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And you will witness the finality of the greatest of all miracles that we did perform… that of drinking deep from the well of satisfaction, the satisfaction of a work precisely executed according to the prescribed way as has been taught us, when we have completed to the fullness of the perfection acquired by the acknowledged imperative, continuous repentance and the humble, diligent, submissive obedience to our Master Teacher and Trainer of the tasks each of us have been given to fulfill…[1]

For our greatest miracle that we can give the Lord, the Lord, the Lord is that we fulfil Jesus’ will and become one with each other, of one heart, one mind, one soul, which is of the one desire, one strength, all held together and driven by the desperate violent force of one Love which urges itself up from its deep fathomless wells to rise to the surface as the gentle bubbling springs of living water from which we all have been given to drink…  This is the miracle that brings to us such refreshing satisfaction that we would now be drinking from its even deeper well of such a purifying cleansing that it does bring with it the contentment of one who has bathed in luxurious spas laden with the pure essences of all that holiness does contain and is made available only to those of such privilege, but yet the invite is for all to freely come through the prescribed way as openly counselled by the Holy Spirit and no other spirit, for He alone is our Counsellor.  For the Holy Spirit, the Father and the Son have always known this satisfaction and there have been far too few who have drunk from its well before…

And as this contentment is one of a very different nature of that of humankind, it is a privilege by no ordinary means, for it cannot be bought with any amount of money or exchange of assets, and neither can it be bargained for, nor can it be attained with the skilful training of one who has practised faithfully to acquire all that knowledge does bring, for Jesus did say that to him who has even more will be given… For this contentment is of the type and quality that we ourselves have not ever experienced.

For this is a privilege, which is given only to those who have entered through the solitary door that lead us into the Secret of the Kingdom of God, which is the glory given to us by Jesus, for He said to the Father, I have given them the glory that You gave Me, that they may be one as We are One: I in them and You in Me,”[2] for it is the critical path from which the Secrets of the Kingdom of Heaven and the Secrets of the Kingdom of God have been waiting for that they may open for us.  For this contentment has God’s nature held within it and is of a mysterious quality that breathes the satisfaction of a seemingly insurmountable task well done, a task completed in the perfection of the prescribed way, and yet does still urgently drive us onto the greater, the deeper, the higher, the wider of all the things that are held within our God, Father, Son and Holy Spirit, that we could continue to bathe in that refreshing ever-increasing satisfaction washing soothingly over not only ourselves, but over our Lord God Almighty, the Father, Son and Holy Spirit.  For They would now be experiencing the newness of Their Oneness as the completion of the Body of Christ is now being fitted into Them as has never before been done.  The perfect unity of the Body, one unto another being that very doorway that does give entrance into the Secret of the Kingdom of God that had been lost by our brothers of the first church, and though the knowledge of it has since been restored to us, the full measure of the power of it had not.

And for the new thing, which They have long imagined, desired, dreamed of and hoped for, They did put together a meticulously laid-out plan of action that They have worked so fervently and even feverishly for, to bring it to its fruition… that Their eternity will now be of the greater things, the more of the All that They have held within Them… that They would not just have the redeemed that They bought with the most precious price of the highest cost to Themselves of which we are still to understand fully, so that within the Laws of the prescribed way, salvation was freely given to all that was lost, and to all who received it by simply believing it, was immediately made available, but that They could draw the believers unto Themselves that there would be from those, for we were all called to believe, the chosen, and from the chosen would come the elected, and from the elected would come the ones who would become one with the others… and thus the circle of God’s Life is to ever increase.

“May they be brought to complete unity to let the world know that You sent Me and have loved them even as You have loved Me.  Father, I want those You have given Me to be with Me where I am, and to see My glory, the glory You have given Me because You loved Me before the creation of the world.”[3]  

For God the Father has given us such treasures and God the Holy Spirit has dropped such clues into our laps for us to seek out and find, for a good father – of whom there is only One for only He is the Perfect Father, perfect in goodness, righteousness, justice and truth – would never give us everything we desire upfront, for then He would only have overweight, lazy, selfish and dependant children who would not grow into the fullness of the maturity of their sonship and daughtership of God and never onto kingship which leads into that most private and guarded place of the sanctuary of the oneness that is God.

