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“The man brought out the broken pieces of bread that had been left behind by those who had eaten as much as they wanted and were satisfied.  As their voices faded into the distance, he turned his attention to a lone pigeon… sitting waiting patiently, balancing itself on one leg because the other was broken.

Breaking the bread into small pieces, the man began to throw them on the ground.  And as he watched this lone crippled pigeon eat each piece quickly and hungrily, he remembered the words his Father once spoke… ‘Look at the birds of the air; they do not sow or reap or store away in barns, and yet your Heavenly Father feeds them.  Are You not much more valuable than they?’ [Matthew 6.26] Indeed, it was the Father who was feeding this lonely bird, for the bread he was carrying had multiplied even as he gave thanks.

It was not long before the stronger healthy birds came and joined in the feed as well.  Walking on two legs they ran to each piece he threw and ate it up before the crippled one could get there.  And just as quickly as they came, so they flew away as soon as the piece of bread had been given out.  However, the crippled one stayed and waited as if it had not received enough.  Out of compassion the man went and got more bread, and breaking the bread, gave it to the pigeon.  However, the crippled one made no effort to eat any of the bread that was thrown around it, but the strong ones, seeing that there was more bread, came back and quickly ate up all that had been sown.

Realising what this little crippled pigeon had done, the man rejoiced in his heart, for truly his Father had chosen wisely to give him to save this world, even as he watched the twelve get back out of the boat and tarry while the day grew dimmer and darkness approached to engulf them, turning his eyes to Heaven in the company of that little pigeon, he began to pray to his Father who is in Heaven.”

(Adapted from a real event.)

If even a pigeon, a crippled pigeon, knew to move his heart and hand so that his healthy brothers might receive even more… then how much more should we intercede before the Lord our God so that He would bring even more of the Bread of Life for the others?

It is not about who is the greatest or the strongest or the one with the most faith… it is not about sitting at His right or left hand… but it is our willingness to be standing before Him to move His hand and heart until He brings out even more for those who are not willing to wait on Him or for Him.  Even as He fills us with all blessings and meets our needs abundantly, let us not be satisfied that we are blessed, but beseech the Lord until He releases the reserve, the more, for those who seem to be strong and healthy.

And if you have ever fed pigeons with breadcrumbs, you might notice how quickly and diligently they pick it all up to the last grain.  If only those who are called to be the people of God did so with His word… instead of walking away from it looking for other food.

Remember when the pharisees in the crowd said to our Lord, “Teacher, rebuke Your disciples!” [Luke 19.39] for the way they were cheering and shouting praises to God… our Lord and Master replied, “I tell you, if they keep quiet, the stones will cry out.” [Luke 19.40] So in the same way, we who have received the Bread of Life, the Testimony of His Gospel, if we keep quiet about it, He might use the birds of the air to declare it instead.  And if that were to happen, where would we be then when we have to stand before Him?

If even a bird of the air knows to feign hunger so that the hand that feeds it would release more bread so that its friends may have more food, then how much more we are to do?

So, elect, be not satisfied that you are well fed, satisfied and have had your fill so that in feeling strong you chose to disobey the Lord’s command and set out across the lake to go where you think the glory is greater instead of crossing the river to where He has sent you.

Remember the words of the Father and the command of the Lord… “But go and learn what this means:  ‘I desire mercy, not sacrifice, and acknowledgment of God rather than burnt offerings.’ “ [Matthew 9.13; Hosea 6.6]

Do not be ashamed to acknowledge your weakness before Him, for the sufficiency of His grace is such that in your weakness, His power and strength are made perfect in you.

And as He said to Paul, “It is more blessed to give than to receive,” [Acts 20.35] so be like that lone crippled pigeon as it allowed the others to eat the bread, the double portion that the man threw it.  Seek to give rather than receive.

As you now endeavour to complete the Testimony of the Holy Spirit about Jesus Christ… consider the parable of the little pigeon.

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