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As we have been taught and as our sister preached we are to “…live the love of redemption as the Lord does,” and to “have a heart desperate for all to be drawn to Jesus – a desperation that powers into existence miracles.”[1]

And as it has been reiterated many times: Our practice of the control of the lot is the focus of our desperation to see all come to Jesus and this is one avenue only in the practise of control, and when success does come, we are to be wise stewards with all of its uses for the Kingdom of God and not as of the kingdom of the world, and it is definitely not for us to recede into a comfort zone and be of ones with a less than urgent focus and zeal in the continued practise of perfect control of the perfection of resurrection power, of which it is God’s desire that it is to be given to those He can fully trust.  And as it was preached on Saturday: that this focus within us will become “a pleasing measure before our Lord our God and not an offensive measure… a manifestation of the release of the heart of redemption upon this Earth.”[2]

Our desire is to see Jesus back on Earth for His Millennial Reign, and whatever uncompleted words of works, which are left to yet be fulfilled, we push forward in diligent preparation of self and of others to ensure that they are fulfilled to the perfection required, for our God gave us nothing less than perfection and we are to give back of the same.  Each of us have tasks to do, some known and some yet to be made known, some have been in place for some time as their tasks come first to entrée the following stages and tasks, which are then to be carried out by the next person or team and of which cannot be carried out until the groundwork has been laid by the preceding task or tasks.  And some will crossover in time-lines within the schedule, whilst others cannot begin until the completion of the former stage or stages.  Some can begin simultaneously whilst others will be used at differing stages throughout the project, but as like for a building, these are the stages, which are required:

§           First there must be a desire and/or a need, which gives rise to the planning stage, which is then given to an architect or a professional to draw up and design and with correct knowledge, complying with the laws required by the local government as well as laws of structural purpose both for safety and for durability.  Then the plans are submitted for approval, first to the owner and then to be passed by the local government.  There is a time delay, which happens here.

§           Tentative selection and specification of materials for costing of the project must be done and no further work occurs until the approval of the cost is given with a contract as a seal with an exchange, e.g. down-payment.  The contractor selection occurs both here and at the costing stage  i.e. tendering, then each party who wins the tender on their part of the works will select their own team of tradespeople upon receiving their contract for the job i.e. builder, landscaper.  Some people are selected not by tender, but by reputation of the quality and type of work that they produce.

§           There will be a finalizing of building material selections by the owner and the architect, and there may be adjustments to the finishes originally specified at this stage.

§           Then begins the demolition and clearing of the land.

§           A wise owner will select the interior designer/decorator and even a landscape designer at the outset of the planning stages and involve them from an early stage so that each can work with the other to compliment each other’s work and ideas and prevent mistakes and a non-flow through of design conceptions.

§           The ordering of materials is done, not all at once, but per each stage of building as product is required, with time considerations for products to be made and produced to specifications, as there will be items that are custom-made and not readily available.

§           The foundations are dug and then laid.  There will be a council inspection at this point.

§           Next comes the floor & plumbing to floor area with some electrical preparation.

§           Next, all the structural external and internal wall frames are fitted with electrical wiring put in place.

§           Then the roof and windows are fitted with a further council inspection to ensure the building is to specification as approved.

§           Then the outer wall lining with plumbing and further electrical work being done.

§           Then the internal wall lining and internal doors with further plumbing and electrical in place.

§           What is called ‘lockup’ stage occurs with the exterior doors being fitted or if a ‘special’ order is being prepared the area will be hoarded.

§           Fixtures and Fittings are now fitted with final plumbing and electrical, and final council inspection will occur.

§           The outside work will generally commence anytime around now, pending nature of works and difficulty of terrain (there may be council inspections even on the landscaping pending scope of works).

§           Then comes the painting or wall finishes and floor coverings of various finishes.

§           Settlement is made here and handover of keys given to the owner.

§           Now the furnishings and accessories can be brought in.

§           And the window treatments are fitted.

§           Move In Time!

From the time the foundations are laid out and dug, there will be building inspections for safety approval and government approval together with inspections by the owner and architect who is the overseer of the building design.  Changes or adjustments may need to be made when the interior designer or decorator as well as the landscape designer are employed and add their knowledge and advice, learned by experience, to the existing plans and also new ideas may surface either by a change of thought or desire due to new products coming on the market.  Or perhaps changes need to be made due to budget requirements needing to be met.  There also may be unexpected situations or problems that crop up, such as tradesmen shortages.