For when our brother Paul wrote to the Corinthian church:  But I do not think I am in the least inferior to those “super-apostles, [the most distinguished apostles]”[4] it revealed that he was ensnared by a thorn, of which he implored the Holy Spirit to remove as he had written:  And lest I should be exalted through the abundance of the revelations, there was delivered to me a thorn in my flesh, the angel of Satan to buffet me, lest I should be exalted.[5]  For when he implored the Lord to take it from him three times, the Holy Spirit said to him, “My grace is sufficient for you, for My power is made perfect in weakness.”[6]   Was it that the Holy Spirit was only saying what is of the obvious – that His power works best in our weakness, that it is best that we are weak and for Him to be of the far higher, far superior, far stronger than we – and it is that He is and always will be – but that we always would need Him in such a way?  For how then can He be taken away if perfection never comes?  Or was it that He was also saying the weakness in us is to drive us into that quality of the depth of the violent driving force of desperation that Jesus Himself was driven by, for In bringing many sons to glory, it was fitting that God, for whom and through whom everything exists, should make the Author of [our] salvation perfect through suffering,[7] so would it not also be fitting that we throw off that very unwanted, and in many cases, uninvited weakness, so that His power could be made perfect by the means of which that weakness would lead us to?

For that thorn, which is that we see each other in the same Light of Fear as we judge ourselves by, does come through one another by way of the Lord’s divine plan to catapult us into the higher and deeper things of the Triune God, as He did choose His chess pieces with the greatest of astute careful consideration for this game to only have one assured outcome, one winner, one victor, for much does ride on the precision of this game.  And it is as it was for the former entrapment of His enemy both times as part of the full and perfect execution of the Master Plan for which Jesus was sent to Earth, first in the desert, which was imperative for it did then give God Almighty the legal right in the precise prescribed way for that final sting of the victory of the cross, that They could resurrect all things of Their original design into its proper order.  But in both those instances of the extreme execution of which all Their hopes, desires and dreams did hang from, They knew They had the perfect players, for They had carefully studied to understand and know Their opponent’s weaknesses and strengths, and They positioned Jesus as Their delegated Front Man who appeared as a stooge would to lure Satan into such promotion that he was not even aware that he had been stung by a singular fatal blow until the game was playing out its last irrefutably irreversible scene of such absolute victory by his, Satan’s, Opponent, who was then and remains and always will be far superior… as far as the East is from the West and an eternity’s distance more…  For the Father, Jesus and the Holy Spirit had not casually executed Their plan, but only did execute it with the prior meticulous preparation of painstaking precise attention to every last minute detail.

And just as Paul called it the angel, a messenger of Satan,[8] it was as the Lord said to Peter, “Get behind Me, Satan!  You are a stumbling block to Me, you do not have in mind the things of God, but the things of men.”[9]  These are harsh words, and they were spoken to one who had the best interests of the Lord in his heart, but in the weaknesses inherent to all men, his judgment of what should happen to the One he loved so obviously dearly, was flawed. 

And we similarly have related to one another by that same love – a love for sure, for we have always been capable of loving – but a love held within the boundaries of the Light of Fear… a fear of our own inadequacies, our own weaknesses, our own failures, our own rejections and our own vain imaginations both of ourselves and of one another… for we imagined and feared that others may judge us with the same judgement that we accorded ourselves, that we were of the unworthy, and even perhaps a chosen one of lesser value, and as Paul did, we reasoned that we were of the equal for our God did elect us.  But whether our brothers and sisters do not, or do, yet strive to rise above their own judgments, it does not matter, for what does matter is how we overcome to throw off that which hinders, which gives rise to the sin that so easily entangles.  And yet though we may think more highly of each other in the other’s achievements before the Lord, we had not freed ourselves from thinking of them as we thought of ourselves in the Light of Fear.  Yet we do know that each one is also diligently practising continuous repentance and is also walking on their very own razor’s edge narrow way in their own urgent striving to overcome what they did not understand, for it was of an insidious nature that progresses with few to no symptoms that would indicate its gravity…

