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Because of the law of sin at work in our body warring against our mind, harmony and peace takes a miracle …but our God is a God of the miraculous …so to those who have a whole hearted desire to finish the work given us …knowing full well that all misconceptions that build up boundaries within us must be moved, removed, changed and overcome in order that we may live the only way, truth and life that will bring Jesus Christ back to us in the flesh …then let our willingness to do it now be matched by our completion of it according to the magnitude of what has been given us… the fullness of the Godhead in the bodily form of  Jesus Christ …who went before us and carved out the only way, the only truth and the only life that could be lived… that would take Him to the cross… and the only life that could be laid down that could open the way for His return as the Son of Man.

From what He said, and what He thought… to the way He looked and moved within His creation, to even enhancing it by His very presence and by His every response.  Everything about Him was to carve the way for His return in the same way He would leave… and even though the world and the church at large will continue to do all of what it does… it will be in the midst of all these things that there will be the sudden return of Jesus Christ.

And for those whose light is darkness, then it will cause great fear as they try to escape from the wrath of the Lamb… as they try to hide from the visible King of kings… but to others whose eyes are full of light, they will see the Lord descending in clouds of glory with all His Father’s holy angels and with Him in perfect rank and order, the armies of Heaven.

For when Jesus ascended on high, He began to take possession of Heaven… for His elect He took back with Him He positioned in its four corners …for when He returns He will call His elect to Him from those four corners of Heaven and also from the four corners of the Earth.

For the sun will become dark and the moon red like blood when our Lord appears on His white horse …His robe dipped in blood …a sword coming from His mouth …His eyes ablaze and He will call His name, ‘The Word of God’ …because what comes with that Name is the connotation of a Covenant… what comes with that Name is the meaning of honour …that something needed to be kept and not broken.  For the Word of God speaks of fulfilment, and Jesus being the Word of God is the fulfilment of what has been promised …for through Jesus all men can say, ‘You have kept your W/word’.

For by bringing into existence the Covenant for the Forgiveness of Sins, Jesus brought honour to the Father, and in that honouring of His Father… His Father forgives.  For it is that forgiveness leads to peace… and peace maintains the harmony …for even if God wars against God …if there is no harmony within the Godhead, then there is no God, and then there is nothing left but only darkness.

For it is only the perfection that is in God’s harmony, which makes everything else last forever… from men to gods, to even God and His household …and His city …and His Kingdom …and His Empire.

For Jesus, the Son of God, is the King and Lord of God’s Kingdom, and so therefore the Emperor of God’s Empire.

The One who lay down His life, which consisted of more than His body of flesh, that we may take up the life that consists of more than a body of flesh …to have dwell within us the Kingdom of God at full power …so when all in whom the Kingdom of Power is at full stature are gathered together as one… working together in harmony …then in God’s midst is His Empire of Dreams.  An Empire seen but not perceived, heard but never understood – for what sinful mind has ever comprehended such a thing as the Church at full power… as the body of Christ in perfect harmony… as an Empire of dreams on Earth as they are in Heaven… for who has ever known, let alone understood, what is the harmony of God who is Opera… or ever understood what is the brilliance of opera.  That it is a lot of different notes put together to make harmony so sweet… that it can give release to a symphonic performance so pure…  that the symphony of life is released without hindrance from instruments of the Father’s making and choosing.

Instruments moulded by the strikes of His rod of discipline… instruments refined with fire seven times over… instruments as highly polished as the Sword of the word but yet as humble and gentle as Jesus the Word because even though harassed on all sides are never conquered, persecuted but never forsaken, struck down but never destroyed – always carrying around in their bodies the death of Jesus that the life of Jesus may also be revealed in their bodies of flesh …and the sounds that come from such instruments formed and refined, sharpened and polished by the hands of God is the sound of the wisdom of the manifold wisdom of God who is Love… coming forth as the sounds that robed eternity before, now and after lay resting in silence as its eternal form is laid bare for all creation to see and hear… all but one thing… for not even God dare listen to hear even the whisper of such a thing as God surprising God …even gods surprising God… let alone unglorified man surprising the God of Glory.

