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The I AM:  How can we even talk about Him when we cannot even comprehend His Name – For His infinite Being is of no form or shape, and we cannot carve out anything which will resemble Him in any way – 

For He is bigger than our words and our brains, our imaginations and our worldliness – our intelligence not able to even wrap our mind around His Name, let alone able to explore the universe of the revelation held in it –

For there is nothing more beyond Him –

He is the embracement and enhancement of all, and everything seen and unseen, and we are to learn from Jesus how to live in tune with such awe and such magnificence and such reality… reality that is our true life and which will otherwise consume us like a consuming fire that He is –


For we are to come to where we do not have to understand everything and put everything into neat boxes to be able to receive Him and accept Him as being more than what is beyond our comprehension – but only to rise and stand firm in the truth that Jesus is the Christ and that Jesus is God’s plan – He is God’s design – He is how God holds all things together and through us He is to be glorified –

God’s will – God’s plans – His whole arrangement of all and everything is to be glorified through His whole creation – the Beginning and the End – the I AM being glorified through us – us who cannot even get our head around His Name, which is beyond understanding –

For we have been empowered and enriched with such capabilities by God so we can glorify Him and glorify Him again to the glory of the Father who seeks it ~ 

For Jesus is our connection to how things really are at the deepest level of our existence, and when we follow His lead and voice of words and His no frills way of doing things, we are brought into what is ultimate reality – beyond what is impossible to go without the intervention of God to bring us back onto the right course, so we may be brought into life as it really is – Into the wonder of knowing Him and His Creation as He first created, and then as it moves into its resurrected state of existence –

Coming to know the way we have to live for it to work in the most spectacular and productive way – the way in which it has been empowered to work and produce for it to be always changing and moving forward in God and with God and more importantly for God ~


For Jesus is the narrow way that leads forward into that true life, and He teaches us how to live and communicate and to fully engage with the living God at the most profound level – Teaching us how to live not only so it be moral and upstanding – but it is how to live in and with creation as it was meant to be –  so we are in sync with it and with its Creator, for then the power of such oneness and harmony and such movement forward sweeps through like a flood bringing Empire truths into a world that has moved into its full resurrection of life and power to the glory of God the Almighty One ~


For Jesus did not chase after anyone trying to convince them of the T/truth.

He stated it – He taught it – He explained it – but He did not apologise for it …recanting on His words or His abruptness – saying that what He said was just a figure of speech or that He did not really mean that we had to give up our wealth or possessions or land or family to follow Him – or that He was not really serious about our laying down our lives for our friends or drinking His blood or eating His flesh… it was just a figure of speech –

He did not chase after anyone to retract what He said when He saw He had offended them or saw that many were leaving Him… He could not be bribed… He could not be intimidated… He could not be won over… for His compassion and tender mercy was well balanced with His disinterest in what men thought of Him, for His entire focus remained on doing the work and will of God – for there was nothing else on His agenda but His Father ~

And we need that – He is such a perfect Teacher for us –

For His manner and His attitude and His disposition is what brings us into a Kingdom that cannot be shaken –

And we need something that demands we step up to be better disciples of Jesus Christ –

More focused, more disciplined disciples who imitate Jesus without apology – we need something that calls out from us the greatness that Christ knows is inside of us – and only Jesus and His attitude and His teachings and His love and obedience to the Father can do that –

For when it comes down to the wire, we know that He is there for us because He is not fancy talk, but honest truths that are faithful, unshakable and unblemished… and if we trust Him, who we listen to and follow and imitate – the One who says we can do it – then already our life, our faith, our attitude has been transformed because Jesus continues to find out who really wants the teachings that are hard to swallow and who really does not – and He keeps pushing and prodding and questioning and putting it all out there until only the unbribable and immovable and faithful ones remain –

Then He has those who can do the harder thing – the greater thing – the seemingly impossible thing – those who will do what no one else will do – those who know their God and know without question that the I AM is everything He says He is and that He is everything they have been searching for –


And Jesus shows us why the road is so narrow as His harder teachings come forth, and He shows us why our refinement and attention to detail has to be so meticulous – our obedience made complete – that our change from glory to glory has to be so thorough – our loyalty to Him able to withstand the hardest of teachings and the most relentless of questions and harshest of persecutions –

