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In the seven letters to the seven churches, there were all manners of things to repent of and to overcome, from the loss of the first love to the lukewarmness of the Laodicean church.  A call to repentance, rebukes and reminders to overcome these things were necessary because of the innovations introduced by the disciples who departed from holding wholly to the teachings of Jesus and departed from wholly following Him, and who departed from the council of the Holy Spirit whom they did not learn to value enough to not go fishing instead of waiting in Jerusalem as commanded.

Although you have been taught, elect, to repent of the things Jesus commanded the seven churches to repent of and to overcome what they were told to overcome, now it is time to return to that which should have been overcome from the beginning… if we had held onto the teachings of Christ firmly.

For what needs to be overcome by those who are in the Kingdom of God according to the Parable of the Sower, whereby Jesus taught about the Kingdom of God, are the things that stop those who are like seeds sown among the thorns from maturing and therefore becoming fruitful.  They are “…the worries of this life (life’s worries), the deceitfulness of wealth, riches and pleasures, and the desires for other things come in and choke the word, making it unfruitful.” [Mark 4.19 and Luke 8.14 merged] Such things are continuing to choke us and prevent our maturity and fruitfulness because a person who has entered the Kingdom of God but does not have the power entrusted to him is like a man without the keys to the car.

Without power, there is nothing of the Kingdom of God to speak of and there is nothing of the Kingdom of God to eat or drink.  And as such, with food, drink or talk, there are and can be very little joy, peace and righteousness.  There is little to rejoice over and much to worry about with nothing being right when there is no power.  So it is little wonder that Jesus said the disciples would receive power when the Holy Spirit comes, after He had spent two years speaking to them from the beginning to the end of the Kingdom of God, the Kingdom of God, the Kingdom of God… and not of the church or the Kingdom of Heaven.

You see, without power, there is nothing to take away the worries of this life.  Without power, there is nothing with which to create real (true) wealth, riches and pleasures that show up the riches, wealth and pleasures of this world for what it is – transient distractions rather than permanent attractions.  Without power, there is nothing to desire in the Kingdom of God, for nothing about it is revealed.  That is why so many in the world turn away from the kingdoms of the church once they come to know what the church is all about – rules upon rules of conduct and worship concocted by men who have departed from following Jesus, listening to Him and practising His words with the assistance of the power and counsel of the Holy Spirit.

So then, for those who are focussed on the practice of the words of Jesus, the loss of the first love would never have been a problem, for they would have been practising the love of enemies continuously and with the assistance of the Holy Spirit successfully.  When you experience the perfection and fullness of mercy that come from a successful practice of the love of enemies, you will always look forward to the love of enemies.  The problem is we hardly practise that, and so very rarely has anyone even experienced the perfection and the mercifulness of the Father that Jesus spoke of, and so we do not receive or acquire the inspiration to continue and to endeavour in the practice until the next success.  And the failure to endure in the practice means the successes are far and few in between, and so the enjoyment that comes from success is sparse.

The absence of perfection can make the presence of power burdensome, for the absence of perfection means that whatever is done with the power, by the power, is still imperfect and so is subject to ruin and error, which brings disappointment and frustration.  That is why with the command to love our enemies comes the reward of perfection.  Perfection was given access by the Lord to all disciples before the authority and power of His Name were given, for no one was sent out at Matthew 6, and the authority to drive out demons was not given until later in Matthew 10 after the twelve had time to practise love of enemies.

As such, the first key of the Kingdom of God, that is, the Kingdom of Love, for God is Love, is the love of enemies.  For the love of enemies avails for those who have entered the perfection that permits having power that is pleasurable.  The attainment of this perfection begins with the orderly practice of that which is prescribed, “…Love your enemies [bless those who curse you, do good to those who hate you] and pray for those who persecute you…” [Matthew 5.44 and its footnote] Bless and not curse those who curse you; bless them with what Jesus has blessed them with in the beatitudes.  If they are poor in spirit, bless them with the Kingdom of Heaven.  If they are mourning, bless them with comfort, and so on.  However, a person who curses you is unlikely to be poor in spirit, but rather, rich in the evil of his spirit.  Neither is he likely to be mourning, but rather, is angry.  Certainly, those who love to curse are rarely meek, nor do they hunger and thirst for righteousness, nor are they merciful or pure in heart or peacemakers.  And if they are persecuted, rarely it is because of righteousness but because of unrighteousness.  As such, the proper practice of blessing those who curse you must be preceded by a change of their very persona so that they become poor in spirit, and so that they mourn, they become meek, they hunger and thirst for righteousness, and so that they become merciful, pure in heart, peacemakers and ones who are persecuted for righteousness.