For eternity stands open and on its feet… in awe… and in wonder at the anticipation of the sheer sound of such a thing, the sheer magnitude of its movement, the sheer power of such love, the sheer presence of such harmony.  For its movement and sound is the unfolding of the revelation of what has no beginning and no end… the all of which has no limit, for the limit is love.

The limit is God …the limit is God who is Love …God who loves harmony just as He loves being Opera… but not opera as men know it nor harmony as men presume on it.

For God’s harmony in its true form, in its pure form, in its only form …is harmony we have never known, nor touched, nor lived, nor embraced, nor manifested, nor given back to God… for it is to encapture the all of what was made seen and made heard when God said, ‘Let there be light.’  But yet the sin, the death and the chaos in us made sure that no shred of God’s harmony remained in us… for the only shreds that can be seen are in His creation that did not sin, but yet remains veiled with sin as it groans under the decay it has been made subject to.

For such is God’s harmony in its pure form …in its pre-existent form… that the only Man who could bring it back to the Father and the Spirit was Jesus… God’s peace offering that destroys destruction… the Destroyer who destroys the peace of man to restore the peace of God until the harmony of God is formed once again in man made in His Image and Likeness.

For by the Lord’s command to love one another as He has loved us, peace is kept until harmony is formed …until God’s harmony is formed …for only His harmony can never be destroyed.


Yet to men, peace has to do with the absence of war and conflict… but yet if it did, then peace only comes after war, but peace pre-existed war, so the existence of peace has nothing to do with war but everything to do with what God calls peace.

For peace to God is the resolute determination concerning decisions.  It is the doubtless knowledge and acceptance of the truth –  ‘I Am who I Am and I will Be who I will Be’ –

That is the peace of Jesus.  Knowing who He is… that He is who He is and He is going where He is going and knowing that without doubt.

And when we have a firm and resolute determination to fulfil our decision to be with Him, that is when Jesus IS our Peace.

For the glory the Father gave Jesus because He loved Him before the creation of the world …the pre-existent glory He gave Him, is what the Father gave Jesus of Himself… and in that was the truth of Jesus, the truth of who He is, the truth of His relationship with the Father, the truth of where He came from and the truth of where He is going …and the pre-existence of that glory changed Creator and Word to Father and Son – and so that pre-existent glory is also the truth of what and who we are meant to be… Christ in us – the Hope of glory …the hope we will be all of what we are meant to be by coming to know the One True God and Jesus Christ in the true harmony of the only Opera ~

For the Opera of God is a crescendo of sounds and movement …a cascade of soft velvet falling fold upon fold …one fold touching the other to reveal what is within… to then touch another to reveal what is behind… as all of which has been hidden is now revealed and all of which has remained unheard is now heard as the harmony of God …the harmony between God… the harmony of Spirit and flesh …of Word and Spirit unleashes a God produced, God performed, God directed Opera with Jesus as its key Player…  Jesus as its Hero… God’s Hero… our Hero.

The Man from Heaven but yet already familiar with sorrow… the Son of God, but yet already destined for death on a cross… the Son of Man, but yet already despised by His own.

And so to understand the score of such an Opera …to understand its triumph and its tragedy is to understand the harmony of a God who is that Opera.

For the true meaning of opera escapes all men… as does the true meaning of harmony.

For what men call opera is only the superficial performance of Harmony.

But what God calls Opera is the Exaltation of Harmony of sounds and actions through the exuberance of Abundant Life… unveiled for us in Genesis 1 when God drew back the curtains and said, ‘Let there be light’ …and the sun blasted forth its glory and the waters scattered to the right and left …the sheer movement of a multitude of light in its full spectrum… then the forming, gathering and appearing.

