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The Will of a Righteous Man

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Righteousness was credited to Abraham by his faith, as it is written, [Genesis 15.6] and we likewise access that righteousness by the same faith so that salvation comes through faith because of God’s grace.  However, the faith that counts is faith in the word of God.  For Abraham, it was leaving his home country of Ur when God told him to.  For the Israelites, it was to put the blood of the lamb on their doors.  For everyone who has heard of Jesus, it is to believe the good news about Him.  The righteousness that comes by believing faith allows those who have it to begin their journey with God.  The journey of eternal life whereby one comes to know the Lord God Almighty more and more.  That journey began for Enoch the moment he started his walk with God, and it continues to this day, as it does for Noah, Abraham and all who have put their faith in God.  For Enoch, his walk had been with his Creator, and now, as Jude has testified, he (Enoch) continues his walk with Jesus as well.

However, there is a righteousness that is not by faith but by works.  It is not a righteousness that can be credited by faith, for it is a righteousness that can only be fulfilled by the correct application of instructions, whether they are a set of law, conditions or instructions.

This is the righteousness of a person who fulfils and completes the work he has been sent to do.  Since he is sent, there is no faith involved.  For the righteousness that comes by faith says, “Thus I believed, thus I spoke and acted.”  However, the righteousness that comes by work says, “Do as you have been told and shown.”  That is the righteousness of Christ, for His righteousness did not come by faith but by fulfilling the law and then by finishing the work the Father had given Him to do.

Through faith in Him, we are then credited with the righteousness that comes by faith, and so we are saved… saved to become His sheep, His flock.  The sheep of a shepherd’s flock are part of his flock by grace, that is, the sheep did not choose him but they are part of his flock because he either bought them or they were birthed into his flock.  And whether he is a good shepherd or a bad shepherd, they have no say.  So it is with all who receive the righteousness that comes by faith.  We are saved through Jesus, and we have no choice as to who should be our Saviour.  Jesus was appointed for us; we did not appoint Him as our Saviour.

And as I have said before, the sheep do not care for the welfare of the shepherd, and so we see so many of us concerned for our righteousness but not show a care for His.  We carry on about being a ‘Christian’ and about being a ‘man of God,’ taking offence when people disagree with us or slander us.  But when it comes to defending the righteousness of Jesus, who cares?

If we understand the righteousness of Jesus, we would defend His will and His work to the letter, and not let men, like James the Younger, change it with their recommendations.  You see, we received our righteousness as a gift and not by our work, but Jesus received His righteousness by complete obedience, even to death upon a Roman cross.  So whose righteousness should we defend?  Jesus’ of course.

Now, the people of the Earth do not see Him glorified in Heaven, and indeed, few of His believers have as well.  The only way to prove completely that the work done by Jesus is exactly what God had told Him to do, is to bring Jesus back so that every eye can see that indeed He is who He said He is, and it was God who sent Him.

As for our own righteousness, we receive it by faith.  Remember, it is a gift, so do not boast about the gift but boast about the Giver.  As the Lord has said, “…let him who boasts boast about this:  that he understands and knows Me, that I am the Lord, who exercises kindness, justice and righteousness on Earth…” [Jeremiah 9.24]  See the kindness of God… that we can receive righteousness with Him as a gift, and that it only takes faith so that all may receive it, regardless of their circumstances in life.

For the return of Christ is about His righteousness.  The Holy Spirit is here because of His righteousness.  It was Jesus’ righteousness before God that moved God to send the Holy Spirit in His Name.  Anyone who says he follows Jesus and yet does not allow the Holy Spirit to do His work, has no respect for the righteousness of Jesus, but is pumped up with pride about his own righteousness, which he never earned.

No, it is the righteousness of Jesus we should be proud of, for He alone fulfilled the law and also everything else the Father gave Him to do.  Whereas we should be humbled by our righteousness, for it is ours by faith.

However, there exists for those who are humbled by the gift of righteousness to also earn a righteousness of their own.  A righteousness that is not credited to them but becomes theirs as they not only believe Jesus, but put that which they have heard into practice.  It is the righteousness of one who, having heard and believed, goes on to practising the word until he has mastered it so as to fulfil all that Jesus commanded, just as Jesus fulfilled what God commanded Him after He fulfilled the law.  This is the righteousness of those who are worthy of the first resurrection.  For their death as martyrs is their work, for they could have denied Christ and lived.  But no, they chose to hold onto the word, even to death by being killed.  Theirs is not the righteousness of the believer, but the righteousness of the martyr, and that is why they are returning with Christ to reign in the millennium.

For those of us who are alive, there is a righteousness which is also available, and that is the righteousness of one who chooses to remain alive until He arrives.  It too is a righteousness that is not a gift but by works.  For it takes one who is prepared to work at fulfilling all of the will of the Lord so that He can return.  Forsaking the rest that is afforded all believers in death, those who choose to remain alive must work at their faith to ensure that John 11.26 manifests in their lives physically.  So that when Jesus said that anyone who has faith in Him can do what He has been doing, it is true once more.  Just as Jesus has a righteousness that is by His works, so too those who believe in Him, added to the righteousness that is a gift, have a righteousness that by works.

Jesus has said, “Behold, I am coming soon!  My reward is with Me, and I will give to everyone according to what he has done.” [Revelation 22.12]  If He is coming, then He is not speaking about going to Heaven, and so the ones He will reward are those who have not gone to Heaven.  And see that the reward is according to what has been done, not what has been believed.  It is works, not faith.  The righteousness that comes by faith saves you; the righteousness that comes by working to carry out His will rewards you.

When you who have believed work to carry out His will, you are declaring His will to be righteous, and those who seek to change His will and the words of His will are in truth opposing the righteousness of His will.

So, repent.  So, you believe Jesus is the Son of God?  Good, but even the demons know He is the Son of God.  So, what is there to boast about?  No, it is when you carry out every word of His will, that you honour Him and His Father who sent Him.

“Now that you are saved, get up and work!  Not for reward, but for righteousness.”

IHR Ed, manager of the Holy Spirit’s Workshop

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