time, but you can affect the passage of time by what you do, and what you do dictates the passage of time and not the other way around.  In this way, the set times and dates of the Lord are set for you, not because of the number of sunrises or sunsets… but rather, by the achievement of accomplished works and events that allow the next sequence of works and events to start.  As such, the fulfilment of prophecy is not based on a date calculated by the rate or speed of rotation of the Earth, but rather, it is based on the rate of the fulfilment of the Scriptures that permits the day to be revealed.  As such, the Day of the Lord is not determined by a date set on a man’s calendar, regardless of the culture, but rather, it is determined by the date that man fulfils the Scriptures required.

As such, the passage of time for you and I and the amount of time we have till the return of Christ is not governed by a number of days, but rather, by the rate of fulfilment of Scriptures and work accomplished.  In this way, a day can be a thousand years and a thousand years a day.  And if a thousand years is but twelve hours, then 1,260 days is but a few minutes for those who are with Jesus.

This variability of the passage of time – its flexibility and its malleability – was taught to the disciples as early as John 4.35 when Jesus said to the disciples, “Do you not say, ‘Four months more and then the harvest’?  I tell you, open your eyes and look at the fields!  They are ripe for harvest,” as He spoke to them outside the Samaritan village a few days or weeks after the Passover… no doubt directing their eyes on the fields of grain growing around them, green and still four months from their natural harvest.

He said, “…open your eyes…” because it was always the blind and the ignorant who called Jesus, “the Son of David,” like the Canaanite woman and the blind men in Matthew 9.27 and around Jericho.  Those who are ignorant of the history of Israel, like the Canaanite woman, would still say that Jesus is the Son of David, for the promise of God to David that the Messiah would be of his flesh was dependant on a condition that Solomon reminded himself of but then broke… ” ‘You shall never fail to have a man to sit before Me on the throne of Israel, if only your sons are careful in all they do to walk before Me as you have done.’ “

Eyes open to see the transfigured Jesus, to see the cloud and then to hear the voice.  Eyes open to see the Man speaking is not an ordinary man but Messiah, and so, demands that you take the time to sit at His feet and listen, like Mary.  Eyes open to see what you are reading in the Scriptures… and then the mystery of time will unravel for you and a field of green barley will turn to a golden field of ripened grain in an instant.

And what allows us to mould, to stretch and to shorten time as we need?  The one key ingredient is, as always, faith that works by love.  The faith of those who agape the Lord and more is what will allow them to mould time to their purpose, will and wish so that with the mustard seed of faith, they will move more than a mountain or a tree, they will move time as they determine it should move.


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