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Not always the language spoken within the Godhead translates out into the world, but when we who are in the world, no longer belong to the world, then we may be able to hear it resonate as it is spoken within the Entity of the Godhead – God’s word which is a language unto itself – His word of truth, which sustains and maintains all things by its power… its enormous unlimited power.

And if we hear the language of the P/power of God resonate within the Entity of the Godhead, we hear the universe as a part of His cry – His cry that nothing be lost or given to perishing –

For He is not a god of the dead, but the God of the living, and so Jesus, who came to give us the life that was in God, said nothing in secret, because eternal life and the living of that life, was spoken freely to all so they may believe Jesus is the Son of God and was sent by God – so that then everyone who is of the truth may be able to listen to His voice… listen to hear what has not been said in secret… and believe and hold to what is so strong and yet so fragile – not fragile because of the weakness of the substance which sustains it, or fragile because of the shallowness of the spirit which powers it, or fragile because of the absence of the burning flame which seals it, but fragile because it is irreplaceable, incomparable, being precious beyond the understanding of this world and can only come into the completed designated fullness of what it is was given for… when perfection appears and the imperfect disappears… for you cannot sell it even if you tried… for who could buy what only could be purchased by the blood of the One and Only Begotten Son of God? Who could buy what could only be purchased through obedience learned from sufferings, or buy what no other man could come near without Jesus being sent to us to master it and accomplish it first… and then for Him to freely give the Father’s words which are eternal life, as His active love for us washed us clean so He could reveal the way to being a son to the Father, by being a true witness to Jesus Christ whom He sent?

Jesus brings us into the pure endless light which is driven by God’s pure endless and tireless Spirit, who breathes where He desires – and we are able to hear His voice but do not know where He has come from, nor where He is going as He makes all things come true and makes what is endlessly unseen infinitely visible, as He reveals and gives form to what has always been without form, even giving form to God’s Word which was without form until the Spirit of the Holy Revelation of God through Christ Jesus, formed the words of eternal life into flesh… into flesh that could be eaten and into blood that could cleanse the worst of sinners so they may come before the Throne of the Holiest of Gods…

For God wants us to be watching and seeing of Him as much as He wants us to be hearing and listening of Him – so we may see and hear the endless purity of light which opens our ears to Him, our eyes to Him, and purifies our hearts only unto Him – so as to receive the unfolding of form upon form of His pure Almightiness.

All His forms, each one perfectly expressing to His own, through its sheer presence, the language of the truth that God is all things to us, and the Giver of all things which meet every one of our needs, doubts, and agonies of spirit and flesh.

And if the Spirit of God permits our eyes to be cast upon the form of the Lord Jesus, who opened the way to God for us, that sight of the Son of God will speak a language to us that will take hold of the all of our human form and all of the very depth of our soul, for His heart intertwines with ours and gives translation of God and His love and His power, so intimate and so infinite in its knowledge of us that what we doubt we repent of, and what we could not bear we now embrace… for He says with His presence that His grace is sufficient, for such is His unfolding into the fullness of He who is the God who sent Jesus Christ – the One who comes to us in so many ways, for so many different reasons, for such is the reward which is with Him and which He brings to those eagerly and constantly and patiently waiting for Him, because they are expecting Him ~

For He is of the substance of the infinite, immortal and incorruptible, the substance of One who is faithful and true – and only by the way the Father has given us, can we access His manifold glory which conceals and yet reveals the unfolding of God as it reveals the substance of eternal life and what we are feeding on and how it is designed to change us as we come to know the Oneness of God… the truth of God with access only, of course, by way of Jesus Christ Himself – the One who was sent and who brings the Father’s eternal legacy to those who now come through Him… Jesus, the only Door the Father has opened for us to come to Him and to know Him as sons and daughters born of His Spirit and disciplined by the severity of His rod –