To us, the Lord God Almighty is the Overseer, the Master Architect as well as the Owner and the future Government who was the only controlling Government until man rebelled.  Now is the time and the hours in which He is taking back what is legally His, by way of the proof which He acquired approximately 1993 years ago,[3] when His enemy, Satan, attempted to coerce Him into following him by way of the same act of deception by the maligned use of Scripture and the arrogant, yet typical trait of maliciousness to suggest: “If You worship me, it will be all Yours.”[4]  His accuser is a liar and a thief, and we have become illegal tenants because we rebelled when the master-rebellious deceiver in turn recruited us into his insurrection under the guise of setting us free from our Overlord, first by placing doubt in our heart when he asked, “Did God really say…”[5] and then of whom, the devil, that crafty serpent suggested He had not told us the full truth, by saying, “You will not surely die, for God knows that when you eat of it your eyes will be opened, and you will be like God, knowing good and evil.”[6]  And though God’s enemy Satan was cast out of Heaven like lightening down to Earth, and God in readiness had His plans drawn up and approved of by Himself, the full team membership of Father, Son and Holy Spirit, He had not yet found the appropriately skilled and diligent contractors to whom He would entrust and unfold His plans to, that they may make manifest His work in the precise prescribed manner of which His integrity demanded, for nothing less than that of the quality He Himself would do, would be right for Him to present for His future dreams with His future generation of family of whom He was drawing unto Himself.

And He is the One who threads throughout the entire work, from beginning to end, from alpha to omega, for He is the Alpha and the Omega.

Perhaps, yet, you are not sure for what purpose your main use is, and you watch and wait whilst others have been glorying in their work, in the sheer privilege of the work they have been given to do …and it is an insult to God if we, in false humility, say that we do not love, and at the least, enjoy the work that He so generously gives us, we who were nothing and going nowhere of comfort or joy or peace or of the everlasting… and were definitely of the deepest yearning of dissatisfaction before They graciously and gracefully in the fullness of mercy, opened doors for us that no man neither can open nor shut, save the Lord Jesus Christ.   The Lord, the Lord, the Lord is Justice to the nth degree and beyond infinity… and so your turn will and does come and your purpose is just as important to Them as any other…  Though we are employed as the tradespeople, we are also the finished work.  For some of us are ones who are the beams, which hold the building in place, and without these beams nothing can stand, but they will remain, hidden forever under the cladding placed over them.  Perhaps you are the finishing walls or the finishing touch, the entrance door, which will replace the interim hoarding until yours of the precise style and glamour, which sets the mood for grand entrée into the building, arrives and is put in place towards the end, after all the heavy items are brought in and the workmen have mostly finished their work, so that the elimination of damage to you is minimized.  Or perhaps, you are the glamorous entry chandelier or part of the kitchen where everyone will mull around and much use of you is required, therefore you are the highest usage area of the building.  Or perhaps you are the lighting within or without, little noticed but oh so important, for without you daily function would be difficult to say the least, or even the more subtle of lighting, which sets the mood for intimacy, or again perhaps you are the ceiling or the floor or an item of furniture, or a tap once again seemingly so humble, but without you there would be considerable inconvenience, yet many hands will use you daily… 

So do continue in your preparation, which is by the prescribed way of imperative continuous repentance and diligent focus to Listen to Jesus and to the Holy Spirit, and the focussed humble submissive obedience to the practice given us to do, and that is to practise His words, which is to manifest in us at the least, the same desperation that all be saved and none be lost that our Lord God Almighty has.

For it is an extraordinarily breathtaking and superior stand-out, other-worldly building and surrounding landscape, both of super-extra-exceptional design of unheard of quality in both mastermind plan and finishes not yet seen, to the last well thought out amazing meticulous detail, with eye-catching, but pleasing finishes in both colour, choice, textures, shapes and trim, whether of the bold or of the understated, perfectly proportioned and complementary each to the other, which is what we are in the process of the preliminary measures and the building to the precise detail of the plans we are being given for each stage of the preparations for our Lord Jesus’ arrival.  This is the preparations being carried out on this Earth right now and we are the skilled tradesmen hired to do the work under the cover of the darkness now arriving to disguise what is truly happening, for the skill has been given us and is being continuously taught to us that we be proficient in our consummately skilful craftsmanship, and we are being taught exclusively by the never to be surpassed Master Craftsman Himself, for He would not leave this training to anyone other than Himself.

Our God, the Lord, the Lord, the Lord is extremely generous to the max, and though He has in the library of His mind the plans of the whole finished work with the schedule of the works to be carried out, when, how and where, and the skills required at every level in superior form to any of us, it is His delight, joy and good pleasure to give them to us for us to discover that we may produce and present the format, and then to build it as the foremen of this majestic intensive once-in-an-eternity work, and to be of the humility of Himself, to get our hands dirty and ‘get in there’ as tradesmen and women side-by-side with our elected team of workers that we may acquire first-hand experience of what it takes to demolish and rebuild the whole Earth and the social structures of both human and animal and all living things, which do inhabit it and make up all of its entire structure.