And that when He demands much from us – our discipline and training and loyalty to Him will surge forward and manifest its presence and we will be the very best we can be because we desire and want to be the very best at what we do for Christ – the very best at what we have been called and chosen and elected to do –

And because we are desperate to be the very best of what God has made us to be… the very best at what we have been trained to do – and if we are not dedicated to being the very best at what we do and are still yet to do… then we will not survive the days to come as the teachings become harder and the road even narrower… and we will not have the stamina nor the mindset to endure such intense moulding and sharpening by Him – even if we have the best of intentions to do so –

For now it is all about He who will come suddenly – it is all about hard training and not taking our eyes off Jesus for a second even to look to see if the water has gone solid under our feet –

For they are not positions that we hold, which are of elevation of self, but more the camouflage of self so only the Holy Spirit knows where we are and what we are doing for we are now baptised into the Holy Spirit – and all that is seen is the living and active testimony of Jesus and the truth of His soon arrival – the truth of His imminent Kingship and the truth that the kingdoms of the world will become the Kingdom of God and His Christ –

We are no more – for it is Christ in us who is to be revealed –

And we must love that truth – we must want it that way – for it is best if we acknowledge now if the way of the Lord is too hard for us and that we do have desires for our face to be seen – our name to be known – our giftings to be acknowledged –

For if that is what we really want – and go for the harder thing – and then think that we can change the sequence of who receives the glory first, then we die a miserable death as our Lord convicts us and convinces us, giving exposure of us as the unauthorised ones we are… no matter how many times we prophesied, cast out demons, or did mighty works in His Name –

For we are crucified in Christ and it is no longer we who live but Christ lives in us – and the life that we now live in the flesh, we live by faith in the Son of God and we live by the faith of the Son of God, who loved us and gave Himself up for us…

Gave Himself up for us!

And the length of time and the solidness of the work, which the Holy Spirit has to do in us, is to be a reminder to us of the horror of sin and its effect on what God created – so much so that only Jesus could redeem us from it – for its ugliness is such a devastating contrast to the life that Jesus is leading us into ~

The self gratifying ways of the world came up against Jesus and He made no apologies for stripping us bare with His words of Truth, so we would come and buy from Him gold having been refined and tested by fire so we may be truly rich – and white garments that we may be clothed and our shame and nakedness not be revealed, and salve to anoint our eyes so we may see –

For Jesus never makes apologies for Himself or for His Father ~

Honouring each other is like that ~ we make no apologies for the way God is moulding us, nor the words He gives us to speak, nor for the way each one of us loves Him or each other….

For we do not know how much is demanded of us, but only know that it is much –

For much refining and polishing and sharpening has been done… much has been given for us to reveal Jesus to the glory of the Father ~


For the power of sin has been broken in our lives – the effects of sin cancelled in our flesh, as God poured out His blood and gave release His forgiveness through His Beloved Son, who we are commanded to listen to – so we hear Him! ~

Listening to hear Jesus tears away our complacency and our lazy form – for our body hurries into its decay – our fear, unbelief, and cowardice mocking the R/resurrection that stands at the door knocking and waiting for us to open it to Him –

Listening to Jesus to hear the truth spoken by the Truth, a tool and a weapon of war, which unlocks the shackles of our bondage and lethargic attitude – our couldn’t care less frame of mind dismantled, unable to put up a fight – for so powerful is our God-given capability to listen to Jesus so as to hear His commands, so as to obey what He teaches – 

So powerful that the potential it holds is explosive… otherwise the command would not have been given –

For all God’s commands are to lead us into the potential God has put in us – for it is far more than we know or use… and is what is going to blow the charade the church is living wide open… full nakedness, full exposing of the guilt of our sin of unbelief in Jesus the Holy One sent to us by God the Father ~

For Jesus alone knows what we can do, what we are capable of, what we have the potential for –

For God knows that we are capable of amazing things because He made us in His Image – and even Jesus remarked in Mark 4:40, ‘How do you not have faith?’ –

It was like how do you do it, not have faith in God that is, or faith in what Jesus tells us?  – Like it was harder not to have faith in Him, than to have faith in Him –

For what faith enables us to do is so amazing and so Godlike… it leads us to the living God and to God in His resurrected form ~

And the truth is: our soul will soar with the life that is the ultimate reality of our existence with God and how we are to engage with Him in T/truth – 

