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Testimony – HSW in Nigeria

From Mr. Abel Okoh (Four Square Gospel Church, Oreorokpe):

I want to use this medium to thank you all for the work you are doing in Africa.  Recently, I was having great problems, struggling with my health and having a lot of financial crisis.  I have been in ministry for more than three decades and it has always been one problem or another, from sickness to sickness that defied medical diagnosis for three years.  Last week I was asking and praying to the Lord whom to meet to help me, and the Lord showed me a man whose contact I didn’t have.  I prayed for about 30 minutes for the Lord to bring that man my way, and soon after, pastor Amos showed up as I ran into him at a meeting.  Immediately I knew this was the man God directed me to meet.  I met him and we made an appointment for the coming Monday at his workshop, and when we met (today), I knew there was still a remnant and he is one of them.  He counselled me as we fellowshipped together.  All my sickness is now gone to the glory of God.  I was diagnosed with high blood pressure and acute typhoid.  Thank God today I am alive to tell this story.  I am totally healed now and not only that, the Lord used His organisation to meet my financial needs.  I was fed, given transport back to my base in Oreorokpe and my debt was paid all in one day.  What an awesome God!  I want to share this testimony with the people of God and to let them know that God is still in the business of doing great wonders in our generation today.  I am home now and a happy man.  Praise God.  This to also encourage all who are burdened with the yoke of sickness and financial lack to know that if God could do it for me in one day, he can do it for all in half a day.  Don’t cast off your confidence.  Amen.


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