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The Extra Mile

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“If someone forces you to go one mile, go with him two miles.” [Matthew 5.41]

Even though Jesus never forces anyone to go or do anything, however this teaching that He gave concerning how we are not to resist an evil person surely applies to Him who is not evil but is so good to us.  For if we are to go the extra mile in practising not resisting an evil person, then in our practice of the word of the Lord, the extra mile is the unspoken rule.  That is, whatever He commands of us should be fulfilled above and beyond that which He commanded.  If we are to go the extra mile for an evil person, then surely we must go the extra thousand mile for Him.

That should be and has to be our attitude to His commands, which are not burdensome but are a delight to obey, not because they carry a blessing but simply because they are His commands.

This will give you an understanding to the attitude that the Holy Spirit has to the work that Jesus gave Him to do.  He does not find it so burdensome that He would agree with recommendations that we abandon the teachings of Jesus for the judgement of a man like James, His half-brother who once thought Him mad and did not believe in Him.  No, you will find the Holy Spirit most zealous in the fulfilment of the work that Jesus gave Him to do, and not only would He go the extra mile, but He would go the extra eternity to complete that which Jesus has given Him to do.  It is the knowledge of this zeal of the Holy Spirit for Jesus that gives any of His elect the confidence to know that anything they can think of doing for Jesus, the Holy Spirit will see to it that it is carried out and to a measure far exceeding that which the elect had even dreamt of.

As such the work that Jesus gave to the Lord, the Spirit of Truth, the Holy Spirit in John 15 and 16, will be done by the Lord to a measure far exceeding that which the Lord has asked.

He will not only guide you into all truth, but He will guide you willingly and meticulously if you are listening to Jesus.

He will not only remind you of what Jesus has said when you are listening, but also what Jesus said when you are not listening.  In our case, not only of the words of Jesus that have been written down in the gospels, but also of the words that are not written down.

He will not only tell you what He has heard, but also how it was spoken, so that like Jesus, not only do you know what the Father said but how He said it, so that you may know the spirit of the word and not just the word.

He will not only tell you what is yet to come, but all the details of what is yet to come, so that you do not see a dim picture shrouded in fog, but clearly, right down to the last minute detail.

He will not only make known to you what belongs to Jesus, but all that belongs to Jesus and also that which belongs to the Father and all of it.

He will not only bring glory to Jesus, but He will do with you and through you and for you, for after all the Father drew you to Jesus so that Jesus could choose you so that you could be elected by Him (the Spirit).

He will not only convict you of righteousness, but reveal to you the degree of your righteousness in His eyes, for you are God’s righteousness because Jesus has been made the sin offering.

He will not only testify for Jesus, but will bring forth the evidence as well for Jesus and the Father, so that now that we have His testimony, we will also be given the evidence that backs the testimony.  He will bring Jesus back in the flesh so that every eye will see Him in the flesh.

He will not only give us power to be the witnesses of Jesus as well, but also the powers of the age to come, so that we will also testify of the future that Jesus has planned for all whom He has saved.  Powers to not only do what Jesus has been doing but even greater things, and even powers that testify to the reality of the coming, not only of Jesus but of the New Heavens, New Earth and New Jerusalem that are to come.

If this is how the Holy Spirit responds to the work Jesus gave Him, then how should we respond to Him?

Jesus commanded that we are to receive Him when He said, “Receive the Holy Spirit.” [John 20.22]  If we are to go the extra mile, then, elect, not only are we to receive Him, but we must also honour Him and glorify Him, imitating Him, so that we can truly say, “He is the Father of our spirit.”  For this to happen, we must first be a church that listens and hears what He is saying, and lets Him go the extra eternity for Jesus if He so chooses.  If we truly honour Him, the Holy Spirit, the Spirit of Truth of John 15, then we must begin by throwing out the spirit of the church that has been masquerading as the Holy Spirit.

Far better to do something that James would find distasteful than to do something that James would approve, for he did not approve of the eating of blood, of strangled meats and of food sacrificed to idols, that is, he did not approve of what Jesus taught His disciples.

So, go the extra mile and listen to Jesus, hold onto His teachings and do what James did not recommend.  When you will walk such a path, you will find the Holy Spirit your ever willing Companion.

Hr. Ed Kwan, manager of the Holy Spirit’s Workshop

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