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Jesus said 1,900 Gregorian years ago the “Yes, I am coming soon.” [Revelation 22.20]  Now, no matter how you argue it, 1,900 Gregorian years, almost 70,000 plus days, is a very long time… very long time in anyone’s language and does not constitute ‘soon’ in any person’s language.  So it looks like either Jesus is lying or His definition of ‘soon’ is not our definition, in which case we cannot rely on anything He has said.  For whichever is the truth, it means that either His words are lies or we have no way of understanding what He really said since we cannot even understand what His definition of ‘soon’ is.  If this is the case, then there is nothing to justify the existence of a religion called ‘Christianity’ or an organisation called the ‘church.’  For such an organisation and group of people are either following a liar or trying to practise and teach something they do not understand.  Or is there another reason why 70,000 plus days after He said, “Yes, I am coming soon,” Jesus has still not arrived?

If the calculating of the number of the beast calls for a mind with insight and wisdom, then understanding is needed to unravel the reason for the delay of Jesus’ return.

Firstly, in order to dispel the first argument, the words of Jesus as they are written need witnesses to their truth, not preachers who believe they are the truth, but witnesses who have examined and tested EVERY word of Jesus and can testify, not preach, that it is the truth.  If such individuals cannot be found, then at the very least a collection of individuals whose collective testimony can verify that EVERY word of Jesus is truth.  Of course the ideal is for a collection of such individuals who all can testify that EVERY word of Jesus is truth.  Now that is a church worthy of the King of kings.

Secondly, the dispelling of the second argument requires that anyone, even the uneducated and the children, who hears His word and puts in into action or practice can and will experience what is promised.  That is, His words carry the same meaning as ours when we use them.  His definition of healing is our definition of healing, His definition of blindness is the same as ours, His definition of life and death is the same as ours… so that we can conclusively prove that His definition of ‘soon’ is the same as ours.

It is for these two reasons that the Holy Spirit has elected men and women from within the church and from outside the church, restored to them the command of the Father, and made them disciples of Jesus who only listen and practise the words of Jesus and no one else’s.  Now from His elect and through His elect, the Holy Spirit, who is the One who would never have agreed it would seem good that gentiles should abstain from blood, from strangled meat and from food sacrificed to idols, [Acts 15] has given His Testimony about the life and times of the ministry of Jesus Christ and about the behaviour of the eleven after the resurrection of Jesus.   A Testimony which is so astounding that one can only either accept it or discard it completely.

And indeed, many will and should discard the Testimony, for in it it is clear that the eleven did not believe, did not obey and delayed the launching of the Kingdom of God to such an extent that it never happened.  For to believe in the Testimony is to realise that the last 70,000 plus days of ‘Christianity’ is nothing short of continued disbelief, disobedience and delay of the will of God through Jesus Christ.  As such, for the religious and pious, it is wisdom to discard the Testimony as heresy.

However, for those who seek truth, who look at the people that say they follow Jesus and believe in Jesus, but yet wonder how He could allow them to kill, steal and destroy in His Name over doctrinal differences, over gold and over converts… He could have taught that they must love their enemies.  To those who seek truth, you must wonder why those who follow the One who said that anyone who believed in Him would do what He has been doing, cannot heal the sick and the blind remain blind in their care, the lame remain lame in their care, the deaf remain deaf and so on.  For those who see the preachers of Jesus venerate and depend on money for their ministry, you must wonder why, for Jesus clearly said we cannot serve both God and money.

Now, for those who seek truth, the Testimony provides the reason why Jesus has not return and the collection of people who claim to belong to Him cannot do what He said they can do and have not done what He has commanded them to do.

Many will go the broad way, but the few will seek the narrow way… the way of truth.

So what is the truth about the Testimony?  If it is a figment of imagination of a few misguided persons, it will amount to nothing.  If indeed it is truth, then it means that it is time for those who call themselves ‘Christians’ to take a long hard look at themselves and realise that after 70,000 plus days, they have failed to let Jesus live up to His words of “Yes, I am coming soon.”

So what are the options?  There are two.  The first is ignore the Testimony, continue as you are, wait for death to come, and hope that Jesus will let you into the Kingdom of Heaven.  When you see Him, just remember, do not call Him, “Lord, Lord,” on that day.

The second is repent.  Repent of the disbelief and the disobedience, and join in the work of establishing the Kingdom of God on Earth so that He can return and soon… as men understand ‘soon.’

Hr. Edmond Kwan, manager of the Holy Spirit’s Workshop

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