And as that light is not the Light of Love, it did not and could never carry us through the wall of water that blocked that ever so sharp cutting edge of the narrow way that we had been travelling on, that door which was between us and His Kingdom of Power, the Kingdom of God… for our own desperation was not of the deepest depth that is the pure holy quality and motivation that Jesus had and has, and that does part the waters with its own powerful force to give the Holy Spirit such a peace of mind for He knows the door has been opened in the prescribed way by one who is now of the sameness of the Oneness of the Triune God, and for which He has been so patiently enduring with us to lead us to…

For what lies on the other side is of such power and privilege that He will never again allow the Father such cataclysmic suffering that He would again lose His precious sons and daughters who had attained such an achievement, as Father, Word and Holy Spirit had each suffered when Eve reached out and took of the fruit from the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil and gave also to Adam… 

And it has not been achieved before, save by the one of whom Jesus said, “Leave her alone… I tell you the truth, wherever the gospel is preached throughout the world, what she has done will also be told, in memory of her.”[10]  For though she had risen to such a height of achievement for Jesus and was the one He chose to appear to first after His resurrection for very purposeful reasons, she did not attempt to prove herself, nor did she look for the approval of anyone apart from Jesus Himself, for she was not accepted by the other disciples just as they had earlier complained of her extravagant indulgence to Jesus, neither did they choose her for apostleship or any other work as it has been written, and so she remained unheard of again.  The disciples never accorded to her what she had done in memory of her wherever they preached the gospel, and in not doing so, neither did they honour Jesus’ words nor did they make themselves one with her and this trait remained familiar amongst themselves and has been inherent in the church they did build, for though the glory was at work amongst the apostles, it was already fading glory because the division in the Body of Christ had begun raising its insidious head.

And our Father would suffer, for those who enter through this door there will be no further sacrifice to be made as our brother Paul wrote:   It is impossible for those who have once been enlightened, who have tasted the heavenly gift, who have shared in the Holy Spirit, who have tasted the goodness of the word of God and the powers of the coming age, if they fall away, to be brought back to repentance, because to their loss they are crucifying the Son of God all over again and subjecting Him to public disgrace [11]  It can never be!  And just as Judas was given entrée into the Upper Room wherein the Last Supper was held for Jesus and His twelve apostles, and Judas was given to drink of the cup and eat of the bread of the New Covenant,[12] which was of the very Body and Blood of our Saviour, so also the False Prophet will be given entrée through this door into the Secret of the Kingdom of God, and even into the Secrets of the Kingdom of Heaven, for God in His perfect wisdom and understanding, the understanding of which His enemy has nothing of, for the Kingdom of Heaven does pass away because when perfection comes the imperfect disappears,[13] but he will never enter into the Secrets of the Kingdom of God, for it alone produces the absolute harvest of the 100-fold.

For the Father purposed that we wear a thorn in our flesh for it was given to us to drive us into the required desperation that would lead us to rise up to burn down and then stone the rubble of that last bastion, that bastion of pride within us, no matter how insignificantly small it was, that had stopped us from overcoming our fear of one another that it would be put to death forever, for it would not be so deceptive and so hard to overcome, if it was of the obvious.  For the thorn had to come not from those who are not of the elect, for we have gone far to far to allow a fear of what they think of us arise to slow our ever increasing hastening pace, for we are of the ones who did leave our “houses, or brothers, or sisters, parents, or children or fields for [Jesus’] sake”[14] “…and the gospel”[15]  “…or wife for the sake of the kingdom of God”[16] and who have lost our heads for our testimony for and of Jesus and for the word of God,[17] and we did lose our lives for Jesus and His gospel.[18]   But it had to come from one another, that as iron sharpened iron, we would catapult each other into that place that would surely set us free…  For the Master Architect, God Almighty, in His perfect astute wisdom, understanding and knowledge chose each of us as that perfect piece that would fit exactly into that precise place of the set, as like the pieces of a puzzle, of which no other piece could fulfil to the degree of perfection that was needed that the entrapment may be executed to lure His opponent into the endgame that is to end this Age.

