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As it was in the beginning, now is not, so it is in the end… as it will most certainly be in the soon coming beginning when all things are made new, and of which has no ending, for they will be one…

For it was that that guardian cherub, the king of Tyre,[1] Satan, the shining star and son of the morning,[2] fatally desired to set his throne above God’s stars, to be like God, the Most High.  He coveted the power and the authority to rule the Kingdom of Heaven, for he saw that it was more than excellent and most perfect, for it was intensely desirable in every way, manner and form to make himself like God, to be as God was, is, and always will be.

And so he craved to be as God was, is, and always will be, filled with pleasure, emanating the aura of pleasure and drawing all to Himself by the un-containable and irrepressible pleasure that is God, held within Him yet overflowing unto His mouth and from His very essence, the inward nature and true substance of all that God is, the absolute essential nature and substance of God, every transpiration, every breath, Their very thoughts, all that is elementary of Them, and which does emanate, radiate and overwhelm all Creation with sensational pleasure, for wherever God was, is and will be, there was, is and will be always… pleasure… 

For Satan, that guardian cherub, the model of perfection, full of wisdom, exquisite in beauty, and dressed by God in clothing luxuriously adorned with every precious stone —red carnelian, ruby, topaz, pale-green peridot, white moonstone, blue-green beryl, onyx, green jasper, blue lapis lazuli, sapphire, turquoise, emerald, as well as pearls, beautifully crafted and set in the finest gold[3] —was not content with all the magnificence that was his very own for all to enjoy…  

For on experiencing what God exuded, what is God – not just the Image and Likeness of the Sovereign Lord, the Word, and the Holy Spirit, but His very Being, His basic invariable nature of which is the sum of all of God’s characteristic properties that is not only pleasing to the eye, exhilarating to the flesh, and arousing longing in the heart, but desirable to the soul for the elevation of the spirit – he was treacherously compelled by the attainment to possess God’s pleasure, the pleasure that God is, which draws everyone and everything into and caresses within God’s folds – even to the purposeful artful trading of all that he already had, all that he was and was made to be, all of what was prized and more than sufficiently desirable, yet even still, so much inferior as a lifeless model is to the living original; as inferior as a model of perfection is to perfection; as wisdom is without knowledge; as knowledge is without understanding, and as incomplete as understanding is without insight; for even perfection has its boundaries, so how much less the model of perfection…

That is, if he could bribe without personal sacrifice by a way not of God… for his crafty scheming and ambition, fuel injected with the wisdom given him, but used for improper purpose, was always only by way of lies and deception without true equity for the gaining of this compound so duly noted as being the far superior and more prized acquisition with which to elevate his throne above the stars of God to make himself like the Most High.[4]  And so, as the master of intrigue, what was it that he offered the angels, what was it that he convinced a third of the angelic beings to join him in his rebellion to war against their compatriots?  Was it that they all consented that to be fellow holders of this pleasure, which so abundantly exudes from God’s Presence, would elevate them to be like God by a way not decreed by God, a way that seemed so direct and immediate, so instantaneous that they did not have to bow the knee, or humbly receive it through God, or love each other in sacrifice, or even acknowledge God as their Creator…?  For then they would have no need of Him…  so they reasoned… for they would be free spirits… so they thought… and they conveniently and most foolishly forgot that they had no life without God’s Spirit, no existence without God’s Word, and no meaning in the first instance without God’s Sovereign’s desire.  And so they deceived themselves because their hearts were not right with God and they were given over to reprobate minds, which corrupted and grossly deformed the features of their spirits.

For though he was the seal, the full measure and pattern of exactness of wisdom and the crown of beauty,[5] perfect in his ways, the ways that he had that is, and blameless in all he did from the day he was created, he wasn’t satisfied, was not convinced of its sufficiency as being adequately suited for his sense of self importance.  He did not love his Creator; he was not grateful and neither was he thankful for all he had been given, as enormously generous and unmerited as it all was…  For he was a just vessel and a model – created for a specific purpose with nothing of his own that earned such privilege for any use at all, for before he was made, he was not, he was no thing, and did not exist, except in the mind and heart of God for Their own good pleasing. 