Then the trees and birds and swarming creatures, each with its own sound, song, and action, each with its own part to play… all in harmony with one another –

The Earth yielding forth what the plants needed to produce the flowers and fruits… drawing from the sun what the sun brought forth… all working together for the good of the other… and that is why God saw it and said, ‘It is very good’ …but yet no opera is complete without a tragedy that leads to a greater triumph… and then a greater triumph of life, of sounds, of crescendo… waves upon waves moving out, stretching, growing ever brighter… stretching from eternities to eternities… never ending …never standing still… never coming to an end is God as Opera.

For His Opera goes on forever …from the highest crescendo to an even higher crescendo till even a highest crescendo is reached.

One finale on top of another finale… a grand opera that never ends… the very roof of New Jerusalem the last act when all things come together.  The end of the story that never ends, but yet the paradox is  …the story will end but the ending will never end…


For God’s glorious Word that could be Whoever, Whatever, However …goes on to forever make known the eternal, ancient, timeless truths that are forever unchanged and unchangeable.

The ultimate bitter, sweet search into word within word to be never ending… as it reveals the source of what brings such complete satisfaction that harmony can never be destroyed… such powerful joy that the joy of creating is held forever untouched …never marred by the sin and rebellion of the fallen creation.

For in the beginning the Word of God was released from perfect harmony, and when you release word from perfect harmony you create what is perfect …you create all things that work together for good.

And so from God’s perfect harmony He created… first a new word, one single word that His creation would be based on …the only word within His creation… one word because Christ died once never to die again… and only when He meditated on that word for a long time and its full significance was understood only then did the Father say, ‘Let there be light’ – and the Opera of the Saviour began.  For that one created word, ‘Saviour,’ holds the whole of creation together –

It gives it its purpose, it gives it its wholeness, for that single word just allowed all other pre-existent words to manifest in such a way that it would all be played out.

The Father creating it, the Son becoming it and the Holy Spirit manifesting it.

Each satisfied with Their role and rejoicing over what They were to the Father rather than what They were not… for the Word and Spirit have harmony…

And as it is so difficult to come up with a new word when God is Word, They were prepared to wait and put in so much effort and treasure to allow this word to manifest to the fullness of all it can be …whereby the Lord our Saviour takes on the fullness of its grandeur and crescendo.

For from the Opera of the Saviour did the treasures of the Kingdom and the declarations of His Empires come …for kingdoms are what dreams are made of and hold all of which have their destiny in sons as they did in the only begotten Son, whose love for the Father took Him to the cross… as the wish of the Father abided in His humble and gentle heart as His flesh was given to be crucified and His blood given to be poured out.

For when the Father speaks, even if He speaks only a word, in perfect obedience you do what is spoken …rejoicing in what you have been given… for His words of Eternal Life that prepare the way for the Divine Life enter our soul and pierce the reality of the depth of the mystery of God, namely Christ, in whom are hidden the treasures of wisdom and knowledge… that we may have the riches of the full assurance of the understanding of the knowledge of the mystery of God the Father and of Christ… to then have the full assurance of the understanding of the acknowledgement of such a mystery, the mystery of our Father and His Christ.


For Adam, when commanded to live chose death, and so Jesus would be commanded to die and not live …for the forgiveness by the Father is sealed by His pure blood because His forgiveness came from the exaltation of harmony through the exuberance of the abundant life that Jesus came to bring us …for from God’s harmony does come His love of enemies …but for us, Jesus told us to love our enemies so that we could bear the fruit of such harmony… for it is harmony that no man has seen the effect of… let alone produced the fruit of ~

For such is the glory that surrounds its secret, that only with the humility of that of a child can we enter into the home of such a humble Man …a Man who places family harmony as a wealth far greater than wisdom and knowledge and understanding.

And when we are blessed with such humility so as to enter, we will find we have entered into the palatial mansion of the Living God… who tells us to listen in silence to the secret of His power and wealth and harmony and Oneness and hear for ourselves the exaltation of harmony of sound and action through the exuberance of Abundant Life …and taste of its fruit and see the curtain concealing the millennium drawn aside and see and hear and understand… as the thick velvet gown guarding the eternities and its empires is made transparent at just one far corner of its fold, so that even now in this age as we fight to overcome our own self …we may see even before the full avenging of His honour heralds in all things made new …that we are finally home… not because the race has ended… or that our job is done …or that our King has yet arrived… but finally home in our attitude, in our zeal, in our love, in our sacrifice, in our obedience.

