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The Will and Plan Executed

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“I tell you the truth, anyone who has faith in Me will do what I have been doing.  He will do even greater things than these, because I am going to the Father.” [John 14.12]

Doing the things that Jesus has been doing is the will of Jesus for His disciples, and doing the greater things is His plan.  To be in the will of Jesus, we have to listen to Him, that is, we have to listen to that which has been recorded for us, like the words of a person’s will being read out.  As in some wills, there are conditions before the beneficiaries are allowed to access the benefits or inheritance.  In this case, the condition of access is that anyone who hears His words has to put it to practice to receive the benefit, and those who have heard them but do not put them to practice will not receive the benefit.

The provision that Jesus has left for us in His will is such that all who comply with the condition of the will will be like a wise man who built his house on the rock.  In times of trouble he will be protected from total loss.  And even though there can be loss, as a torrent striking a house will ruin its furnishings, the recovery from the loss need not be slow, as the world considers slow.  For the Lord showed us that time can be shortened… even with the first sign He did in Cana, time was shortened.  It only took the time to fill the jars before there was good wine, whereas in the natural, to get good wine takes years… to grow the vine and to ferment it until it is old enough to be a good wine.

However, the real difference lays in our perception of His word.  There is a huge difference between the words of a will and the words of a plan.  In our case, the realisation that His pre-death words are now His legal will for His beneficiaries should give you the assurance that once you have fulfilled the conditions, the benefits are there.  That is, faith is not needed anymore… not the believing faith anyway, which is so volatile and undependable, but the obedient faith, which is much more controllable, for the control depends on you.

Since, it is His will that we are to do the things that He has been doing, then our confidence lays in the degree we have attempted to obey the conditions, and the most important condition is that we practise the words we have heard.  Having done that, we can rest, knowing that the benefits are part of our lives.  Hence the rest He gives to those who are weary, who do come to Him and take upon themselves His yoke, that is, the conditions of His will.  The rest, the basic needs common to all men, are supplied by simply asking, seeking and knocking on His door.  Rest however is for those who are the beneficiaries… but for those of us who are working for Him, who seek to share His burden, the rest is just the refreshment that allows us to continue with His plans.

If we are to pause and look at the ten commandments He gave in His post-resurrection words, they are not only to enact that which He did before He died, but also to allow us to take it to a greater level.

1.  “Receive the Holy Spirit,” [John 20.22] is what He did at His water baptism, and He allowed the Holy Spirit to lead Him, which is why Paul wrote:  “…those who are led by the Spirit are sons of God,” [Romans 8.14] for the One who is the Son of God was led by the Holy Spirit after He received Him.

2.  “If you forgive anyone his sins, they are forgiven…” [John 20.23] that is what He did when He forgave the sins of the cripple and the woman who anointed Him.  As such, for us to forgive is merely doing what He has been doing, but the greater thing is the “…if you do not forgive them, they are not forgiven.” [John 20.23]  And so we begin to manifest His plan for the greater things if we obey.

3.  “Stop doubting and believe.” [John 20.27]  When He was tempted by Satan who said, “If You are the Son of God…” [Luke 4.3; Matthew 4.3; Matthew 4.6 & Luke 4.9 – The Testimony] He did not bother to answer the devil, but left the devil ignorant as to His status by saying, “Man does not live of bread alone.” [Luke 4.4; Matthew 4.4] He did not give a reply to Satan that would have answered Satan’s question.  The answer He gave is the answer of a Man who knows who He is.  In the same way, when you are asked, “If you are the elect of the Holy Spirit…” or, “What makes you think that you are His elect?” the answer to give must be in the same line as Jesus.  That is, the answer that completely deflects the doubt levelled at you, like, “I am bringing Jesus back.”