For then we may be sons and daughters who are of the substance of what is incorruptible, immortal and infinite… even the substance of the Faithful and True One – for then we are listeners who can listen to what is irreplaceable and incomparable and above all worldly wealth, and know that it is fragile to our hearing for what it is saying to us, is what will make us just like Jesus… the irreplaceable, incomparable and priceless One who gives access to God and His love through our obedience to Him, which in turn tells the Father that we love Jesus, the One whom He sent –

And when and only when we love Jesus through our obedience to His commands, does then the Father love us with the love that was released when Jesus obeyed His commands – and then when the Father has released that love to us, does then Jesus Himself love us and reveals Himself to us, and when we love each other as Jesus has loved us, we love each other just as we are – without judgement, without comparison, without disapproval – and love as ones loved by the Father because and only because we have loved the One the Father loves first… loved Jesus – and the Father has gauged this love of Jesus and its worthiness by our incorruptible obedience to His words and His commands, not gauged by the laying at His feet, nor the praising, nor the preaching, nor the teaching, nor the good works, not even the diligent studying of the scriptures, but He gauges our love and its substance and its fitting worth by the stature of diligent willing obedience to Jesus and how incorruptible it is, for that is the only way we abide in His love and the only way we can always do what only pleases Him, and that is when we are truly listening and following and loving and serving His Son, bringing to our understanding the difference between phileo love for Him and agape love for Him…

For if agape love is the truth of our love for Him, it will take us to the cross ~

And if phileo love is the truth of our love for Him, we will have to be taken to the cross ~

And so through the way God gauges love, expresses love, acts in love, is the unfolding of the truth of what They Each bring to the table – what Each bring to the united Oneness of the One true God, and what makes Him the One true God… a God who would release through His Son eternal life for the sole purpose of making Himself known to everything and everyone who has His life in them –

For when we have His life in us, and Christ being formed in us, it needs to be explained as well as made known, the very depth of that life of Christ… that we may live that life in its true depth, otherwise it is a misuse of His life, which He has given us… a misuse of the knowledge of the Holy One and a misunderstanding of the cry of the universe… that nothing about God that He yearns to be made known is to be lost or given to perishing for, “This is eternal life,” Jesus said, “That they might know You, that Thou art the only true God, even the One who sent Jesus Christ.”[1]

A deep yearning of Jesus for us to know the Father in a very distinct way, not only that we know also Jesus Christ whom He sent, but know the Father in the light of the One He sent, through the eyes of the One He sent.

Know Him from that place where His will was formed and from where Jesus was sent, and really come in to know the heart of such a Father so that we may know that the Father is the One who sent salvation and that it was no other… that Jesus did not come of His own accord, speak of His own accord, do of His own accord… that He did not come because of His love of the world, but came because of His love of the Father – for the world must know that He loves the Father and does exactly as He is commanded… for that is loving the Father and the knowing of Jesus Christ, the One He did send… Knowing the Sender so we may know the One He sent…

For that is Love in God’s eyes ~ love which transcends all of the many words men say to Him, which are to be a substitute… a poor substitute for the love He is seeking through obedience to His commands, and even as nothing can be taken out of His hand, so nothing about how He has determined for us to love Him is desired to be taken away from our understanding and be ruined in its revelation – to be only then left resting in secret through the coming age – leaving Him no sons or daughters who know their Father from the sharpest edge of the sword and still can do what always pleases Him… and so be abiding always in His love, for that is Sonship and a serving of Jesus, which leads to kingship and reigning with Christ… for from the sharpest edge of His sword will He harvest the sons and daughters who can be kings… for only remaining on the sharpest edge will be ones who always do what pleases Him and are always abiding in His love… ones always who are walking on the sharpest edge of the Sword of the Word… ones following Jesus as opposed to ones being lead by others.