Home in our resolute determination to be with Him… being the temple of the Lord where nothing else matters except Jesus… nothing else matters except the Father He reveals… the Holy Spirit He sent. Nothing else matters except the devotion of our whole being to the glory of God… that His Kingdom come on Earth as it is in Heaven …that God’s family be in perfect harmony.

Nothing else matters for we have been taught by God… we have heard and learned OF the Father, and heard and listened TO the Father, and so have come to Jesus – and the cry from His heart a sword through our heart, to see that what seeps out of the wound of the sword through the heart is but a trickle of the measure of the joy that is set before us when we listen and obey …that we may act justly, love mercy and walk humbly with our God, and know and understand, even see and hear God’s abundant life and recognise the responsibilities that are held within the privileges that come with such a life brought to us by the Son Himself …penned on His flesh …sealed with His blood… Given to us as if it was already ours to receive…

For Jesus will return in the same way He departed, and He will reign on Earth as the Son of Man, and He will have with Him all those who have gone before us …men and women who have proven themselves eligible to reign with Him for 1000 years.  And what it will take to make ourselves eligible is what will make us sons and daughters the Father is seeking… ones who do not consider that which we have received as our possession and that which we have given away as our possession… but freely give as if it was not our possession to give and enjoy freely what we are given and not take possession of it.  For then we have no want or lack, and where there is no want or lack there no is violence and there is no rebellion, and so are able to walk the walk of Jesus and talk the talk of Jesus with nothing false or superficial about us …nothing that would declare us to be sons and daughters in name only …but everything to make us sons and daughters in every way that counts to the Father and not to the world –

For what counts is that only God will know who we are …who these accursed ones really are – For our confession that we are sinners saved by grace through faith in Jesus Christ is matched by our profession that we will not die.

For a wish was taken as a command so that the prodigal son may finally come home by way of the Saviour …the One who made the blind see and the deaf hear that we may hear the Father’s only command because of the obedience of Jesus, and if obeyed, it becomes the only thing that can take us to where Jesus is …and see the smile on the Father’s face when His children return home to Him …to stand in the silence of the Christ and watch as the Father places on them garments of fine linen – to watch as He clothes them with Himself… and then to celebrate with Him the return of all of what was lost to Him as ones who need no other reward as Jesus needed no other reward – for He knew that the smile on the Father’s face would be enough for Him and enough for all those who had heard the command of the Father and obeyed it – enough for them to understand why the Holy Spirit was poured out on sinful flesh and why He took us far into where nothing else mattered except  Jesus and the Father who sent Him.  For from those places of teaching, of discipline, of counsel, of reconciling and reconciliation can we only see and hear what would otherwise only be permissible for Jesus and the Holy Spirit to see and hear …and so have glimpse of the furthest outreach of eternity as it unfolds and behold the joy of all joys… the fulfilling of our souls… the joy of our Father when He beholds His family in perfect harmony and so see what took Jesus willingly to the cross… and so witness the wholeness and fullness of the significance and destiny of the word in which God put so much effort and treasure so as to allow it to manifest to the fullness of all it can be ‘Saviour’ – Jesus our Saviour, Jesus, God’s Saviour… the Son whose blood brought God’s harmony back to Him and allowed the Holy Spirit to contend with men for these last 2000 years, and so have begun to see and live its tragedy and its triumph… having heard the sheer movement of God as He reconciled with sinners …as He reconciled the world to Himself… for we have been changed, transfigured, even to be unrecognisable by the pure exaltation of the sweet harmony of the magnificent Opera of the Saviour… Jesus Christ our Lord… forever in exaltation before this creation and all creations still to come.

