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The Grapes of God

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How often have you heard from well meaning ignorants that the water Jesus turned to wine was not really wine but grape juice or non-alcoholic wine?  Have you preached that yourself as a pastor because we have such a fear of drunkenness, and our perception of holiness and righteousness has always been based on the recommendations of the apostles and the elders of the Jerusalem church, which is that we do well to avoid these things?  And we are so focused on avoiding drunkenness that we have never cared to believe the Lord fully to ask Him, “What was so good about the wine He made from the water?”

Wine comes from grapes, but the wine Jesus made did not come from a grape but from water, which should immediately tell us that it was a wine unlike any other.  The apostle Paul correctly summed up our state of absolute ignorance about the ways of God when he wrote:  No eye has seen, no ear has heard, no mind has conceived what God has prepared for those who love Him… [1 Corinthians 2.9] taking it from the words of Isaiah 64.4 where it is written:  Since ancient times no one has heard, no ear has perceived, no eye has seen any God besides You who acts on behalf of those who wait for Him.  See that the apostle did not quote the scripture verbatim but took it to a higher level as he used it to begin his rebuke and correction of the church at Corinth.  A letter that ignorants also use to defend their theology against the public use of the gift of tongues… forgetting that the speaking of tongues is one of the signs that accompany believers as they preach the good news to all creation, creatures and mankind… a word given by the Lord Jesus Himself. [Mark 16.15, 17]

You see, elect, no eyes have ever seen the grapes of God nor lips have tasted of the wine that would have come from those grapes, for the fruit of the Garden of Eden was denied to all men after the fall of Adam.  However, if there is ever a man who would know what the wine from the grapes of God would be like, it is Jesus.  So the wine that was made from the water at Cana was not the wine that we know at all… but good wine, like when God made this Earth and all things in it were good.  Wine that has alcohol, yes, but of a type that can only gladden the hearts of men but never cause men to become drunk, no matter how much they have consumed.  Can we make such a wine from the grapes that we now have?  Unfortunately we cannot.  That type of grape is lost to the world until Jesus returns, for the grapes that we now have are grown from the soil that has been completely changed by the flood of Noah, a catastrophe that we are yet to fully comprehend.  As the world is now focused on the disasters of climate change, the truth is, Noah’s flood caused such a change to the world that everything that now grows on the Earth is different from that which grew before the flood.

Noah did not realise the change he had brought on the Earth even though it was clearly set out before his eyes.  For as he came out of the ark, he saw a sky with clouds and a rainbow… a sky that was not the same as the sky before the flood.  The Earth was changed – there were bare rocks, snow and ice, mountains that did not exist before the flood, and oceans as well.  The waters of the flood had so changed the soil that when he planted a vineyard and made wine from the grapes, the wine was so toxic that he got drunk and fell asleep naked.  The toxicity of the post-flood wine was such that the words that came out of the only righteous man of his time were a curse.  You see, even the wine that Noah enjoyed before the flood was nothing like the wine that God had in mind from the grapes of Eden, but at least the soil of the Earth was still untouched by the wrath of God, and the wine did not make men drunk.

Drunkenness was certainly not one of the evils of the world that Noah destroyed.  That world was destroyed because of the abomination that causes desolation – the presence of Nephilims.  It was the presence of their descendants in Canaan that earmarked the whole region for extermination by the Lord.  However, the Israelites failed to do so and were themselves beguiled into the worship of their gods, going as far as adopting the Canaanites’ practice of having prostitutes at their temples.  What was the purpose of those women?  That men came to the temple to sleep with prostitutes begs the question… why?  Just to satisfy their lust?  Or was it done in the hope that the gods would be blessed with ‘sons’ who would grow to become the Goliaths of their day so that their nations would become strong because they have bred giants to protect them?

So Noah, not realising the extent to which he had changed the world, planted a vineyard and drank the wine from those grapes of the new world and became drunk.  What Jesus did at Cana was that He gave the world, which He had come to save, a taste of the true wine of God… the wine that should have been had Adam not sinned.  Now you might understand why Jesus offered them the cup with wine as His blood, and said that He would not drink of the fruit of the vine again until He drinks it anew in the Kingdom of God.  The Kingdom of God, the kingdom of power that was supposed to manifest through the church was supposed to offer the world not only the salvation of God, but also be able to reveal to the world that which God had planned and purposed from the beginning.  Jesus healed the blind and the sick because in the world God made for us, there was never meant to be any sickness.  He raised the dead because in that same world there was not meant to be death, and so on.  Jesus came to restore that which was lost, yes, but it was not Israel that was lost but the world that God had made in the beginning.

The ministry of the church was to preach the goods news and raise up disciples through whom the Kingdom of God would manifest until it was time for Jesus to return, of which the Holy Spirit would have His share of the work.  Just as the Father created and the Son salvaged, so the Holy Spirit would bring to remembrance what had been saved by the Son to the glory of God.  However, since it seemed good to the disciples not to believe and obey Jesus even when He told them not to leave Jerusalem, but went with Peter to go fishing even after He rebuked them that first night for their lack of faith and their stubborn refusal to believe those who had seen Him, so now we are the beneficiaries of that goodness.  A church that credits itself with its ability to avoid things while the devil makes a mockery of us all as his sons in our ranks show the world how poorly we avoid sin.  That however is the fruit of the Jerusalem church, which deemed the recommendations of James the Younger more important than the words of Jesus.

However, for those of us who have been set aside in these days by the Holy Spirit for the work He has for us, that is not our concern.  Our concern is to hear what the Holy Spirit is saying as He now makes known to us the things that belong to Jesus and the words of Jesus that the eleven could not bear to hear.

So, when next you see the humble grape, remember… no eyes have seen nor lips have tasted the grape that God had made for Adam.  And when you next see a man drinking wine, do not condemn him but repent that you have not the power to turn it into the good wine that Jesus made in Cana.  Then perhaps, elect, the world might just come to know and see that they have been wonderfully made and redeemed by One who is gracious, compassionate and slow to anger… One whom we are not ashamed to call, “Abba, Father.”  But the world will never know that of our Father unless we first repent of the unbelief and disobedience which we have shown to Jesus, and humble ourselves and wait upon Him to give us a taste of what He had prepared for the eleven that morning in Galilee if only they had gone as they were told.

As for the grapes… let them remind you then not only of God’s wrath, but inspire you to know that He who has restored even the humble grape to fulfil its destiny to bring forth the good wine, has done much more for you and I.  Truly He is worthy of our adoration.

Dr. Ed, Manager of the Holy Spirit’s workshop… “Finishing the preparations for His arrival.”

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