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The End Game- a definition:

In chess, the endgame (or end game or ending) refers to the stage of the game when there are few pieces left on the board. The line between middlegame and endgame is often not clear, and may occur gradually or with the quick exchange of a few pairs of pieces. The endgame, however, tends to have quite different characteristics from the middlegame, and the players have quite different strategic concerns. In particular, pawns become more important; endgames often revolve around attempting to promote a pawn by advancing it to the eighth rank. The king, which has to be protected in the middlegame owing to the threat of checkmate, becomes a strong piece in the endgame. It can be brought to the centre of the board and be a useful attacking piece. Endgames can be classified according to the type of pieces that remain.”[1]

My present understanding of the End Game for the disciples of Jesus Christ is this- if you can imagine that the Earth is God’s chessboard, and you have understood and treasured in your heart the testimonies about Jesus, which are written from the book of Genesis to Revelation, then the End Game in your heart is founded on these words of our Lord, “Yes, I am coming soon.”[2] As from the time the Father said, “Let there be light,” the war in Heaven was diverted to Earth and the war in Heaven has been playing out on Earth between God, the holy angels and those who obey God’s commandments AND hold to the testimony of Jesus, against Satan and his angels.

Should you feel offended that you are just a pawn in God’s chess game and that you are dispensable, think again. Each of us is dispensable BUT if you should ever feel used or manipulated, then I direct your attention to the cross of Jesus Christ, and ask you, why would God send His only Son to put Him through all the suffering He had to endure to die for your sins unless He is Justice and He loves you?

The End Game is clear- it is the stage of the war when all the pieces have been played out and the highways are made straighter than straight and all the gates that stand in the way are broken, and the only move left to play is for Jesus’ feet to touch this Earth again. Nothing is left outstanding, nothing is left unaccountable, nothing is unfulfilled- the move is irrevocably clear for God and to those waiting on their King- Jesus is due.

And to this effect, I have 20 questions to bring into light today:

1.     What is your End Game in Christ? Is it having a nice life and going to Heaven and wait for the last day when you will rise again in the resurrection? OR be determined to stay alive but die to yourself, so that you may greet your King upon His return and reign on Earth?

2.     What if there was no promise of the first resurrection for you, would you still aim to stay alive for Jesus?

3.     How far into the Middle Game are we?

4.     Is your role in the End Game becoming clearer to you as you listen to Jesus and the Holy Spirit more closely and carefully?

5.     If God is not ready to move you on His chess board simply because it is not time yet, for God has many considerations in view of His entire strategy, do you stay put and wait? Or do you complain and stray?

6.     When one piece decides to move or remove itself, how does that affect the others and the rest of the game?

7.     What is hidden in this treasure, when Jesus said, “Blessed are the barren women, the wombs that never bore and the breasts that never nursed”? What kind of warning is this about the disasters in the end times? Is the warning loud or subtle?

8.     Since God pre-empts Satan’s every move, how focused must we be on the End Game in order for God to reveal the same to us?

9.     Since God is in control of the coming of the lawless one, who is really in control of all the pieces that Satan thinks he is holding?

10.  Since we have been shown the mistakes of the Beginning Game made by the Alphan disciples/apostles, how do we apply this understanding for the End Game?

11.  How does the Beginning Game differ from the End Game, and how much more perseverance and patient endurance are needed to finish the game? What power is needed and how is it applied?

12.  Is it any wonder that it is not the church that wins the war for God, but Jesus who wins the war for God? Otherwise, how will it be proclaimed “JUSTICE HAS WON THE WAR FOREVER”? God is Justice.

13.  More than ever, should we microscopically pore over the words of Jesus and the testimonies of the holy angels and the counselling of the Holy Spirit to know and understand the next moves of the End Game? Will 1/3 of the sea turn into blood, or is it 1/3 of the waters that will turn bitter, or is it both? Is it 1/3 of the trees that will be burned up, and 1/3 of the grass will be burned up, or is it ALL the grass will be burned up? Are you sure?

14.  How do we mine sweep through the words of those who pray against the return of Jesus? Do we annul their faith because their words without knowledge darken the counsel of our Lord the Holy Spirit?

15.  Do you know your authority in annulling all faith EXCEPT unbroken faith in Jesus the Truth? What if someone asks you, “By what authority do you annul the faith of others?”  What do you say? Or rather, what would you ask them in return?

16.  When God sees a man put out his cigarette on a tree, how would He feel in putting this man in charge of any cities that belong to Him?

17.  What is the point of purchasing investment property now? When the mark of the beast comes, how will you pay land tax and other rates & charges?

18.  Indeed, Jesus was mocked, flogged and crucified, and Scripture was fulfilled. But the extent to which Jesus was flogged, the sheer cruelty of it all, was it of God or was it purely of us?

19.  This chess game of God- is it recreational, or is it resurrectional?

20.  I always say to those who do not believe in the Word of God- that if I don’t have the bible, I have nothing. I wouldn’t even know that I am such a low down dirty condemned sinner that I need a Saviour, or that Jesus is the Son of God, or that He was the innocent Man who carried the cross of condemned mankind and died for us. Can you imagine that the written word of God is the living parable of the truth of the R/resurrection?

Justice for the Resurrection!


[2] Revelation 22.20


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