And we have lived and are living and will continue to live in the Lord’s generous abundance… His exuberance… His extravagance… for that is what it is to have been forgiven by the God of Jesus – that is what it is to have been cleansed by the perfect blood of Jesus – to have been filled with the words of Jesus – to have revealed to us the Father of Jesus – to be empowered by the Spirit of Jesus – to be united by the glory of Jesus – to have been soaked in the peace of Jesus that we may be able to be harmonious as the Body of Jesus …the body of Christ …believers and disciples who are His brothers and sisters and mothers… that is His church.

His Body is made up of family and His Body is at full power when it is in peace and harmony…

For it is only God’s harmony that can complete and perfect the peace…

And we have been made so rich in every way so that we can be generous on every occasion.

Because a wish became a command …and when a wish does become a command, when you know what the other person wishes and take it as a command – you have complete submissiveness…

‘This command I received from My Father,’ Jesus said, and then counted equality with God not even something to be grasped.  For the wish of the Father became a command to the Son, and if we are wise we will learn from Him when we listen to Him, and we will see Him when we wait for Him.  For it never was what came out of us, but was always what was breathed into us …it never was for men to be exalted before God but for God to be exalted before men.

For the Godhead did not create because They were not satisfied with Each Other regardless of the fact that men selfishly think that Word became flesh only for salvation …but rather it was because of Their satisfaction with Each Other, by Each Other …which brought forth man made in God’s Image.

For the glorified body was, and will always be a display of the glory of God in the flesh …and never was, and never will be, the display of the glory of men who are flesh.

So it is never by our efforts… or by our desire… or songs… or influence …or words… nor is it by our authority or decision that the Lord be in constant exalted glory… it is because He owns sole right to it.  He alone is the Owner of all ships that bring His sons back to Him.


And so it is only when we understand what is the harmony of God …what is the way of such perfect harmony, what is the core of it, the purpose of it, the power of it, the law of it, even the secret of it …only when we know and understand all its facets and dimensions as the Lord opens the Gospel of Harmony into its full measure will it never be peace for the sake of peace, or harmony for the sake of harmony, but always peace and harmony for the sake of God –

But we enrich it even more by coming to know the deep of the ‘why’ it must be always peace and harmony for the sake of God who is One, yet Three… Three yet One.

And we begin by knowing that Oneness is the secret of Their power, and harmony the secret of Their Oneness.  Perfect harmony that produces Godly Oneness.

But the secret of Their power is also harmony between those who are One.

For there are two levels of power –

Oneness that achieves the power of the present age… and harmony that achieves the power of the age to come.

And so see why the secret of the Kingdom of Power, the Kingdom of God, is that its power rests in the man who forgives.

For the man who forgives has made himself one with the man whom he forgives.

So the man who forgives places harmony ahead of all things in his life.  For he who forgives has begun his life to live in harmony with those who seek to harm him.  He has begun his life to live in harmony with even his enemies …for it is only the perfection of the Father that manifests the fullness of compassion and mercy in the lives of our enemies…


And God has put all His mysteries into creation, that His sons and daughters might seek them out …might ask… might search …might knock so that He may display His manifold wisdom, releasing a spectacle that no eye can see the awe of unless it is filled with pure light… that no ear can hear the opera of unless it has listened to Jesus… that no mind can comprehend the harmony of unless it is only filled with the things of God.  For it reveals God’s greatness that is beyond discovery, His power that is absolute, His understanding that is beyond comprehension.

And the highest angelic powers stand in awe of Him, for He is far more awesome than those who surround His Throne …far more humble than those who bow before His Throne and far more generous than those who seek to take His Throne.

For the Master’s Plan was for a City of creators…

His master Plan for a Living City, a City formed by the hands of God …clothed by the beauty of God… revealed by the Spirit of God and lived in by the Family of God.

A Living City capable of taking flight over all the Earth so all the inhabitants may see God’s New Jerusalem.

