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From sister Mercy Odiowei:

I want to testify about my husband who works with the Nigerian police.  We have been married for more than twenty years.  One of our children is currently in university and the others are in high school.  My husband’s life was very traumatic as it involved women, drinking, beating and other vices.  It all started when we found out that brother Amos is doing a conference.  My children and I attended the conference and on the first day, Amos spoke on the issue of having a vision.  I went home and told my husband about all that happened that day at the conference.  Then he agreed to attend the conference.  So on the second day, my husband and my children and I went to the conference.  I am so happy to announce to everyone that for the first time in my marriage, my husband stood up in the crowd to receive Jesus Christ as Lord and Saviour.  Many of you might not understand what happened that day.  For my husband to humbly stand up in the presence of a crowd to receive Jesus was enough for me.  I thought it would soon wear off as I know what he is like.  But he attended the conference for the rest of the week.  Then there was a demand for the conference to be extended for another week, and my husband continued to attend the conference for the second week.  Last Sunday 11.01.2009, he was in the love feast organised for all who attended the conference.  The greater change in my husband was noticed when Amos spoke about deviating from the vision.  Most of the people wept before the Lord and asked Him to forgive them for deviating from the original vision for their lives.  My husband then said he wants to become a pastor under Amos.  I was shocked!  

Till today, things have been changing in my home, my marriage and among my children.  We are so grateful to the Lord.  He is amazing!  I will continue to serve Him.  I know how hard the fight had been.  Only God knows how bitter and weary it had been for me and the daily endless striving in our life.  In just two weeks, all that came to an end.  I want to encourage all who are married to unbelieving husbands to wait as I had waited all these years.  When I was giving up all hope, the Lord made a way where there was no more hope and no more way.  I never thought it could be this way.  I never thought I would be the one to receive such a blessing.  You could be next, dear reader.  Wait and you will not be put to shame.  I am so happy to tell you that my husband is not only converted, but also filled with the Holy Spirit.  May what happened to my husband, my children and me also happened to all who read this in Jesus’ Name.  May God bless all who have prayed and believed with me, including Pastor Amos.


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