And for us to be of His likeness, we are to overcome our tendency to singularity, yet a plumber is not an electrician, though he may know how to carry out electrical work, he is not skilled in it, and therefore it is better for the overall plan to be carried out to perfection, that he does not interfere with the plumber as the plumber executes his work and does not interfere with the electrician, but consideration is given to each other as they may need to work almost ‘on top of’ each other at times to get the work done within the scheduled timeframe required.  And likewise each of us is to recognise the skills given to us and to strive to become of excellence in our skilfulness that we will carry out our own work to its precise detail in the perfection required of us, and for which we were elected. 

But we, as fellow workers, though we may be as our brother Paul stated, speaking in the tongues [languages] of men and of angels, yet have not love, we are only a resounding gong or a clanging cymbal.  If we have the gift of prophecy and can fathom all mysteries and all knowledge, and if we have a faith that can move mountains, but have not love, we are nothing.  If we give all we possess to the poor and surrender our body to the flames, but have not love, we gain nothing.  Love is patient, love is kind.  It does not envy, it does not boast, it is not proud.  It is not rude, it is not self-seeking, it is not easily angered, it keeps no record of wrongs.  Love does not delight in evil but rejoices with the truth.  It always protects, always trusts, always hopes, always perseveres.  Love never fails.  But where there are prophecies, they will cease; where there are tongues, they will be stilled; where there is knowledge, it will pass away.  For we know in part and we prophesy in part, but when perfection comes, the imperfect disappears.”[7]

And so, we will never be of the full likeness of the Lord, the Lord, the Lord if we do not rejoice in each other’s work, or we think ill or little of one another’s efforts as we practise our skill until it becomes of the perfection required for our work to be placed within the structure that our Lord God Almighty is eagerly anticipating of its exalted praiseworthy finality so that He may unveil it with great rejoicing to the exultation of the Holy Angels and all who will be privileged to behold it. 

We will never be of the full likeness of our God, whom we have striven so courageously and so diligently, and with sincere motive of heart, to come to this level of knowing and of understanding both He and His ways, His mind, His heart, His strength and His soul, if our desperation does not take us to the death of ourselves that we put our own desires to be ‘so in’ with the Lord, the Lord, the Lord that we do struggle to submit ourselves to each other so that the other too may share as we share in the glory, the revelations, the delights, the joys, the pleasures, the pain and the suffering of all that is held within our God, as the Lord, the Lord, the Lord share, One unto Another, One submitted to the Other in the fullness and grandness of the extreme ethereal beauty of the fullness of true humility. 

And that, as They have so mightily and magnificently in undisguised humility displayed the fullness and magnitude of Their love and consideration One for Another, we have not forged ahead to make a name for ourselves… not amongst the brethren or even the world… for we have come far… too far for that, and that is not our motivation for the Lord, the Lord, the Lord has and will always be our motivation, for They have forgiven us of so much, and he or she who is forgiven much, loves much… but that we do still forget who we truly are, from where we did come from when we receive so much of the Lord’s gifts into our lives that we do press ahead to ensure our place with our God and in the Heavens… and as we do so, we have carried the one remaining human trait of jealousy… jealousy for our place in the Trinity of God, and not of the jealousy of God whose Name is Jealous,[8] that of jealousy for each other and each other’s place in the Trinity of God.

And as we submit ourselves to continuous repentance and to the nature changing glory of God, which has been given us that we do become one with each other, one unto another… there would be nothing… nothing in our way… in our God’s way to use us in the fullness of His grace given unto us, as He now is able to submit His power, in full trust into our hands, for we have truly become one with Him, one in the Trinity as They are One… but not the only one with the Lord, the Lord, the Lord, for we do bring with us ones with whom we have united ourselves to and become one with… and they in turn do also bring ones with whom they have made themselves one with… submitted one unto another… and the power does now flow without obstruction… that resurrected power released by the resurrection of the Resurrection, and of the Spirit of Resurrection, and of the Father of the Resurrection who are The Resurrection, One, who was before time began.

And those who have never heard the Gospel of Salvation, the glorious Gospel of Jesus, and those who have heard yet not believed will be drawn to this light, the most brilliant Light of the Oneness of God… and therein our desperation, which did cause us to die to ourselves fully, that one last bastion… urgently brought us to this place, and this deed of desperation by the desperate, does bring captives in its train… “I have given them the glory that You gave Me, that they may be one as We are One: I in them and You in Me.  May they be brought to complete unity to let the world know that You sent Me and have loved them even as You have loved Me.”[9]



[2] see footnote 1

[3] allowing for Jewish calendar

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