His Kingdom of Peace… His City of Harmony… His House of Love… His People of Unity…

For unity flows outward …first from within the Household, then from within the City where the Household is, then from within the Kingdom where the City is …and so where there is no unity in the Household there is no love… and where there is no love there is no harmony, and where there is no harmony there is no peace ~

But when you bind unity, peace and harmony together with the oneness of love, then you have the Kingdom of God… the City of God …the Household of God… the New Jerusalem of God.

For it was the Son who saved the world the Father so loved and brought back to Him the family He so desired, and He will be exalted before this creation and all creation still to come for all will know the Son He truly is.

Yet even though all creation came through Jesus, this bare lump of rock called Earth was solely the handiwork of the Father …and when the Heavens disappear with a roar and the elements are destroyed by fire with the Earth and everything in it laid bare, then from those same elements will come the New Earth and New Heavens.  The New Heavens in all its unimagined brightness, infinitely bigger than infinity, with its multitude of many stars and its many kingdoms – with the New Earth at least a trillion times bigger than the sun – its dimensions the furthest circumference of the 9th orbit around the sun.

For this bare lump of rock God so loved that He gave His One and Only Son, that whoever believes in Him will not perish but have eternal life.  For God did not send His Son into the world to condemn the world, but to save the world through Him, so that whoever believes in Him is not condemned but whoever does not believe stands condemned already because he has not believed in the Name of God’s One and Only Son …because they have not believed in the Name of Jesus because if they had, men’s actions would consistently reflect God’s principles and we would not be disgraced when we compare our life to His commands.  When we compared our life to the one command that now could be given because One Man was perfect in His obedience to God. 

For when Heaven came to Earth, boundaries were moved and removed… for Word pushed them out as God moved in.  For it was God being reconciled with sinners… the Holy reconciled with the sinful through the perfect blood of Jesus Christ – through the perfect life of Jesus Christ – through the perfect Word who is Jesus Christ and who could stop Him …who can stop God who does as He pleases …who can stop God whose unlimited Word who could be Whoever and Whatever and However… formless and undefined came in the flesh and then when He found Himself in the flesh and form of a Man, He humbled Himself even more and became obedient to death.

For do not forget a Child had been born …that to us a Son had been given and the government will be on His shoulders and He will be called Wonderful, He will be called Counsellor, He will be called Mighty God, Everlasting Father and Prince of Peace, for these are His Royal Eternal Titles to be used in the eternity when the Lord is on parade displaying the manifold wisdom of His glory …but yet they will also be a part of His millennial Titles as He reigns as the Son of Man …fully man… with those who are now gods on Earth.

Ones who have been chosen, trained and trusted by the Holy Lord Spirit to serve without flaw the Son of Man. Trained to serve Him in such an effortless and seamless way …to serve Him so perfectly, so generously and so harmoniously that the Son of Man will not have to manifest the Son of God.

And so how trusted do we have to be with the power of the Holy Spirit?

Well, how trusted do we have to be to not only serve the King but to stand behind the King to guard His back?  For who would the Father only trust to stand at the back of His Jesus except His Holy Spirit and those He trusts to stand with Him.  And when we do, if we do, that is when we reveal not only the will of the Holy Spirit and the work of the Holy Spirit… but THE Holy Spirit… the Lord who is Spirit… the Father of our spirits …as the culmination of all of what He has given us of Himself …poured out from Himself without limit is made manifest in the only way He would have it – to forever exalt Jesus as the Son He is, as the King He is, as the Saviour He is – by using His power as only He would use it – as an expression of worship… of God… of the Lord Jesus Christ and the Father who sent Him.

For whether it be in protection of the Son of Man or be in reigning with the Son of Man, we can only learn such excellence and perfection from the Holy Spirit who is the only One who can enable us to be counted trustworthy to stand guard at the back of the King and to not use the power against Him.  For no one will the Holy Spirit trust to guard the back of Jesus until He Himself refines them so it is only Christ in them… for it is the highest level of trust that can only come from the deepest level of love and commitment and loyalty and allegiance and all and everything else a kingdom is made of. 