And so once again, the crafty Satan has thought that he is assured the victory this time …Victory because land that produces thorns and thistles is worthless and is in danger of being cursed.  In the end it will be burned.[19]  For we had been unable to overcome that one element that caused Satan’s very own downfall, and though it was at a completely different degree, it comes from the same source, for even the great Paul was concerned that some of the other apostles did not consider him to be of the same as they.  Though he had surpassing understanding of God’s ways than most of the others, he himself fell by way of pride, which rose from his own insecurities – perhaps of that which led him to call himself the chief of sinners – into the temptation of fitting in to please them through the simple act of fulfilling purification rites of the old law and in aid of four men who had made a vow, that he may appear to be at peace with the Jews. 

And Satan did become comfortable in the ease of how easily we were ensnared so that the power of the glory was lost to us, save in God’s mercy on occasion, and in His wisdom throughout the ages God allowed pockets of glory to manifest for periods of time to lull His opponent into a less careful path of being deceived into the gleeful attitude of thinking a certain success was ‘in the bag’ for him.  For though Satan could never undo salvation, and he had been violently working with his demon hordes to send as many to hell as possible, but as we know, God does also have His master plan in place for that, Satan could hinder God’s desires, hopes and dreams coming to pass, that God could never take ones who were not of the perfected perfection, of which Jesus had been made into, into the fullness of His eternity with Him, which is that of the ever-increasing Trinity of God, now being made of the increase by way of the fourth person, the body of Christ.  And so we do become a living testimony of the work that the Holy Spirit has done in us.

And it is that God in His adroitly astute wisdom did put us together in such a way, with such a design and with such timing, each with different gifts and backgrounds, each with different strengths and even different weaknesses, each with different privileges and giftings, with some coming in with the freedom of being of new wine and others from the old wine, of which they have had to be cleansed and which may have appeared to give them a handicap, but fitting for the purpose of the critical path, the precise time-line of works to be carried out, and as all good Architects, Designers and Decorators know, the most endearing, sophisticated and glamorous designs are those which marry a delicate mix of the old with the new.  And yet again, there are those who have come in with a sense of self-security and others who had come in broken, but all of whom were chosen with intense consideration for the purpose of the proper elements and building tools, equipment and product, from the foundation stones through to the finishing touches, of all the ingredients required that the perfect plan is executed in the integrity of the prescribed way as set out by He who is Justice, perfect in righteousness and holiness.  For the finished building will be of the highest standard of the extra-ordinary and superior, never-been-seen or done before design of such an exceptional breathtaking beauty so that our Father will receive such satisfaction, given to Him by the work of His Son Jesus and His precious Holy Spirit, for we ourselves have now entered into the same desperate drive that Jesus and the Holy Spirit have, that we too will present ourselves to our Father in a manner He has only dared hoped for, in honour of the work of Jesus and the Holy Spirit…               

For it was that Jesus had led by example once again as He had done unto Himself according to His own word, the word His Father had given Him to speak:  “So in everything, do to others what you would have them do to you, for this sums up the Law and the Prophets.”[20]  And those words continued to peal out over and over in the full righteousness of the Truth so that the whole world is made a witness without any means of denial to His perfect justice in action for He did wear a thorn of His own, and though we know He did throw off many temptations throughout the thirty-three years of His life for His own brothers did not believe in Him,[21] but I am not referring to any of those.  It was the crown of thorns that He wore that was the crowning of the Lord’s, the Lord’s, the Lord’s consecrated concentrated degree of the focus of love for us that would implore us to overcome our own little thorn… 

And as Jesus did to us according to His word, the word of the Father, so shall we do to the one who will oppose us… for he will have no other entry but by the love we also accord our enemies that we make ourselves one with him…


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