The spectacle of love in motion – love in action – love alive and in battle for the resurrection of the heart of God through Christ Jesus –

For we have been given a second chance to have our being held in wonder – even held delightfully captive to our God who is beyond all and who is bigger and more than what we can put into words or into form or shape – 

For it took the Father and the Holy Spirit to give Jesus a body in which to come to earth – 

For how big is the infinite and what body of flesh could contain Him if He had not given up all His rights as God, and humbled Himself when He found Himself in the form of a man, and then proceeded to be the Source and the Author and even the Cause of Eternal Salvation? –

Being in the forefront and leading all God’s creation back to being of the process of restoration and then into the deep caverns of the holiness of God as all is brought into its final resurrection within Him – to His praise and His glory and His honour –

It is holy – it is untouchable – it is history in the making – it is eternal – and it is happening right now –


It is His Story and when He tells it, why do people run from Him?  Why do they leave Him when it becomes hard for them to listen to what He is saying? –

He had to live it first – so why can’t all men at least listen so as to hear what is the end from the beginning? – Listen to hear what the I AM has to say – 

But by the authority our Lord gives us, we are going to listen to the very last word and go after all He is holding out to us in the palm of His scarred hand –

We want to hear all of it and then to come and live it with Him –

We don’t want Him to give us a way out – we want to go the narrow way, otherwise we are not going to hear all that He has to tell us – and He will keep speaking His Story into us as long as we are willing to listen so as to hear – and following and obeying and trusting only Jesus and the good news that He has for us…

Because His whole person – His manner, His attitude, His way of doing things, His loyalty and His dependability and His impeccable love –

It is the way He just puts it all out there…

He walked the narrow road and did not play one who was the victim, but was the Victorious One – and we are not victims anymore in this world or to those who are against us or our Lord…

We are not victims, but are victorious ones through Christ Jesus – for the victory can only come through Him and He was never a victim even though men killed him… He was always the Victorious One – always God’s victory and the supreme victory of God.

And the harder teaching and the stricter of discipline, demand that we step up and then step up more and more and more, so the greatness He put inside of us comes forth –

For it is Jesus who can only bring it out in us – and He will, if we stay with Him and do not leave Him and let Him drive us and prod us and question us and teach us and change us and love us as the Father loved Him… as we take up again our mantle – this one the mantle of one living fully engaged with creation and with the living God at the most profound level – And what we thought was extreme before will be blown to pieces, for there is no extreme now, only what IS – only He who is the I AM –

And there are no words for what is indescribable – for what is being fully engaged with the living God… from the dustiest of rocky outcrop to the jewel encrusted city of New Jerusalem.


For our questions to Him are our engaging with Him and with what He is telling us

Our thoughts and questions continuing as will His answers, and the transforming of us as we step into His words – our true reality, and live His Story with Him –

For we have been forgiven by God and are not victims anymore but victorious now in Christ Jesus who died for the forgiveness of all our sins – 

And He is so able to have our mind racing with a single revelation He gives us –

For He is only too willing to answer every question we pose to Him – every plan we put forward to Him – for that is our engaging with He who is the I AM – 

His creation interacting with Him as it was meant to be… the Holiness of worship at its peak and God unharnessed within us – as our own thoughts of Him are unchained, so we can run with Him and laugh with Him and dance with Him –

Dance with Him the dance of the Opera of the resurrection of the P/power of the Church of Jesus Christ and let the Kingdom of God take hold of us and show us what God made us to be able to do – and let Jesus be glorified through us again and again…


For our worship of Him is the highest form of communication with Him –

His Ownership of us, giving us certain truth that the deceiver has no power over us and that we are safely and securely within His love, within His hands and within the power of God whose only plans are to prosper us and not to harm us – and His plans have not changed, it is that we have chosen to live outside of His plans and outside of what works… to our own detriment and to own loss and to our own shame, and it does not work for us and never will… for everything is off balance and caving in around us, for when one fell, all of creation splintered and fractured and went out of sync and now is groaning for the sons of God to emerge and to take up the authority that Jesus has given them

For in Jesus, God is putting it all back together and He is our connection to how things truly are at the deepest level of existence and when we follow Him, He leads us into ultimate reality – into the One who is the I AM… 

The One who formed the world by the W/word of God and then framed it by that same W/word… a masterpiece – yes – what it is still to be… surely of the Masterful… full of the presence of the Master who is God Almighty Himself…..


