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The Plans of Jesus I

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Just as the words Jesus spoke before His death are now His will for all who are His beneficiaries, so likewise, contained in all the words that He spoke after He was resurrected are His plans.  Plans for everyone… from His Father to all He created, including the devil.  They include plans for you and me that speak of the present as well as the future.  These plans show us the best way to put that which He has left us in His will to use.

He knows that we who live and believe will never die.  That is in His will.  So, what should we do with such a life?  Since we cannot die, we cannot look forward to going to Heaven as those who choose not to believe in John 11.26 will.  Spend it just living on an Earth that is going from bad to worse, preaching the gospel to sinners and have them repent to change their lives, only to see them replaced by ten more worse than them?  That would be a very pointless and frustrating life to have, where the work never ceases and there is no end in sight.

With His last words, “Yes, I am coming soon,” [Revelation 22.20] He tells us the first thing we should do with our lives that is blessed by His will.  Use it to prepare for His return.  Since the last is the first, the plans of Jesus make sense when you take what He said last as the first thing you should do, and conversely, take the first thing He said after He had risen as the last thing you should do.  “Woman, why are you crying?” [John 20.13]

You see, when you learn to spend the life He has given you preparing for His return, the last thing you will have time for is to cry like Mary cried.  Mary was mourning not only for the dead, but for the loss of even the remains of the dead.

So if you really want to see the plans Jesus has for this world, learn to put the last first and the first last.  It is like turning a painting upside down.  Then and only then will you see the true picture.

Hr. Ed, manager of the Holy Spirit’s Workshop

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