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This Present Earth

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The next time you see a beautiful rainbow in the sky, an awe inspiring sunset or a breathtaking view of lofty mountains and valleys deep, try to remember that you are looking at the product of men’s sin against God and not at God’s creation.  For this present Earth was created as a result of the flood of Noah when the evil on the Earth was so bad that God the Holy Spirit gave an ultimatum that He would not contend with men for another 120 years.  When God told Noah that His Spirit would not contend with men for 120 years, [Genesis 6.3] He did not mean that men would no longer live past 120 years.  Abraham, even Moses, proves that.  What He was really saying to Noah was that if he did not complete the ark in 120 years, even Noah and his family would be wiped out.

If you have never taken the Bible account of the flood seriously, then you have missed out on a major part of man’s history and an opportunity to increase your eternal life now.  For what is eternal life?  Is it a life lived after death in Heaven to worship God in eternal bliss?  Is that how Jesus defined it?  See John 17.3 and read what is written, and you will realise eternal life begins the moment you come to know that there is God and that Jesus was sent by Him.  Eternal death is when God stops you from coming to know Him any further.

Even the devil is still enjoying eternal life at the moment, for he has come to know the way God has redeemed man, and is about to come to know what imprisonment by God in the Abyss for a thousand years will be like.  However, the lake of burning sulphur is death for him because from the moment he is cast into it, he will no longer know anymore of God.  He will live, for he is an immortal, but he will live an eternity of lifelessness.  The torment being the reality that he can no longer come to know God anymore than what he has already known.  It is the second death for men who will go there because just as death first separated them from life, so the lake of sulphur will separate them from eternal life.  For even an atheist still has a measure of eternal life, for they will come to know God even if it is after they die.  They will come to know that there is God and that their faith was fruitless.

So what does the account of the flood show you if you take it seriously?  Firstly, it shows you the magnitude of the disaster.  The entire Earth was covered over by the waters in forty days to a height 20 feet above the tallest mountain of its day.  In order to achieve that, the rain had to fall steadily at a rate of at least 0.8375 inches a minute or 8.375 inches per ten minutes, assuming that the highest mountain was only 4,000 feet.  If Everest-like mountains were around, then the rate is eight times greater.  Now in this world well acquainted with flash floods that occur because a few inches of rain have fallen in 24 hours, imagine then the extent of the flooding and the power of its waves rushing down valleys and gullies if 1,206 inches of rain fell in 24 hours followed by another 39 days of the same.  The Bible is not exaggerating when it said all the living creatures that lived on land were wiped out.  If people are worried about climate change now, this is nothing compared to what Noah unleashed by his faith.  The entire ecosystem of the world was changed beyond Noah’s imagination, and as such we cannot imagine what Noah’s world before the flood was really like.

Over a period of no more than three hundred and forty-six days, the Lord changed the Earth He had made into our present Earth.  As the springs of the deep were emptied and the waters from the Heavens were added to the surface of the Earth, it produced a complete water jacket so that when the weight of the waters exceeded the ability of the crust to support it, the Earth imploded and gave rise to our present Earth world with its cracked crust and constant earthquakes and volcanoes.  As the molten magma gushed out to hit the floodwaters, and the crust tilted and fractured and fragmented, all the geological wonders of our world were formed.  Mountain ranges came up in a few months and not billions of years.  Diamonds, oil, coal and peat were formed from the forests of Noah’s world.  The ice caps were formed as the wind pushed back the waters to reveal dry land again.  The nature of the soil was forever changed as the sediments from the flood settled and were then dried.  Some were even used to give the illusion of the passage of massive tracts of time needed for their formation.  Remember, God sends a powerful delusion to those who are wicked that they will believe the lie, as the apostle Paul had written. [2 Thessalonians 2.11]  So, this present Earth with all the telltale signs that can delude anyone committed to disbelieve God was also created by the flood.

Noah entered the ark and left behind a world that no present eyes have ever seen, and emerged into our world of rainbows in the sky, of deserts and oceans, of snow and ice caps.  It is as if Noah was the first space traveller who left his home planet and came to this new one without having to leave home.  So perhaps next time you see a rainbow, a beautiful sunset or majestic mountains, you might just pause before you praise God for His creation… for what you are seeing is not God’s creation, but man’s handiwork.

Now when you next attend a church service, ask yourself, “Am I seeing the church that Jesus had in mind?”  For as surely as not one of us has ever seen the Earth that God had in mind, the truth is, none of us has ever seen the church that Jesus had in mind.

Dr. Ed, manager of the Holy Spirit’s Workshop

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