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The Time of the End

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2 Samuel 23:3-4

When One rules over men in righteousness

When He rules in the fear of God

He is like the light of morning at sunrise on a cloudless morning

Like the brightness after rain that brings the grass from the earth.


And it was many years ago that the Heir of the King departed from the Kingdom – sent by the King on a seemingly impossible mission… to seek and save what had been lost to God.

The Only Son of His Father, Heir to His Father’s Throne, was sent to a distant country to have Himself appointed King, and then to return at the appointed time.

Thirty three years as it is measured on Earth passed, and what was impossible for men proved possible for the Son who was sent.  For the Son had to succeed for His Father’s future depended on Him, just as His future depended on His Father.

Thirty three years in a distant and hostile country, to purchase back and secure the future of the One who is from everlasting to everlasting.

Such preparations it entailed was completed and all was made ready.  The few, who could be chosen were chosen – their ability to come bringing them, their inability to maintain their walk on the true timeline of life already known, but who else was there.

There were no other Twelve, so the command that went out from the King to listen to His Son, the One He had chosen, the One He so loved, and the One He was well pleased with, when it missed their grasp, it would then have to be taken up by a generation who were not destined to be born until far into the distant future, for that is how long it would take for the command to resurface, to be picked up from the ground, dusted off, its royal signature recognized, and for the reality of what was lost to again pierce through the heart of another man.

For the Son and Heir could not stay, but had to return back to His King, His Father and His God, and the loss of that command would see Him not able to return to that distant country for many years beyond what was decreed.  For even though His work was finished, His finished work was never acknowledged, never appreciated, received, or even continued in its established form, let alone embraced as the gift and true wealth it truly was.  And that one command, which when obeyed and would have assured His soon and even early return, remained buried among the anxieties and worries of the world, the deceitfulness of wealth, and the desire for other things.

For men thought salvation was their right, their very existence, something God should be praising and thanking them for.

But little did they know that their very existence was now solely dependant on the very success, and not the sabotaged failure, of the Son and Heir who was sent.

And as the time of the end is the time of truth, and as it is now the time of the end, so now see the truth that the answer to the paradox of freewill which is completely submitted to another’s freewill, not for reward, not for praise – that it is, and can only be, true love… love of the truth.

For it was true love… it was the love of the truth which released the passion of the Christ.

For the passion of God is released when the Eternity of the One You love is at stake, and that passion, in all of its vast array of unbridled splendour, infinite power and consuming love, would still need to hold within it, the desire of the Son to submit His Own will completely and absolutely to the will of the Father who had sent Him, even if that meant His life as He always knew it, would be no more.

For indeed it would take Jesus, the War Maker who brings peace… Jesus, God’s Peace Offering that destroys destruction and Jesus, the Destroyer who destroys the peace of man.

It would take God the Word to become God the Son, and come into His creation in the flesh to be the Light of the world that would now reveal God as Father to all of His creation.

And so determined was and is Jesus… so passionate is the Word and the Spirit to see the will, wish, desire… to see the hopes and the dreams of the Father now realised and fulfilled, that nothing could stop Them then, and nothing can stop Them now.

For it was the Spirit who formed the Word into flesh so Jesus, God’s Word, could come to bring us the good news that we had a Father who loved us and wanted to save us from destruction, and as Jesus lay down His life to give salvation to all… it was the Spirit who raised Him back to life so all who believe in Him may live and never have to die again.

And now the King’s only Beloved Son is on His way back in the flesh, to take back what has always been His – The world and everything in it.

For the victory and the success is, and has always been His, for true love never fails, for it will always persevere… because the source of life is not power, but love… true love.

And so now, as the Son and Heir is soon to take His throne and His rule over all the Earth, and as the increase of signs and birth contractions are now manifesting more and more, we once more look at the parable of the fig tree that Jesus told His disciples after they asked Him about the signs of the end of the age in Matt 24:32, Mark 13:28, and Luke 21:29.

For in Matthew and Mark Jesus said:  “Now learn this lesson from the fig tree.  As soon as its twigs get tender and its leaves come out you know that summer is near.  Even so, when you see these things happening, you know that it is near, right at the door.”

The increase of the signs and contractions of birth pains heralds the coming of God’s Kingdom right at the door and even though in Matthew and Mark it gives the impression it is speaking of the end time, in truth the ‘it’ is referring to the Kingdom of God, as it is spoken of in Luke and not the end days.

The manifestation of the Kingdom of God is NOW amongst the Lord’s Elect, and IS the fulfilment of that scripture, and so the increase of the signs and contractions of birth pains heralds in first, the Kingdom of God on Earth, and then the Son of God, the Son of Man arrives on clouds of glory.