So we let our questions flow to Him and His answers come to us in a deluge of willingness on His part, even eagerness touched with a sense of… ‘At last you are listening to hear’ – 

As He draws us into His panoramic vision of truth as we feel His patient endurance that He has beared up under – as we feel the measure of His waiting for His creation to be made again what it will be – and the measure of His waiting for us, will bury us under its almighty desperation to see all come to repentance – and to measure it against our own does not do God any justice or reveal our endurance to any measure that can be measured – for ours may be an offshoot of His – but it is what only God Himself can carry within His wisdom and understanding and desire that none should perish….

His desire for that will always outweigh ours – we may come into His desires and wishes and will and dreams and even what He hates and what He will avenge – but always His measure outweighs ours for He is the Bright Morning Star… and knows and sees and guides the end from the beginning – and only He knows that if all parts of the scriptures, which tell of disobedience and sin and death and wrath and pain and mourning and tears and despair were removed… then what He has left is the beginning and the end – the Alpha and the Omega – the garden and the city – the Light and the Light –

What He has is Jesus and all those found in Him ~

For in the garden we fell from glory, and in the garden the Resurrection rose unto glory making known the wonder of the love of God to see all things be made new within the resurrection of the Son of His love ~

For in Christ all of creation is being reconciled, restored, resurrected and made new for such it is to be loved by God as the Beloved was loved of the Father.

So much so that we are being given a Kingdom that cannot be shaken ~ one that will be established forever…

And to give it to us and to make us able to enter into it, Jesus went to the cross and suffered its indignity, its shame and He despised the sin He became and His disciples fled from Him… there was no encouragement in their eyes nor support in their actions – no comfort or touch as from one man to another in their darkest hour… no praise or worship at the feet of the King… no repentance from their mouths… no words which said, ‘thankyou Lord, for we know what you are doing for us’ …the barrage of the assault upon Him by others was never so inflicting as the one that came from His disciples – for He knew that they thought that He had let them down – ‘forgive them Father, for they do not know what they are doing’ applies to all of us especially His disciples… for how many times now do His disciples still have that thought, that Jesus has let us down?

That it is His fault that we carry such a heavy load… that it is His fault that we are of no success… or not where we think we ought to be or have what we think we ought to have –


For what is true is that what we deserved, Jesus got –

And what Jesus deserved, we got ~

For even with men amongst each other, there is encouragement and support and a hand that stretches out to touch when it is your darkest hour of suffering – when the aloneness needs to be shared…

When Jesus came fully as a man, we failed Him – How much more as our God and King do we and will we fail Him and flee from Him when His power is not made manifest… when His arrest by soldiers He does not fight… when His flogging is silently endured… when the charges against Him are left unanswered… when on a cross He dies the death of a criminal.


For we have neither come near the roaring fire nor the darkness nor the storm nor the tempest – We have not come near to a physical mountain and to what can be touched –

Nor to the sound of the trumpet and the voice of the word that was heard but refused – so the word would not be spoken to them anymore, begging that not a word be added to them for they could not endure the order that was given –

They staggered back under God’s command – that if even an animal touches the mountain, it must be stoned to death or shot through with a dart…

And so terrible was the sight that Moses said, ‘I am terrified and trembling.’

For we are being given a Kingdom that cannot be shaken ~

And what was seen when His hour did come was Jesus our King, who can never be shaken, nor destroyed, nor proven false, nor be held down by death…

The Kingdom of Power we are to become and so to reveal came by way of weakness – perfect weakness because of perfect suffering – which gave way to the power of God being made more perfect through Him – which gave way to the Kingdom of Power as it was perfected in the flesh of Christ – made ready to be given to those who know that only with Jesus can we enter the narrow door – only with Jesus can we enter the Kingdom whose power was made more perfect through the sufferings of its King.


For once again God will not only shake the earth but the heavens also – so only the eternal, which cannot be shaken will remain ~

Therefore let us be grateful for receiving a Kingdom that cannot be shaken and so offer to God acceptable worship, with holy fear and awe –

For our God is a consuming fire… a consuming fire just as much as He was the blood soaked Lamb of the Sacrifice ~

He is a God bigger than our words just as He is of a body of flesh, which desired words of comfort and support and love and encouragement from those He chose to come and be with Him where He is… and to have what He has and to be as He is as He made that narrow way for us to come to the Father, as He was so counted among them, for all were sinners, all needed saving, all had to be reconciled back to the Father…

All would be lined up wanting to partake of the resurrection and the life of the Eternal One… But not all were lined up to see Him through the ordeal which would bring to us that resurrection and that life of the Eternal One.


