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Those Who Are Blind See

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The man born blind could see that the Pharisees needed to become disciples of Jesus, which is why he asked them, “Do you want to be His disciples, too?” [John 9.27]  Why?  Because he had been in the temple area all his life and they, the Pharisees, had not healed him, but when Jesus came by, he was healed.  It is no wonder Jesus said that He came so that the blind could see and those who can see will become blind.

So, how well do you see?  How good are your eyes?

God asked Jeremiah, “What do you see, Jeremiah?” [Jeremiah 1.11, 13] and both times Jeremiah described what he saw, and the Lord said, “You have seen correctly.” [Jeremiah 1.12]

So then, what do you see when you see a high and lofty mountain, a magnificent sunset, and a lion killing a baby antelope for a meal?  Do you see the glory of God’s creation?  What do you see when you see a cockroach run across the table trying to get your food, or a mosquito landing on your arm to suck your blood… the insect world as God has made it?  Or do you see what God sees?  His creation and creatures suffering from the effects of sin.

For no one alive today has ever seen the mountains God made for Adam.  No one has ever seen the sunrise or sunset that Adam saw.  The lion is not meant to kill the baby antelope; it is meant to eat grass alongside the antelope.  The cockroach is not meant to be a disease carrying insect, but a cleaner of the rubbish we drop.  The mosquito is not meant to suck our blood, but to suck on the juice of plants.  You see, when you look at the magnificent wildlife pictures, understand this:  You are not looking at what should be, but at what should not be.

So, what do you see when you look at a church service with people singing songs that the deaf cannot hear, and with words projected on screens that the blind cannot see?  What do you see when you see the poor give their last coin to the evangelist offering?  What do you see when the poor line up outside a church for the leftovers from the priest’s meal?  The church as Jesus had intended?

When we learn to see correctly as Jeremiah saw correctly, then we might find that the Lord will use us and confide in us what He has in mind to restore that which has been lost through sin.

So then, have a good look at the world and the church… what do you see?  If you can see that it is not what God has in mind, then you are ready for God to tell you what He has in mind, if you care to ask Him and listen.

Hr. Ed, manager of the Holy Spirit’s Workshop

Copyright Information:  NEW INTERNATIONAL VERSION [NIV]  All scripture quotations, unless otherwise indicated, are taken from the Holy Bible, New International Version®,
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