And so unrighteousness – iniquity, evil and wickedness – was found in him,[6] for though his perfect beauty captivated admiration and his fullness of wisdom held attentive appreciation, the pride of his position took root and grew envy and arrogance, for he had lustfully observed that what he had did not draw all others to him in the manner that pleasure did to God:  naturally and with such ease, for all delighted to be in God’s company and made every effort to be found pleasing to God in return, for to be just near Him in His presence is so rewarding and sensately gratifying that all took eager delight to function proactively within this enormous privilege.  Even he had known and drunk of it, but envy insidiously wove its poison throughout him until he insolently refused to draw so near as to be affected by pleasure’s secretion and gratify its Giver.  Not that he did not want it – he craved it – but not in the way of grateful thankfulness and love to He who is Pleasure… not in a way that concedes the Other had power over him, had grace extended over him, even owned him…  thus cruelly denying the Creator’s glorious love for him…

For God IS pleasure, and all that God is, was, and always will be… is pleasurable… and so extremely desirable by all men and spirits… For though God feels wrath, it is not of His nature to be wrathful; and whilst God takes vengeance, it is not of His nature to be vengeful; and although the Council of Three who are One God for God is One —the Sovereign Lord – He who desired to be Father and was begotten as Father, the Word who submitted Himself unto the Sovereign to be brought forth as His Son, and the Spirit set apart as Holy unto God —has suffered beyond mortal man’s or any other spirit’s understanding and beyond anything the Three Members had ever known before, for They had not suffered in the ages past without beginning or end to know of its abominable desecration.  God never intended for suffering to be.  And though They, Sovereign Lord, Word and Holy Spirit, embraced it with all Their heart, all Their soul, all Their strength and all Their mind when it did come upon Them, when it came Their W/way by a course of events of evil intent not desired nor designed by Them, never once was it in Their heart to be brought forth unto Their lips, for it was never in Their plan of Creation as it was in its original form, but yet of which They in Their W/wisdom had accounted for in the unwanted event of it, for Their superlative mastery of Creation in every which way scenario skilfully covered all possibilities, and the Lamb was slain before the Creation of the world.  

For Creation was in its original form all that God is, was, and always will be, overflowing with unceasing abundant pleasure… and just as it was in the beginning, now is not, it shall it be in the end, not just an awareness of and a knowledge of and an experience of… but its measure manifesting in those who have walked the length of the design of the Temple into the Holy of Holies to become pillars there, firmly set in place, immovable, foundational, built on the Chief Cornerstone, and holding up the structure of the Kingdom of God’s new empire in the unfolding of His dreams.  And in the hereafter beginning without ending it will be as it was in the beginning… for never again will sin by way of deception take hold of Creation in God’s eternities to come. 

For just as the Lamb was slain once for all, so sin was given its reign once for all and no more, for the potential of sin was foreseen, its carrier, a pawn on the chessboard, was trumped as his authority exposed sin’s lair and so was trounced to the complete thrashing and annihilation so that any recourse of its insidiously creepy yet beguiling treachery will never ever have even one seed to bear, for it was not given to die completely that it may grow roots and push up new shoots, but sin’s death is entwined with its keeper in an eternal existence in the Lake of Burning Sulphur.

For so intoxicating is pleasure’s nectar, so heady its perfume, so exhilarating its force, so soothing its release as its wave subsides, yet the powerful rhythm of it gives rise to such elation, such joy, such satisfaction, as its force buoyantly reaches a crescendo and bursts forth in euphoric exultation and jubilation in thankful joyous praise of the Lord God Almighty.

And His Creation in all its glorious fullness was made in pleasure for pleasure by the power of Pleasure, pleasing to the eye and the senses, every stroke masterfully orchestrated, whether it be casually splashed, or precisely and carefully drawn, vividly abstract or restrained in its definition of form, whether in meticulous pointillism like sands on a sea shore or cubistic solids as in boulders of rock, whether it be stunningly simplistic yet glamorously elegant or risqué as in Moulin Rouge, each forming a purposeful outcome to stimulate the senses, each displaying the rich intensity of the bottomless depths of the heart of God, even the treasures of the darkness yet to be revealed, secrets known to no one but Them, for if we knew them we would be accountable for them,[7] so perilous is the responsibility of them.

And so pleasure was cloaked and hidden, and once more God, the sum of all of Them, dwelt in deep darkness.  Even the Holy Spirit was poured on all flesh in these last two thousand years, and dwelt in the deepest of darkness amongst the evil intent of our hearts and the loose thoughts of our minds controlling our flesh, until such time as there was found one and ones who would manifest the stature of the Son of God, the stature of the Perfect Love of God that is His glory, and of which the Son had with the Father in the beginning… the glory that transpired when the Word gave Himself wholly to the Sovereign Lord, He who desired to be Father, that Word would manifest as His Son, the Son of Glory, Son of His Love, the Son clothed in the flesh of the dust of the Earth that He Himself had made with the Father; the Son who so desperately loved the Father He begat that He gave Himself, gave His freedom to His Sovereign in accordance with the Sovereign’s will, that the Father would delegate it back to Him as He carefully listened to hear each word and watched how to wield those words, each phrase, with such masterful precision in acute meticulous detail to grow Him into the completed stature of the Son of God, Perfection being made more Perfect, because the model of it had tainted its Truth, yet whilst Truth cannot be tarnished, the model was marred beyond recognition, and that just is not good enough for Perfection – for as such it was Their perfect wisdom to create perfection with a finite boundary, to restrict its limit, and that was enough to diminish its relevance; but the command of Sovereign God, the Father,[8] His Law, Jesus Law, the only Law that will endure when this current Heaven and Earth pass away, has no limit, it is boundless, infinite, eternal and ever-increasing, for it is the Word made flesh, the way, the truth and the life of the Way, the Truth and the Life in all its eloquent magnificence of He who is Word, the singular embodiment of the whole, which makes up the sum of all parts, Word, the Elixir of Life.