When the Lord speaks to us, if we are truly listening to hear His Story, then our holy desperation for Him will rise in readiness for us to meet with our Creator –

It is our Holy desperation unto the Lord that takes no prisoners, but only holds captive all of which yields itself fully to a Kingdom that cannot be shaken – and yields itself permanently to what is of the interests of the Supreme and Divine One –

His Power hallowed – His way narrow… His seeming weakness at the time of the declaration of the outpouring of forgiveness of sins embraced as the power of God was made more perfect through Him – so all the things of the world, which will be shaken by Him, now already are shaken free from us – so now the things – the thoughts, the actions, the words, the understanding, which comes from such engagement with the Living God are now all of which is left of us – an unshakable Kingdom that cannot be destroyed, that will be established forever… we are being given what is of the eternal and we do not know how to handle it, we do not know what to expect, we just do not know… unless the Lord Himself shows us the most narrow of way to go – and tells us the narrow words to say so we do not broaden His words but keep them sharp and precise, the same shape of the sword of the word itself – as He reveals how to enter what is impossible with men and to receive, handle, use, maintain, and sustain His power of true life – true Kingdom life – so it is always has its Amen in Christ to the glory of the Father Himself –


For we have drawn near Mt Zion, even the city of the living God – the heavenly Jerusalem and to thousands of angels in festal assembly –

We have drawn near to God the Judge of all – and to the spirits of just ones who have been perfected – and to Jesus the Mediator of a new covenant between God and men – and to the blood which graciously forgives, instead of crying out for vengeance as did the blood of Abel ~

For as many promises that are of God, they are yes in Jesus –

All the promises of God find their yes in Him – that is why it is through Him that we utter our Amen to God for His glory – saying yes to Him and then putting our yes into action so as to be the living, powerful, unshakable Testimony of God as made seen and known and heard through and in Jesus Christ, with the Lord the Holy Spirit working with us confirming Jesus the Word, through the signs, which follow us.


For God spoke everything into us to form us, and to form and establish a Kingdom in us which will be established forever – speaking into us His commands so they were a part of us and that our obedience to them would be natural and forthright – with our loyalty never to be dislodged from Him – with our free will always giving us freedom to do His Will – freedom to choose what is the goodness of God, which was always in our midst and at work in our hearts…

For any temptation to do otherwise – to be elsewhere – never to touch our inner sanctuary, which was sacred and holy unto God from the beginning, even the beginning of time…

Where we went wrong… why we went wrong… a tragedy forever pressed within our hearts… as is the forgiveness of our waywardness given us by God…

For God sees in us much more than we see… we are still to Him full of the potential to do amazing things… to do what He spoke into us as He spoke love into us… and Jesus into us… and the future into us… and His Kingdom into us….


He wants for us to love Him with all our heart, mind, soul, and strength and love our neighbour as ourself.

To love Him like this – not just for a minute or an hour or a day, but with an ongoing unshakable imperishable love because He is bringing us into the Kingdom of the Son of His love –

A Kingdom unshakable as His Son –

A Kingdom as imperishable as His love –

And a Kingdom as powerful as the love He has for His Son and the love the Son has for the Father – filling us with all power according to the might of His glory – for all endurance and all patience with joy – giving thanks to the Father who has made us fit and qualified us to share in the inheritance of the saints in the Kingdom of Light –

For He has delivered us from the domain of darkness and transferred us into the Kingdom of His Beloved Son in whom we have redemption – the forgiveness of sins –

For our Father has delivered us out of the authority of darkness and translated us into the Kingdom of the Son of His love ~


Where we went wrong… why we went wrong… is what we have been forgiven of ~

For as many promises that are of God, they are yes in Jesus –

They are yes in Jesus!


YES – in JESUS CHRIST who has never and will never let us down for He is THE SON OF GOD’S LOVE… and it is into the Kingdom of the Son of His love, which the Father of all creation has translated us into what is unshakable and imperishable –

For it has been established by JESUS and through Jesus – established to remain forever –










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