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A man who had suffered from pain, loss of balance and an abnormal gait since being hit by a motor vehicle six and a half years ago was completely healed of all his pain and dysfunction as Jocelyn laid hands on him today. The man reported that all pain left him. He was able to cross his legs while seated for the first time in six and a half years. His gait returned to normal.  Whereas before he was walking like a drunken man (people in his church had many times commented that he was drunk in church), unable to get out of his chair without having to push on the arms of the chair and get up awkwardly, now he is able to get up without assistance and walk normally. Before he would fall over if he stood with his eyes closed (Romberg’s sign), now he is able to stand with his eyes closed and not even sway. This healing has been verified by one of his treating doctors who witnessed the immediate improvement as it happened.