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The Anointed One

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“Touch not My anointed, and do My prophets no harm,” [Psalm 105.15 AMP] was the warning God gave through David in his time concerning Israel and the prophets of Israel.

If God was that concerned for Israel who disobeyed and prostituted herself, how much more concerned then is God for those who obey Him with all their hearts, souls, might and minds?  If God was concerned for Israel’s wellbeing despite their rebellion and yet Israel cost God very little – a dozen or so miracles through Moses and Israel was born – then consider how much more concerned God is for those who cost the blood and life of Jesus, His only Son, to purchase from amongst men.  If God was concerned for Israel the nation’s wellbeing – the kingdom of Israel – that He would say, “Do not touch My anointed ones; do My prophets no harm,” [Psalm 105.15 NIV] then consider how much concern He has for the Kingdom of God that cost the life of His Son to establish and cost His Holy Spirit to manifest on Earth.

As such, rest in this assurance:  In the days that are here as the kings of the Earth raise up their opposition, the sternest of God’s warning is against them as they raise their voice and arms against the Kingdom of God and its citizens.  In the history of Israel, no other kingdom could stand against Israel when Israel obeyed God.  When they disobeyed God, kingdoms would attack and torment Israel until Israel repented… and those tormentors were quickly dispatched, like Sennacherib of Assyria.  It is as if those kingdoms were allowed to afflict Israel to bring them to repentance for their disobedience.  Likewise now, as you begin to write the history of the Kingdom of God with your lives, you can be certain and know for certain that when you are obedient, no kingdom can stand before you.  When you are disobedient, your repentance will see those who torment you removed.  For after all, the purpose of their presence is to bring you to repentance.

However, when you are listening to Jesus and practising His words to master them so that they are fulfilled to prepare this Earth for His arrival, then your obedience is already complete as it were… for that is what the Holy Spirit Himself is doing.  For He is the Anointed One sent by the Father at Jesus’ request, and anyone who is working with Him for the return of Jesus in glory has fellowship with the Obedient One, and so is himself or herself obedient.  Now if the Lord God would say, “Touch not My anointed…” concerning Israel, then how much more He would watch over this warning against those who seek to even touch the Holy Spirit in these final days of preparation?  How much?  You will bear witness to the how much as they are swept away like one awakes from a dream, like a house built on sand because they have not practised the words of Jesus they have heard, and because in their presumption of the will of God, they have opposed the Kingdom of God when they refused to embrace the gifts the Spirit has brought and instead turned to the ways of the world.

So just as the mother of all prostitutes herself will be destroyed by a fire that no one can warm himself with and cause the captains of the sea to cry out, “Woe!  Woe, O great city…” [Revelation 18.19] so likewise will all her daughters and their children who refuse to listen to Jesus to come to know the Father He came to reveal.

As such, as the elect of the Lord, the Holy Spirit, know and understand He is the Anointed One of God who serves Him now on Earth, and all who are His elected are likewise His anointed ones… anointed to complete the manifestation of the Kingdom of God on Earth in preparation for the return of the King.  So know and understand with humble confidence that as you remain obedient to the command and are steadfast in the work, anyone who tries to touch you is like someone trying to touch the Holy Spirit, and who can touch the Spirit of Power and live unless He permits it, for He is the Spirit of Life?

As for those who are so infected with the yeasts of the Sadducees that they would oppose the Holy Spirit, be warned, for you are raising your hand against God’s Anointed One and His elect.

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