For it is not beauty, even perfect beauty that satisfies even as it attracts and charms its beholder, nor being full of wisdom that nourishes, even as it pronounces discerning precepts which does lift our spirits.  That is why the Son did not take on His own Image most beautiful, displaying refined glamour of form and feature, or appear in His own Likeness, He who is Wisdom, sprouting intermittent wise sayings, but came in the form of One despised and rejected, of humble birth and hidden lineage, with nothing beautiful or majestic about His appearance, nothing to attract us to Him, a Man of sorrow and acquainted with deepest grief,[9] and humbled Himself to grow in acute sacrificial accordance with His Father’s will, having given up all who He was that He may bring the flesh of M/man into all who He was to become…

And so once again pleasure could be uncloaked and reign in glorious sinless freedom.  For God’s beauty does not come from how many hours one slumbers, but from how many hours one remains awake as one’s lamps are kept burning for the will of the Father to be done on Earth as it is in Heaven.  And it comes not from form made in His Image, but from the formation of His Likeness in us, Christ in us, the hope of glory, radiating our love for our Father, the Sovereign Lord, changing our hearts;, and for our Elder Brother, Jesus the Son, the Well Spring of Salvation for our souls; and of our spirit’s Father, the Holy Spirit, who gives birth to our spirits, thus glorifying and transforming our flesh, our strength, as our minds are renewed by the language of Truth being formed in us, the quintessential embodiment of Word.

For the world was created for the Father’s pleasure, everything was created through the Word, nothing was created except through Him, and the Word gave life to everything, the weaving of the Word, not one word too many; not one word neglected, in elegant elocution of the spirit of the W/word only coming from majesty in intellectual mastery of the height, depth, width and breadth of the power of its creative ability and its piercing illumination, being powered into tangible structure by the One Spirit of God who is set apart to God…

This is justice for Jesus… This is justice for all that He suffered and endured, for all that His Father suffered and bore without apparent resistance, and for all that the Holy Spirit suffered and patiently persevered with, for the original reason for Creation, the pleasure of it, was sullied, and the blemish of perfection was discarded for perfection was no more of the sum of Them, as They had become of a far higher, much greater perfection… so much more perfect through suffering, the way of the Way of which the model of perfection would never ever take, could never undergo, even if he chose to, for his fatal flaw is that he loves others not…

And as the greatest love story ever told continues its waltz, New Jerusalem was created for the Son of the Sovereign Father’s Love, the Son also of the Spirit who declared Him with power to be the Son of God.  And it is the City of Love, the City of Pleasure, the bride of the Bridegroom, Jesus, the Son of God.  Its four walls are built on sacrifice and suffering in obedience to the four commands of Love: 

·       Love your enemies,[10]

·       Love each other as I have loved you,[11]

·       Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind and with all your strength;

·       And Love your neighbour as yourself.[12]

The highway to it is called ‘Love is Glory’, the personal Gospel of God, and the way of it is in the gospel of the design of the temple, Jesus’ Way, not because the way is broad and wide, and neither because it is licentious, but because it is a tightrope stretched high above, razor sharp and cutting edge; cutting edge, not because it is razor sharp as it cuts and divides, but because it is un-thought of by man, because the  thoughts and ways of God are far higher than ours as the Heavens are higher than the Earth;[13] innovative and way out there – way out there because Jesus is the W/way out there to the Father, the way unknown and undiscovered before He came to reveal it to those who would listen, indescribable in its inventiveness, yet so humbly simple and realistic, for it is truth, but forged by such intricate attention to detail and altruism that it is woven with the finest threads of gold refined in the fire, woven with shed blood in gushing rivulets of emblazoned colour and mixed with trickles of living water, clear as crystal, splashed with the tenderness of loving care and opalized shed tears overlaid on a lowly path of dirt, for in the beginning, the Earth was formed and out of the dust of the ground all other creatures and life forms were created…

Thus is the greatest love story ever told… for now it takes a turn and God, Father, Son and Holy Spirit, receive of the increase as They not only exude pleasure but will experience pleasure through the ones who have become one, ones of the one, whose natural perfume is as Their’s is… PLEASURE for Them to ENjoy!!!

As it was in the beginning all that the Alpha was, is, and always will be, so shall it be in the end all that the Omega is, was, and always will be… Pleasure, pleasurable, pleasureful… the nectar of the secretion of life.  Amen


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