So as that scripture has its fulfilment in the Lord’s Elect as they now manifest the Kingdom of God on Earth: the Kingdom of God is right at the door.

So make every effort to understand the deeper meaning of taking captive every thought and making it obedient to Christ, not Jesus, but Christ.

For the deeper meaning of this scripture is to take captive all things and make them obedient to the Messiah.  All your thoughts should turn towards being Messianic, that is:  to think as the Messiah thinks, as the Saviour thinks, as the Ruler, the King, the Christ thinks.

Jesus is the Son of Man and the Son of God but He has the mindset of Jesus, Messiah.

And this must be personalised into us until we are truly little Messiahs… it is to see the Messiah in the words of Jesus and see the role and function of the Messiah.

Through Jesus you learn to be a son of God like Him, a son of man like Him, but you also develop as messiah.

For there is the obedience of the Son/son, and then there is the majesty of the Messiah/messiah.

Taking captive all our thoughts and making them obedient to Christ activates the Messianic miracles which is the representation of the sum total of the miracles of Moses.  For the twelve miracles of Moses that set Israel free are Messianic miracles.  The provision of water and so on, in the desert are provisional miracles.  The miracles of the Son for the children, and so at the moment His Elect are only practising the miracles of the Son of Man and the Son of God, but in the days of distress there will be once again Messianic miracles, such as in the days of Moses. (An example of a Messianic miracle of Jesus was when He went to hell to preach).

And so as the signs and birth contractions continue increasing more and more, let now also our minds be opened more and more to the scriptures to fully understand them, just as Jesus opened their minds at Emmaus, so those two could understand the scriptures, and why He did it again when He joined them for that piece of fish.

For when the mind can understand the scriptures for what they truly are, then the power of the scriptures are unleashed for what they truly are.

The power of the scriptures of old, is the power of the law to deal with those under the law.  It is punishment power of the curse for failure to uphold the entirety of the law.

The scriptures of new, unleash the power to convict those who want to remain under the law.

The church, the disciples, were and are to excel in the new in such a way that they can convict those still under the old so they may recognise they must leave the old for the new.

But even as Jesus opened their minds to the scriptures, they then did not stay in the city as Jesus instructed them, so as to wait until the Holy Spirit came upon them.

For men who do not hold on to His word to retain it can never produce it.

The Eleven did not retain His words that He would rise on the third day and meet them in Galilee, and so they could never produce the action to go, and so never went.

They had never completely retained His word, and so even after He was crucified all they could do was remain hidden in fear of what would happen to them.

So had they really died to self to follow Jesus?

For to the Eleven, dying to self was locking themselves behind closed doors to pray, trying to understand what is happening.  If they were to truly to die to themselves they would have obeyed the message of the women and gone to meet Jesus in Galilee after being told He had risen from the dead.

So do not be like those who like to talk about dying to self, for few understand what that really means.

Dying to self means to completely and totally obey someone else’s will – not just giving up your little bit of ambition and desire.  For it may sound good, but counts for nothing if you know not what dying to self really means and what it surely demands from you.

For the Eleven were in fear that the Romans would also take them and crucify them as they crucified the Lord.  But how different it would have been if they truly had died to themselves, and had turned up with their own cross on their shoulders and followed Jesus as He was carrying His cross, fulfilling the Lord’s word there and then that He had spoken to them.

Imagine, if all His disciples came out each with their own cross and followed Jesus, and all were raised on the third day.  For you do not make a mockery of the Romans, and they would have indeed been crucified with Jesus, but then the Lord would have had a mass resurrection.

Imagine, how much greater the grieving would have been for the women as they watched the Eleven crucified with Jesus, but then imagine their joy on resurrection morning to see the Eleven raised with Him and then go on to the Mount together.

IMAGINE, Elect, the Lord being able to leave behind Eleven men who had been raised from the dead.

Eleven men who had truly died to themselves to follow Him.

There are a lot of things Jesus spoke and taught that are not necessary for us to do there and then, but to do when you see the opportunity, for after all Jesus had said, “If anyone would come after Me, he must deny himself and take up his cross and follow Me,” and “Where I am my servant should be.”

We cannot do that now for Jesus is not here in the flesh.  For this was indeed a once in a lifetime opportunity… a most glorious and powerful way for them to fulfil His word.

And so likewise now, look for unusual ways of fulfilling His word that Jesus would receive the maximum glory, the maximum return on His word – that He receives back the very essence of everything precious He ever poured out in His teachings.

For apart from Him, we can do nothing.