For it is to know then the difference between the continual abiding in His love and knowing what is His love, as opposed to the continual seeking for Him to love us – without knowing the love He is first seeking… without knowing the obedience that separates us so much from the world that the world hates us, as it cannot tolerate the substance of the incorruptible, faithful and true, and what sets us free to please only God and not men… free to accomplish willingly all of which we have been sent to do –

For that is our food that sustains us, which no other knows about, for we have come to know the Father from the deep well of our salvation ~ from the deep of our Saviour in whom only our faith is to rest, not only faith in what He says, but faith in HIM…

That is our legacy of sonship when we have faith in the Son of God… faith in our Brother… faith that will make us a son as He is a Son to the Father… Jesus, a Son who was able to reveal of the Father what no other man could –

For though being a Son, He learned obedience from the things that He suffered, for it was fitting that He for whom and by whom all things exist, in bringing many sons to glory, should make the Founder and Author and even cause of their salvation perfect through suffering… and so also it is proper for Him, in whose hand is everything, and for whom are all things that the many sons He brings to glory, that from the very beginning of their salvation, they too are made perfect through sufferings –

For both He who sanctifies and those who are sanctified are all of one origin – all of one family and for this reason, Jesus is not ashamed to call them brothers, and for this reason we are not to be ashamed of being made perfect through our sufferings…

For sonship and kingship comes from God and should reveal God with great clarity and wisdom and insight and with such great admiration for Him coming from our being… giving us a longing to be just like Jesus in every way, for then we live and reign and love in oneness with God who sent Him.

For the ways of Jesus are such a testament to the Father who sent Him… such a testimony to the way every son should live when he is a son of God, and such a testimony of the way every king should rule when he is a king in God’s Kingdom, such a testimony that His thoughts are higher than ours – that His ways are not our ways – His love not our love – and as yet our obedience not His obedience, for as yet our faith is not His faith.

For we are to come to know all the elements of His ways, His thoughts, His obedience, even His faith, and see the powerful change when we reach for the perfect… when we reach for Jesus the Man and put into practice the ways of God and the thoughts of God as we see His perfection in motion, drawing all things together so the end may come… for only through that glorious gift of eternal life can we enter into what is the real freedom to openly speak of the virtues of the One who has called us out of the darkness and into His marvellous light –

For we know that there was no other son or sons until the Son came into the world and explained and made known the Father that He may then have more sons in Spirit and in Truth with the flesh of their bodies a testimony of the Word made flesh, who came into the world to give us resurrection and life –

For Jesus is the only begotten Son, the only Messiah, the only Way to eternal Life the Father ever sent and ever will send, and He will appear a second time without our sins for the salvation of those who look to Him and who are eagerly awaiting Him –

For how much more did Jesus the Man come to know the infinite measure of the all of God’s love through obedience, which He learned from what He suffered?

For God’s love, His parental legacy, is more than hugs and kisses and blessings and favour if you are to be a son or daughter with the power of Jesus Christ, who through obedience and suffering was made more perfect, not made perfect, but more perfect through what He suffered.

For only in this way God qualified Him as a perfect High Priest and the source of eternal salvation for all those who obey Him.

For it is not hugs and kisses which perfect and perpetuate sons and daughters who are to be kings – Kings who can carry the fullness of the Father’s parental legacy through into the Millennial Age and furthermore into the Eternal Age…

The substance and substantial qualities that made Him the one true God, who was true to His word and righteous to the very last judgment, was being invested into His future sons and daughters who will be kings of the Kingdom with the legacy they carry of their Father and the One He sent in the flesh for us to believe in… For His legacy comes through the One who humbled Himself and was made a little lower than the angels, so that by the grace of God He might taste death for the sake of everyone but God so that by the grace of God He might taste death for every son for the sake of God, by obeying every word that came out of the mouth of God, for therein lay the knowing of the One who sent Jesus, and therein lay the knowing of Jesus, the One who was sent ~

For the most pure love, which did come into the world, was the Love of God for family…

God’s most pure love manifested as His only Son…

For salvation, which belongs to God, was given by grace through faith in Jesus Christ, the Son of God, and no greater love hath God that He would send the Son of His Love into the world so He could bring many sons to glory through that same Son and through that same love, and out from that same world.

