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Testimony – HSW in Nigeria

From Mr Iseac Ogbrogho:

I am a graduate of the Nigerian Maritime Academy, Oron, Akwa-Ibon State, Nigeria, as a marine engineer.  My problem started from childhood.  No one had ever made it in my family as we have always struggled through life.  It was such a shock when I discovered that what was affecting my family was also affecting me.  Even as a graduate, I could not get a job.  As I have to survive, I started riding a motorcycle to be able to keep my body and soul together.  Even at that, I was not able to survive.  At my age of 47, I am still single with no proper decent livelihood.  At one time, I was introduced into the timber business by a friend who had pity on my terrible condition.  My problem was that I had no start up capital.  To be able to do this promising business, I had to borrow the sum of #40,000 (Nigerian naira).  I started with great promising prospects, great dreams and aspirations.  After the 1st, 2nd and 3rd transactions, I was like one out of the woods, as there seemed to be no light at the end of the tunnel.  But on the 4th business trip, I lost everything and that was the beginning of my sorrows.  Remember that I borrowed the money, and before I knew it, the interest alone rose to more than #160,000.  I started paying and have paid about #146,000 and still had the principal outstanding and now the interest has risen again to more than the principal amount.  I did a review of my life and decided that it’s better to end it.  I agreed to commit suicide.  As I took my motorcycle to drive to anywhere my strength would carry me to and end it there, I passed by a church and something told me to enter that church for divine help.  I did not know why, but at the end of a great struggle, I stopped to visit that church, which is where I met a man of God who introduce me to the Almighty God.  And before the end of that visit, our God became my Father.  Sister Mercy led me to Christ and now I know how to listen to Jesus as He has delivered me from a spirit of suicide.  Even though the debt is still there, I now have peace and the spirit of a new beginning.  I am back to starting all over again.  I know the Lord will help me to pay the balance and the principal, and now I have also discovered the purpose for my life.  I will not attempt to commit suicide anymore as I have now made a new pledge to live for Him all the days of my life.


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