As such, a prerequisite to blessing those who curse you so that they are truly blessed by the words spoken by Jesus is to cause a change in their life in such a way that they become the poor in spirit, the mourners, the meek, the hungry and thirsty for righteousness, the merciful, the pure in heart, the peacemakers and the persecuted.  A change first in their mind, attitude, spirit, so that circumstances come to them that cause fear and depression.  Changes that cause loss so that they mourn, and the removal of that which gives them power so that they become meek and without self-righteousness and are persecuted, hungry and thirsty.  A change of circumstances so that they come to appreciate mercy that they may become merciful and pure in heart because, like David, the façade of their lying, murderous, adulterous life is torn away and exposed so that, like David, they can cry, “Create in me a clean heart.” [Psalm 51.10 KJV] A peacemaker because they have become tired of conflict and persecution.

So then understand the proper application of blessing those who curse you is to do to them that which is good, and that is a complete change in their life circumstances… so complete that every aspect is broken down.  And you do this by prayer, that is, to say, to speak, to God knowing that which you ask will be done without a doubt and that you will have whatever you say.

So then, as all men will hate you because of Jesus becomes fulfilled in your lives more and more, from that hatred will come the curses and from the curses will come the right and opportunity for you to bless as Jesus commanded you to bless.  So the subsequent practice of these prescribed orders will result in your ever increasing perfection with which to use the power with greater and greater pleasure until the greatest of pleasure is reached – mercifulness.

For the exercise of mercy is a pleasure, valuable only to the ultimate victim who has savoured the complete victory where all your enemies are vanquished and reduced to nothing and your vengeance is satisfied.  So satisfied that you show mercy to those who were your enemies so that they may live and exist under your benevolence forever, which is an eternal bittersweet torture, and cause them to gnash their teeth in the dark but smile and bow in your presence, and there is nothing they, your enemies, can do to change it.

That is why the command to stand firm is given in the context that all men will hate you because of Jesus as He said, for if you truly want to come to know Him, then you must come to know Him at His greatest pleasure, that of being perfect and merciful.  A perfection achieved by the persecution of His enemies that permits Him the total victory so that He can be and is absolutely merciful.  Something you would have to thank your enemies for.  What a punishment for your enemies when their very curses, hatred and persecution have resulted in your ultimate elevation – to be sons of your Father in Heaven, who are like Him, perfect and merciful.

Now, a person who is perfect and merciful cannot be corrupted by power, for the fullness of mercy means that the power is always exercised perfectly, and as such, a person might just find himself trusted with the full power of the Holy Spirit to use at his discretion and will for the glory of God!

With power, what worry of life can endure but be removed; what wealth, riches and pleasures cannot be acquired that are far greater than anything the world has to offer; and what desires cannot be satisfied that you would want other things?  None.

So then, elect, the answer is power first, but the key to accessing that power is not just faith, but as Paul wrote:  The only thing that counts is faith expressing itself through love. [Galatians 5.6] However, it is not the love of God or the love of neighbours, for they are of the old commandments, which are obsolete, but rather, it is the love of enemies, for with that comes the perfection, the precision for power to be absolutely pleasurable, and the fullness of mercy, so as not to be corrupted by it.

How can those who excommunicate, torture, kill and murder those who profess the same Christ have any love of enemies?  So without that first love, power cannot be released and entrusted to anyone.

So then, elect, perhaps you can now see that the church that does not need Jesus to write them a letter is in fact the church that is the one He started – founded on His traditions, His commandments, His words, and expressed and done His way.  The church where water is turned to good wine even if there are some who are already drunk, where the sick are healed no matter who their father or master is, where any who touch Him are healed no matter what their past is or whether they deserve it, where food is multiplied even if they should have brought more food.  His way – the way of truth and grace – not the way of lies and judgment.  Unfortunately, we chose to follow the pharisees who, although could never heal the sick no matter what day it was, made it a rule that the sick should come back on another day other than the Sabbath if they wanted to be healed.

So then, elect, receive the first key of the keys of the Kingdom of God – the love of enemies – and have the faith that expresses itself through love, and that is, the love of your enemies as God loves His enemies, even us, and brings us into His kingdom forever.


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