And so we live to never die that we may learn from the Holy Spirit how to serve, protect, worship, love, honour and rule with the Son of Man …and if we don’t, then everything else we come to know means nothing, for we are being trained by God to serve God – to serve a God who lay down His life as God the Word to take up the flesh of His creation and be defined forever as the Son of God, God the Son – never again to be God the Word who could be Whoever and Whatever and However …formless and undefined …and if we learn now how to take His wish as a command, then the Holy Spirit will receive from us complete submissiveness just as the Father did from Jesus – to be made ready for the highest form of service …the highest position of trust… the pinnacle of our salvation …the reason why we live and never die …to be spared that we be moulded, trained, disciplined and refined to overcome all things so that nothing else matters except Jesus… the Son who took the Father’s wish as a command because He knew the sacrifice was more than His body of flesh…

And to serve such a Son and King at the highest level is to plunge the deepest depth of His word.

To hover over the surface of His word and to go deeper, and deeper, and deeper until you have plunged its very depth so as to truly live the triumph of the tragedy …to truly live the harmony that brought such Sacrifice… the Sacrifice that gave back such harmony and experience the ever increasing crescendos of the Opera of the Saviour …with the cry of our heart to understand Him at the sharpest edge of His word, the driving force that motives us, and drives us to walk and live on a edge so sharp that our profession that we will not die sharpens the edge even more, so that we can see not only what is within the word, and behind the word, but what is between the word.

So we can see not only the peace of God, the unity of God, the harmony of God, even the oneness of God …but GOD… in all His forms, facets, roles and titles.  The revelations of a humble Man, a wise King, a perfect Father, an obedient Son …an enduring Spirit …as the folds of His seamless garment unfold revelation within revelation, for who has known God or seen God but the One who came from God, and so there can only be one mantle worn – the mantle of the humility of the Christ who still bears the wounds of the sinless Man who became sin …because Adam chose death rather than life when he ate of the fruit of the tree that had been set aside for the Lord alone to eat of …for only the Lord can eat of the fruit of the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil and not die…


So the Elect must learn that the Holy Spirit loves the Father and the Son, and He does exactly as They say …for He releases His power through grace because of His love for Them, and His consuming zealousness and jealousness for Them comes from the purity of Their love for Each other because Jesus loves the Father and does exactly as He commands, and this will drive the Holy Spirit and His elect to make sure the world learns that what Jesus did no man would do for another man …and that there are no words to express what Jesus did… no words to express how He loved the Father and did what was commanded of Him… no words because the words would be words already used by men and so would be an insult to Him.  So then we will live what cannot be spoken, or written, or translated, or presumed on …for we live what pre-existed any laws or decrees… any violence or rebellion, and the world will learn …will know …will experience within the mortal body of sinful flesh the reality that from dust we came and back to dust we will go if the shout from the Lord that it is FINISHED does not pierce our soul and make us repent and believe and turn and be healed.

So then now we must allow our complete submissiveness to the Lord who is Spirit to take us to where Jesus said, ‘My God, My God, why have You forsaken Me’… and ‘Father into Your hands I commit My spirit’… for there we will find ourselves… there we will find the reality of the moment when the Father said, ‘Let there be light’… there we will find what we lost …there we will see the glory of the resurrection of our life with God… the resurrection of man’s first memory of God… the resurrection of His Garden and of His sounds and the sounds of His creation in worship… in harmony as they each sing their song as everything works for the good of the other… no law… no violence… no rebellion …but perfect opera… the perfect harmony of God in its visible form, and as we live the Opera of the Saviour, it is what resurrects in us all of which Jesus came to save …all of which Jesus came to restore, resurrect and make new… all of which only Jesus could give back to the Father… all of which was lost but never forgotten ~

For in the scheme of all things, in the fullness of His mighty plan …we have only done our duty, yet it fully matured into the deepest desire of our hearts…

For the wish of the Father became a command to the Son that we may be sons and daughters of the God most High… sons and daughters fit to be gods… sons and daughters the Father is seeking.