For Jesus is a true King, for He was a True Son, born from pure love, and is One who knows the investment of the Father in His Son, and then in all sons and daughters who come through Him… who come through the higher establishment of God’s love of family at its deepest, hardest and most precious level of existence – from the very deep of the deep darkness in which He dwells, for He has invested Himself and all of which is irreplaceable and precious to Him, and so sent forth His investment and legacy of family through His Son to be then in us, for it is pure in motive and determined in its mission for nothing to be lost or given to perishing… that nothing about God that He yearns to be made known, be lost or given to perishing because eternal life is that they come to know Him and know Him as the One who sent Jesus… even then knowing Jesus, the One He sent.

For even though Jesus was raised as a man, He was not one of us, for He was not of the world but came into the world from above – raised from birth as fully human, but as much as He was made in our likeness in the flesh, so also was He formed in the likeness of His Father who was Spirit, for He was born of the Spirit, born from the will and desire of God, born of the Spirit of God who would testify with power to the truth that Jesus is the One and Only begotten Son of the living God and all who come through Him will have life eternal.

For how celebrated and irreplaceable is that relationship with God that it now only so rests with no other man but Jesus Christ, who was a Son to God in every way and to the very end.

And being a Son to God in every way and to the very end is what He is teaching all those who yearn, long, pine, and desire to reach for the infinite outstretched arm of eternal life to know God, to know Him even as the One who would sacrifice His Son who was with Him in the beginning…

To know Him as the One who sent Him so as to make our transfiguration a revelation of His glory because the love of God changes everything, as does the witnessing of the unfolding of the one true God changes everything before our very eyes –

For as the threefold Godhead unfolds, each adding a different stature of glory and revelation to Their union and Their Oneness – a fragile experience for us for we can quickly lose what was destined to swiftly bring us into what could only be purchased by the blood of Jesus.

For how else can it be brought to us? The unfolding of the eternal Son… the unfolding of the eternal Spirit… the unfolding of the eternal Father as He is unfolded to again embrace the all of who has gone out from Him as we see the form of eternal life and what it holds for sons and daughters through the eyes of the Father… through the eyes of the Son… through the eyes of the Spirit… such unfolding is sheer poetry in motion, revealing what is so important that it had to be seen to be believed… and from those who saw it and believed, then from the word of their testimony do we believe what we have not yet seen, for Jesus abided in a love so profoundly life changing that it can perfect perfection… it can birth the Son of God who is perfect into the imperfect flesh of the physical world, which is passing away… passing away because no more can it exist in its imperfect form for it has been touched by the perfect form of God and will now pass away only to be made new again to live the promise of the Word made flesh… the promise of love made manifest, for love changes everything.

God changes everything… the love of God shows us how to live and how to die –

The love of God changes what brings us glory and what brings us shame, and we live to the very end in that awe-inspiring truth that we can be like our Master and do what He has done and greater things will we do, but no greater thing will be done to us, above which was done to Jesus –

For He now lives forever, a manifest living testimony of the depth of God’s infinite wisdom and love so pure… so pure that it has no secrets, for its greatest secret, its greatest revelation was given its release when the Father released the most pure love of all into the world… released His love of family.

Released it when He released from His side Jesus Christ, so He may come unto us in our likeness, so all men could be drawn to Him as He was lifted up for them to believe and then to love Him through their obedience to His commands, for only then could they be able to receive the love of the Father –

For the love of the Father made Jesus the Son He is, so we may experience the love of not any Father but this Father who would send His own Son, so that when men became obedient to the Son, then the Father may also love them, and when the Father loves them, then and only then will the Son love them for the Son does only what He sees the Father doing… For Jesus is the pure endless Light, which reveals the Father and gives revelation to His Love, His voice, revelation to His cry –

And the all of the Revelation of Jesus Christ from eternal life to eternal condemnation is all poetic justice… as the Father is revealed and Jesus is glorified and all nations have the Gospel of the Kingdom of God preached to them and then the end does come… with the Holy Spirit in exalted inexpressible joy because Jesus has been justifiably glorified and the Father has been undeniably revealed and the Holy Spirit’s love for Jesus has been shouted aloud from every high steeple that was erected as a denial of the glory due God’s One and Only begotten Son, JESUS CHRIST, OUR LORD AND SAVIOUR, who came into the world – and the world had to know that Jesus did whatever the Father commanded Him –

The world had to know that the hardest of all teachings of which He has brought into the world is how men enter and abide in the Father’s love always… always doing what pleases Him… that is a Son… that is a King… that is His ways, which are not our ways, and His thoughts, which are not our thoughts…

For His love is one of the hardest of teachings.

