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The Spirit of truth I

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When Jesus told the eleven that it was good that He goes away so that the Father can send another Counsellor [John 16.7] – the Spirit of truth [John 16.13] – Jesus spoke of the manifestation of the Spirit of God in a form that was unknown to Israel.  For in the scriptures He was known as the Spirit of Wisdom, Knowledge, Power, Understanding, Counsel and the Fear of the Lord. [Isaiah 11.2]  However, as the Spirit of truth He had not been known.

However, due to the disbelief, the disobedience and the delay caused by the eleven from resurrection morning onwards, the Holy Spirit did not come as the Spirit of truth, but as the Spirit of grace.  Grace because the eleven had already disobeyed and had not repented.  They had failed to go the Galilee.  They had failed to remain in Jerusalem, but had gone fishing instead.  They had failed to wait for the Holy Spirit to come to make known to them Jesus’ choice for the replacement of Judas, but had appointed Matthias instead.

To men who did not believe, did not obey and delayed the plans of God, the Spirit could not entrust the gift of power.  And so when He finally did come upon them, He could only give them the gifts of tongues and prophecy.  He could only let them speak, but could not let them have the power.

Just as Jesus came full of grace because of the sin that was present, so likewise the Spirit had to come as the Spirit of grace because of the sin that was already present… even in the ‘new’ people whom the Father had chosen for Jesus.

As such, the church and the world have never known the Holy Spirit as the Spirit of truth, but only as the Spirit of grace.  And the grace that He has had to display is not the grace that would have been displayed had He been able to first come as the Spirit of truth and able to empower the eleven as He did Jesus because they were men who believed, who obeyed and who did not delay.

At this point in time, even you, the elect of the Holy Spirit, know Him as the Spirit of grace… displaying the grace that a sinner needs to have, but not the grace that a believing, obedient and timely person would have.  It is, to use a colloquial term, sloppy grace… not precision grace.

When Jesus was placed in the difficult position of doing something outside the perfect timing of the Father (and I am speaking of the wedding at Cana), His graciousness to Mary the mother caused Him to acquire a reputation of being a drunk… for His first sign was changing water to good wine when the wine had run out.  It was as if He was more concerned that there was more wine than to stop the evil of drunkenness.  As such, Jesus being called a drunk and a glutton was His enemies’ way of trying to discredit Him as a man of God… much less the Son.  We know that is not the truth, but it did not stop His enemies to make up a lie about Him and slander Him.

In the same way, the prevention of the Holy Spirit to first appear as the Spirit of truth, but to appear first as the Spirit of grace, meant that the real Person of the Holy Spirit would always be shrouded in rumours, myths and half-truths as Jesus was.  Until the Holy Spirit can manifest as the Spirit of truth, the promise, the word of Jesus is unfulfilled.  Worse than that, it appears as if the word of Jesus is a lie.  For the accuser can say that the Spirit was to come as the Spirit of truth and the disciples were to receive the power, but neither ever happened.

As such, the revelation of the true reason as to why the Holy Spirit could not fulfil the words of Jesus with the eleven is our testimony on His behalf… to set Him free from these accusations and to allow Him to be what Jesus sent Him to be.  To achieve this, the Lord has had to wait until the time is right.

When that time came, He then set apart His elect for the work He had for them.  As part of the training for this work, the command to listen to Jesus was restored.  The work to read, to highlight and to write was commenced, and a small but undeniable measure of His miraculous power was given to all those whom He called His elect.  And now, through the passage of time and tests and trials of patience and perseverance and all the things pertaining to love, He has finally stood up and testified so that the truth about the disbelief, disobedience and delay caused by the eleven is made known… and all the evidence of this is from the four gospels upon which the church has placed its authority and hope.

So, what is truth?  It is that which is produced by the one who works for the glory and honour of the one who sent him.

For the glory of the Lord and His honour, the Spirit had to be the Spirit of grace, not the Spirit of truth, to the eleven.  And so, even you, His elect, have come to know Him as the Spirit of grace… ever loving, comforting, encouraging and forgiving.  But you have not come to know Him as the Spirit of truth… One who is precise, honest and firm… even hard and uncompromising.

Yet because the grace came before the truth, this grace that we have been experiencing is not the true grace of the Holy Spirit.  The true grace is the grace that should have come after the truth, not before the truth.

The grace of the Holy Spirit through disciples who believed the message to go to Galilee immediately has NEVER been seen by anyone, for there was no one available for Him to do such a work through.  The grace that is meant to be manifested through ones whose sins are washed away by Jesus and who have not sinned again because they are now listening to Jesus as commanded by the Father and the Spirit, and are believing in Jesus as commanded by Jesus, never manifested… thanks to the eleven.  And because we were brought up to listen to the eleven and men like James, we too shared in their sins, and the grace that was meant to be could not manifest through the church either.

For if the eleven had gone immediately to Galilee at the first message, then they would have obeyed the message of the holy angels and reversed the millenniums of disobedience brought about by the messages of the angels who bred with women.  And even if only they obeyed the second message, then they would have been found to be obeying the Father, the Spirit and the Son.

What grace could and would have flowed through the Spirit then?  It would have been the grace of perfection… that which was in beginning when God created the world day by day and God saw that it was good.  Grace that would have caused the Father to say that it is good… as it was in the beginning, it is what was meant to come.  It did not, but is coming.  For the time for the Spirit to be the Spirit of truth to fulfil the words and promise of Jesus is now here.

Hr. Ed, manager of the Holy Spirit’s Factory

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