Ones rich in word and merciful in judgment – ones powerful in forgiveness and generous spirit.

Ones who in righteousness, peace and joy gather together eating, drinking and talking with the mothers, sisters and brothers in Christ in celebration of the Lord’s church… God’s Family… Christ’s Body in perfect harmony …revealing why God said, ‘Let Us make man in Our Image and Likeness,’ and by saying, ‘It is very good,’ left room for improvement… made way for perfection… made way for Jesus Christ who lived and died and arose from the dead to live and never die, and who in the last few hours of His life revealed in word and in silence… in life and in death why God was prepared to wait and put in so much effort and treasure to allow the word ‘Saviour’ to manifest to the fullness of all it can be… and it did …for even on the cross, bearing no physical resemblance to a man any more, did the word ‘saviour’… did Jesus our Saviour, completely take on the fullness of its tragedy and its triumph …its grandeur and crescendo… revealing why the Opera of the Saviour must goes on forever …a story that will end but an Opera whose ending will never end.

For it is only the acknowledgement that Jesus IS Saviour that will make all knees bow and confess He is Lord.  For that single word ‘Saviour’ gave creation its purpose and its wholeness, making way for the manifestation of all other pre-existent words in such a way that it would all be played out… so we could be perfect as our Heavenly Father is perfect… generous as the Spirit is generous, and harmonious as Jesus our Lord is harmonious.

Harmony and perfection being the salt of the Earth – perfection coming from the love of enemies and harmony from the love of one another – and we are the salt of the Earth!


So let us arise in full obedience to the Father …that we may honour Jesus …and give rest to the Holy Spirit.  Arising in the full power of the Holy Spirit …in the full harmony of the Body of Christ …in the full power of the man who forgives and produce more honour for Jesus then the glory He comes in… by bringing to the Mount of Olives, the meeting place where we greet our Brother – the One who willingly sacrificed His Life that everyone may come to the Father …that everyone may be the favourite of the Father… and bring to Him His Family in their multitude, all eagerly awaiting the Brother they have never seen …their King they have never seen the glory of, their Lord they have never held… the only One who has seen the Father, revealed the Father, represented the Father and so perfectly obeyed the Father that it was HIS obedience alone that reduced the command of the Father to but one …and if we have listened to Him then we will know that if there is no honour, love is lost… but when love and honour fuse, it is the greatest of miracles, for when honour is avenged …all things are made new.

For through honour is forgiveness and through forgiveness is harmony… and it is only God’s harmony that can perfect the peace… as it is only from God’s harmony that can come the thick glory to change…

So be changed by the thick glory that comes from harmony so perfect that when word was first spoken, what was produced will never be lost or forgotten …for what was made visible was operatic brilliance in its true form, in its pure form, in its only form as it makes ready to take on its divine form of the age to come…

But as for us, we strive more earnestly to guard and keep the harmony and Oneness of the Spirit in the binding power of peace …giving thanksgiving to God for everything, including our thanksgiving for all men… for all men were made in His Image and Likeness.


And live to see the true body of Christ emerge out of the dead body of Christ and consume it so it will be no more.

Live to see the Law of Moses destroyed as every word of Jesus up till the end of the millennium is fulfilled – for when Heaven and Earth disappear, that is when every word of the law disappears and only the words of Jesus remain.

For as Jesus fulfilled the law so we destroy the law …by dedicating it to the Lord, by committing ourselves to live forever with one another… for then we do not need the law anymore and it is put back in the Tabernacle and it is destroyed forever by fire.

For where there is harmony there is not need for a law.

For the Law of harmony can never be written, for the moment you write a law and produce a law, the very presence of the law means there is no harmony ~

For the presence of a law IS the absence of harmony…

And so we now live until the Day of the Lord ends and the Day of God begins… and resolve to maintain a firm and resolute determination to fulfil our decision to be with Jesus …the One who says, ‘I AM who I AM and what I AM… and that I AM… and I will be what I will be – I AM the One who always is …I AM THE LIVING GOD …AND I AM COMING SOON!’





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