For His love is in His commands – For His love was before His commands.

And so everyone who listens to the truth, listens to His voice and puts aside the things of who is greater and does what is greater…

For Mary stopped comparing herself to another and moved into the revelation of Jesus, preparing the Master who we are never above, for what we can never do…

For worse than comparing ourselves with others is comparing others to ourselves, making others less and us more… for that is how it was with Martha, for she did not compare herself to Mary but Mary to herself, making herself more and Mary less.

For we can never do the greater thing while we are still comparing the lesser thing.

And we are the lesser thing when compared to Jesus.

For the only One to compare ourselves with is Jesus Himself, for He has done the greatest of things and only He can be the source from which flows the greater things that we shall do, bringing to us encouragement and not discouragement, deliverance and not enslavement, and inspiring us to greater effort, filling us with knowing that comparing the lesser things keeps us from accomplishing the greater things…

The greater things held in Christ for the greatest thing was done by Christ, and it is He who inspires us to come into our creativity of effort and motivates us by His Divine influence, and it is He who aspires us to live what He has prepared for us, to rise up and soar and to go after immortality, and to live and never die, seeking what is of the infinite and incorruptible and reaching and accomplishing the impossible by holding on to what is fragile, and embracing and drawing strength from the truth that it could only be purchased by the blood of the Lamb – and the fact that it can be easily damaged and marred is the mark and seal of its true indestructibility and value in the eyes of God… being sealed for the day when perfection arrives and all of which is of the imperfect disappears.

And as our perfect God unfolds and reveals and manifests His thoughts and aspirations, it is not all given to being dissected and pulled apart and analysed and handled and second-guessed so as to see how it might work and what makes it what it is, and so violate the revelation and Godly beauty and candour of what just is… intruding when we are to be still, as His P/power moves us deeper into revelation of what is just God as He is and as He wants to be seen, and for us to be rightfully astounded and amazed and completely subject to His word and what it manifests out of what is unseen… and rejoice for the motive, for His revelation in that form purifies our heart and births us into His world of perfection just as He was birthed into our world of imperfection.

For some things are given to dissection and being searched out and cut down to the bone, but some, the real understanding of, the real revelation of, is in the stillness, is in the acceptance, is in the acceptance of it in its ultimate revelation, as the Lord wants us to see it, to see it and be still and know that it is God… a revealing and knowing of God not given to analysing nor even debate in human words, for so above our reasoning is it that finally we collide with what are some of the essential elements in the way God does things, the way He thinks, the way He expresses what is infinite and incomparable and irreplaceable and precious in His sight… accepting it as it is in its form from where we are standing and from what we are being shown, for that just may be what He wants us to see, no more and no less, with no adding and no taking, with no debate and no doubt, with no words of ours to intrude on what has come from the mouth of God, even the finger of God, for it is God in His Glory as much as it is us being changed by His glory as He expresses a thought to us or even His entire power to us in one moment of time, in one physical manifestation, in one word of wisdom, in one display of resurrection power, in one revelation of sheer perfect understanding… given to be received without substituting the revelation of what just is – with overly religious or spiritual reasonings for then we lock Him out – reaching not for God and what He might possibly show us, but wanting to pull Him apart to see how He works as we voice our doubts and criticism of Him and His ways and His thoughts and His methods, when really He has a much better way of us coming to know the most revealing things about Himself, for His ways are not clumsy nor intrusive or invasive or discouraging but perfect and life changing, leaving no doubt that His ways are not our ways, His thoughts not our thoughts, and any other door we try to open will not be opened and any other door we try to close will not be closed ~