4, 5, 6.  “Feed My lambs.” [John 21.15]  “Take care of My sheep.” [John 21.16]  “Feed My sheep.” [John 21.17]  Likewise, Jesus was sent to the lost sheep of Israel, the Father’s sheep… but now we are to feed His sheep – those who belong to Jesus, that is, those who are saved by Him though they may not yet know it… keeping alive those who have yet to hear the good news until somehow it is preached to them, and then maintaining them in the salvation, which can include keeping them safe and healthy and helping them grow, regardless of whether they are of the Kingdom of Heaven or the Kingdom of God.  As such, as the disciples had to care for the Jews who are part of the Father’s flock, so likewise we have to care for those whom Jesus has saved, not those who have saved themselves by their faith.

7.  “You must follow Me.” [John 21.22]  In the same way, as Jesus only ever followed the Holy Spirit into the desert and He only ever listened to the Father to say what He said and in the manner that He said it, doing only what He was doing… so likewise we are to follow the plan of Jesus to say what He is saying and how He is saying it and to do what He is doing now.  For that we need the Holy Spirit to not only remind us of what the Lord had said and done, but also what He is saying and doing now!  In order to do that, one would have to be able to recognise His voice and also be one to whom He is speaking and cares to reveal what is happening and what is going to happen.  If a person does not care to listen to what was said that is in the will, then there is no point to make them privy to the plan.

8.  “…you will be My witnesses…” [Acts 1.8]  Just as He was the Father’s Witness and He made Him known to us by His testimony, we are to make known to others what we know of Jesus, not what we believe of Him, so that they may believe.  Our testimony allows the preaching of the goods news of the Kingdom of God, that “God has a Son,” as a testimony to all nations so that the end can come.  That is part of the plan – They want to bring this age to an end.

9.  “Go into all the world and preach the good news to all creation, creatures and the whole human race.” [Mark 16.15 NIV, KJV, AMP]  Now, the word is preached so that the plan is to extend the work to believers as well, with the signs to accompany them so as to help others to believe.  Remember, Jesus did say that the people will not believe unless they see signs and wonders.  The signs accompanying the believers are to help draw an audience for the message, just as the miracles, signs and wonders drew people to Jesus so that there was an audience for His message.  The signs are given to mere believers, while the wonders and miracles are for the disciples.  All of which is designed to draw an audience so that, like Him, we do not need a cathedral before people will come or ‘programmes’ to retain them.  The audience will grow because of the signs that meet their needs, not the message.  The message gives them hope of the future… but as with all people, it is the immediate need that comes first, then they will think about their future.  That is why the signs that accompany the believer relieve the needs of the sick and the demonised, while keeping the believer protected (from snakes and poison), and allow for his growth (speaking in tongues).

10.  “…go and make disciples of all nations, baptising them… and teaching them…” [Matthew 28.18-20] is also what He did.  He baptised with fire and the Holy Spirit, made disciples and taught everything that the Father commanded Him to do, so that the kingdom of Israel was prepared for the Kingdom of God.  Likewise, we are to prepare all nations for the Kingdom of God.  As such, it is a greater thing, for He only prepared Israel.

We who have fulfilled the conditions of the will can therefore move on to fulfil His plans, utilising all that He has provided for us in His will.  As such, the common juvenile worries of those who remain in the Kingdom of Heaven are not for us, but our concerns and worries now relate to what we are doing to fulfil the plan of Jesus.  As such, we are only busy, and the ones who are worried are the enemies of God.  An example from the world would be like this:  We are the builders of a new business that can destroy the old.  As such, we are the ones who are busy.  It is the operators of the old business who are facing imminent destruction who are worried.

So, how does one stay calm and patient?  Knowing that you are in His will and that you are carrying out His plan, which will lead to the manifestation of New Earth and New Jerusalem, which will be your future home, with the destruction of this present Heaven, Earth and even Hell.  Now it is those who cling to this present Earth as the only place they will live in the flesh, those for whom this present Heaven is their ‘eternal’ spiritual home, and those who think that the present Hell is the eternal punishment, who need to worry… because they have ignored the truth.

Like Noah in the ark, there can be no more worries, for he would not have been in there safe from the flood if God did not tell him to build the ark.  Likewise, as the walls of our present ark go up, you should know, if not for the Holy Spirit electing you, you would not be here building it.

Hr. Ed Kwan, manager of the Holy Spirit’s Workshop

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