For Jesus said, “I am the Vine; you are the branches.  If a man remains in Me and I in him, he will bear much fruit; apart from Me you can do nothing.”

For Jesus is the True Vine and the Father is the Gardener, who cuts off every branch in the Vine that bears no fruit, while every branch that does bear fruit He prunes so that it will be even more fruitful.

But in the Old Testament Jesus was known as the Branch, but He never said, “I am the Branch,” but only said, “I am the True Vine”… but yet the Branch cannot become the Vine unless He is cut off and replanted.

When Jesus said, “I am the True Vine,” He was prophesying about Himself… that He would be cut off – in the natural realm cut off from the vine of Israel, and spiritually cut off from the Father when He said, “My God, My God, why have You forsaken Me.”

He is the Vine of Israel, and also the Vine of Adam, Seth, Noah, Abraham, Isaac, Jacob and Judah.

Jesus fulfilled the old wine.  Jesus, the Branch, produced the fruit of the vine that was meant to be of the old vine, so when He was cut off and planted afresh to be His Own Vine, now out of His branches comes the fruit that is the new wine.

For the branches that bear fruit like the Vine, the Lord God will likewise cut off and plant them anew, so they too become a vine.  For that is how the Father increases His vineyard.

The most fruitful of branches from the True Vine, Jesus, when the time comes will be cut off, but unlike men who plant their vines in a row and train the branches to follow a line, He will plant it the proper way, and that is to plant it in the centre of the field with no other vine in that field, and as the branches come forth, lead them in all directions like the rays of the sun going out in all directions, and it becomes a vine tree.

For a vine to become a tree it must have nothing to compete with.  When you plant it in the centre by itself, vines have a unique ability in their root to secrete an oil that prevents any other roots to come near them, so they remain holy, with no entanglements with any other roots from any other trees.

The Tree of Life is a Vine Tree… A Grape Vine that is a Tree.

For when the roots of the vine is set free, and it is the only vine in the entire field and its roots are free to roam all over throughout the field to draw all the nutrients of the field, that vine will very quickly become a huge tree spreading its branches in every direction.

For one day each of us that is a fruitful branch on the Vine, the Lord will cut off and plant in our own fields.

For how else can you become a tree, coheir with Christ, being the fullness of the stature of Christ… for no branch can bear any fruit apart from the Vine unless the Gardener takes it and grafts it, and it’s the Gardener who plants it in a fertile field.

For branches that try to cut themselves off to bear their own fruit, their fruit will not last, and any branch that reaches out to the old vine and entangles itself around the old vine can never be fruitful, for no vine that entangles itself around other vines bears fruit.

But it is not the branches themselves who decide when they are cut off and planted, but it is the Gardener.

So it must remain in Christ until it is the Father’s good pleasure.

The Millennium is when the Vine that is Jesus returns, and there are no other vines competing with it.

He is in His Own field, and the old vine is kept there as a memory, for the two will exist in harmony.

The old laws and the new, the old wine and the new, existing together in harmony, as long as you do not try to mix them.

For when you mix the two together neither of them gets their full glory.

The old is for those who love to drink the old, and like the root from which it came, and all who drink it will die.  The new is for those who love to drink the new and those who drink it will live.

So always rejoice Elect, and keep rejoicing for that is what keeps all ingratitude far from our hearts.

Rejoice and revel in this triumph of Christ in the days of challenge beyond any imagination, for this, you were born, and saved.

Born and saved all for the glory, honour, praise of the Lord God Almighty… Jesus is His Name, Jesus is Their Name, and be intent to be satisfied and enjoy what you have, knowing as you are, more is given.

For the development to enjoy everything God gives you and tells you to do, spares you from obedience being a chore, but a delight and the very purpose of life itself.

And be not one who only seeks to be forgiven, but be like God who only seeks to forgive, for what has God to be forgiven of anyway.

Be forever giving in your forgiveness towards others, for when you seek to give forgiveness and not seek to be forgiven, you have already been forgiven of much.

Fulfil His word, and master it.  For if Cain was to master sin, how much more are we to master word.

For the mastery of word keeps sin not only away, but where it belongs… outside of God’s creation, outside of God’s existence.

And so now as the end is drawing near… as deep calls to deep… with that same resonance of voice, be ready to cry out the glorious news… “Our King has returned, Jesus has arrived.”

For that burning bush Moses saw is the fire within Jesus.

The fire of vengeance for the desecration of the image of God, is the Tree of Life on fire!

