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Testimony – HSW in Sydney

From Pastor Ed Kwan:

A brother in the Lord rang yesterday at 10.30 with a request for help for a family that he knows and had been helping.  Apparently their daughter had gone to the police to report her rape, but the police did not believe her as she looked as if she was under the influence of drugs.  When she went back to the hotel where she had been staying with four male companions, she found that they had run away leaving her with a bill of $3500 to pay.  She had gone to this town for a job, but found that the work was gone when she got there, and these men had offered her a place to stay with them.  Because of the stress she broke down at the hotel, and the police were called.  They arrested her for attempting to abscond from paying the bill and also accused her of faking her rape.  At the moment of the phone call, the girl was in jail and the parents needed to raise $3500 to release her.  As the brother was asking me to help with the money, the Holy Spirit said a very clear, “No,” and so I had to tell the brother that even though I had the money to help, I could not help. As we continued to speak on the telephone, I was explaining to this brother that in the past, when the Holy Spirit said, “No,” it meant that He was doing something else to help which would bring greater glory to God, like the time when I had to say, “No,” to a lady who asked me for $10 for milk for her children, and when the lady got home two men from a charity knocked on her door with four bags of groceries because they heard the Lord tell them to take the food to her address, as they were praying.  So as I was explaining the decision to the brother, that one thing the Holy Spirit may be doing is that He is convicting the rapists of their sin and that they may well turn up to confess to the police… his mobile phone rang, and it was the mother of the girl on the phone to tell him that one of the men had just walked into the police station to confess, and the police had released her daughter and were on the way to arrest the other three men!  Such is our Lord.


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