For Jesus is truly the only door to the Father, which He has opened and which no one can shut except the Lord God Himself because the Lord Himself is the One who inspires us to reach for the unreachable by showing us the unimaginable, the unbelievable, the impossible… inspiring us as only God can, to want to reach and imagine and believe and create and accomplish what is pleasing to Him only…

For abiding in His love is the abidance in the sanctity of sonship with God… it is to be a king who imparts God and His Godly ways – for it is our King and our God who we are revealing in our Sonship and in our Kingship…

And we have to have an even balance of Spirit and flesh for that is who we are, because that is how He made us, and it is time we respond as we were made and be as we were made to be –

For even in the pure endless light of Eternity shall the revelation of the way we were made be given its glory unto the only true God who freed us from our chains by sending His Son to give us the good news of a life in Christ… the good news that repentance was permitted and forgiveness was available, and the Father was unfolding in all of His glorious forms for Jesus Christ was drawing all men unto Himself, for He had purposed salvation to be given by grace through faith in Jesus Christ, and Christ having being offered once to bear the sins of many will appear a second time not to carry any burden of sin, or to deal with sin, for He shall appear without our sins to bring to full salvation those who are eagerly, constantly and patiently waiting for Him ~

Therefore we are to prepare our minds for action and be self-controlled and set our hope fully on the grace to be given us when Jesus Christ is revealed.

For we are being guarded by God’s power through our faith till we fully inherit that final salvation that is ready to be revealed for us in the last time.

And these trials are only to test our faith to show that it is strong and pure, and it is being tested as fire tests and purifies gold – for our faith is far more precious to God than gold…

And if our faith remains strong after being tried by fiery trials, it will bring much praise and glory and honour on the day when Jesus Christ is revealed to the whole world.

For we love Him even though we have never seen Him, and though we do not see Him, we trust Him and our reward is with Him…

But our faith has to be proved genuine, and the proof of our faith is to be made manifest and to result in praise, and to result in glory, and to result in honour at the revelation of Jesus Christ, for we are obtaining the goal of our faith, which is the very salvation of our souls.

For the salvation of our soul is by grace through faith in Jesus Christ…

And He is returning with the fullness of our salvation… given by grace through faith in Jesus Christ.

But will He find faith when He returns with our salvation?

Will He find proof of faith, manifestation of the proof of our faith, which will give praise, glory and honour to our salvation, which He will be bringing to us? …Our salvation, which has come from God, our salvation, which comes through faith in Jesus Christ, our salvation, which has come to meet with our faith made manifest…

Proof from sons and daughters who have lived their eternal life on the very edge of the Sword and live what is strong and yet so fragile, for they know that faith in God… faith in Jesus can easily be set to the side… for how easily after obtaining the avenging of our enemies from the Father do we break what is so fragile? For after we have been avenged, will we take that avenging by God for us and infuse it into our faith in Jesus and never stop praying, waiting and expecting Him with what is our final and glorious salvation, which has been given only by the grace of God and been given only by way of faith in His One and Only Jesus Christ?

For it is Jesus, the Son of God that we bow before, for He is The Son of God above whom no other son will be elevated, and He is The Son our Father loves and is well pleased with, and if we listen to Him, we would know our place in Christ Jesus and know our place before Christ Jesus, and that is doing what will always please the Father, for we cannot know our place in Him or before Him without obeying His commands, for that is loving Him, and we love Him even though we have not seen Him…

For Jesus is our Light in the night, and when all seems to be going wrong, He will not be the One to let go of us, for we are to always trust in God and in the Lord and then we will not fear, and we will live the truth that Jesus has overcome the world… Jesus, the Son whose power is made perfect in weakness.

For always in weakness do we come to Him and always in Power does He draw us close to Him –

For His cry is that nothing be lost or given to perishing and that all drawn to Jesus will be raised on the last day, for that is our God, who sent Jesus, and that is Jesus, the One He sent…



[1] John 17:3


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