The Tree of Life, bears the fruit of forgiveness, and brought us back to where we were always meant to be, that we may live the all of who and what we were born to be – its fullness held in the sacredness of His tears, in His message of unfathomable forgiveness and in His unspeakable love, and it brings forth from those of a noble and good heart such desperation to acknowledge and give eternal thanksgiving for all of which was precious that Jesus poured out upon us, and if we do not open our mouth to praise Him, if we do not open our hearts to receive the very all of Him, if we do not give forth our very soul to commune with Him – worshipping Him in spirit and in truth – then the very atoms that make up the flesh of our being can no more hold together then the whole of creation can hold together without the presence of God’s Eternal Word.

For the source of life is not power, the source of life is love – the incredible, unfathomable, consuming love of God… and just maybe, when we can see creation as it was meant to be… we will be able to step out onto the other side and see how it was created and what we are truly meant to be.

There is a song that says:  “When I was a child I could see the wind in the trees… and I heard a song in the breeze… it was there, singing out my name…”

Such is the incredible love of God that flows through His creation, for such is the joy of God when He is creating… such is the joy of our Father when He is creating.

And just as only a child could see the last public miracle of Jesus Christ when He made His final triumphant entry into Jerusalem, when He rode not only a donkey but its foal.  For as it was normal for a man to ride a donkey it was not normal for Him to ride its foal, for it is too weak and too small.

But Jesus took it in turns, to first ride the donkey and then its foal as a sign to Jerusalem, to show Jerusalem that the young and weak can carry a much heavier load by His power… and that is why the children cheered so much and so loudly… for only the little children could see the last public miracle of Jesus floating just above the foal, but they told no one for who would believe them.

Only the children saw His final public miracle, for such are the little children in the sight of God, such they are in the presence of Jesus.  His love for them obvious, for He had such time for them, that even His disciples became impatient with Him whenever He lingered among them blessing them, holding them, talking to them… enjoying them, for theirs was the Kingdom of Heaven and the Kingdom of God.

And so also only as a child, can we see the wind in the trees and know the song in the breeze is our Father singing out our name… for His love said… we were not meant to die, but to have our eyes as they were opened for the first time, to be able to see all the possibilities life had to offer, and then to walk with Him in the cool of day to live that life so as to be who and what we were born to be ~

The image of God, the likeness of God ~ the all of the Father, the all of the Son, the all of the Spirit…

The very essence of Life, the very truth of Love ~

A reflection of His gentle and humble heart ~ living proof of His generosity and goodness ~ the seal of His love and forgiveness ~ the witness and recipients of His mercy and His grace.

For the purpose of life is Love, and God who is Love, looked but found no other like Him, but that was only the beginning of the story whose ending has no end…

And as we all know, for we all are sinners who have been saved by grace through faith in Jesus our Lord and Christ, that nothing is impossible with God!

Such a huge story there is to be told, for Jesus is the Alpha and Omega, the Beginning and the End, and yet it comes down to His witnesses all of whom except the Father and Holy Spirit, are sinners saved by the grace of God through faith in Jesus Christ.

It all comes down to us to spread the news – witnesses who have evidence of the truth that the Kingdom of God is now manifesting on this Earth, even right at the door, for Jesus obeyed and did exactly as He was commanded for His God, His Father, His King, so loved the world that He would risk everything to gain something ~ for that is the meaning of true love.

The deepest meaning of love, is that it is not that you risk something to gain everything, but that you would risk it all, risk everything, to gain something.

But what a something that must be ~ that even in the midst of His punishment, in the midst of that endless flogging that He somehow survived, in the midst of the endless blasphemy He endured, in the midst of His body being unmercifully crucified unto death… that in the very midst of His sufferings Jesus, our Lord and Messiah could and would say, “Father forgive”… and the pure, sinless blood that the Father allowed to be washed over us, poured forth powerfully to give testimony of His victory: the power of the cross of Christ to save us, the enemies of His Father, His God, His King.

For Jesus gave up all and everything to come here to contend His enemies.. .dying once for ALL ~

So never cease to give voice to the words – AMEN HOLY SPIRIT.

For contained in those words is the last name of the Lord, AMEN.

The Lord’s Own common Name, HOLY.

And the description of Who the Father and Spirit are, SPIRIT

So in those three words you have called upon the Name of the Lord in the very nature of His Holiness and the Persons that they are, so those three words ‘AMEN HOLY SPIRIT’ contains and describes the entire Godhead and unleashes the power contained in the Word.

So master and overcome, Elect, for to master and overcome provides the balance and what is needed for the sharp edge… the razor’s edge… provides what is needed to bring victory to Jesus and not Jesus have to bring victory to us.

So be purposeful as our Lord is of purpose… for you are His Holy Temple –

You are the Church of Eternal Life!


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