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Testimony – HSW in Kenya

From Pastor Mark Okenda:

Two recent miracles being:  We prayed over two ladies who were seized by wizards and a lot of menace was done on their bodies.  They were found by the roadside the following morning unable to speak.  To be seized by wizards who do their activities at night, and who are sometimes referred to as ‘night runners’ or ‘nocturnal runners,’ means the captive is hijacked and taken away from home with some witchcraft being done over them to make them either mad or mute.   Magicians use charms, divinations, enchantments, even spirits of the dead, like Simon the magician in the Bible.

What amazed us is that they were left only a few metres away from the church.  When we were called as servants of God, we seized the opportunity to prove the power of the Holy Spirit in us.

We took them to the workshop with the help of their relatives, but some had gone to look for magicians to help them. Magicians charge a high fee when they meet their customers, as one has to pay for the services offered. Magicians collaborate with wizards to torment people or lure them into devilish activities, which is very common here.  This is what our workshop is working with to abolish and deliver people from these evil powers and activities.

We prayed as the Holy Spirit led us during that time and within half an hour they started speaking and some of their relatives believed and almost ran away, but we encouraged them and had the privilege of sharing with them about the workshop, and more so, about Jesus Christ.

Eight of the relatives repented right in the workshop and we prayed over them and they promise to bring more people to the workshop.

Those relatives who had gone for magicians came back in two hours time and found that the ladies were already healed and they ran away angry because they thought they would make money from the incident.  Two of the magicians sustained some injuries whilst running away, but they managed to escape.

The two ladies promised that they will join our fellowship and they will be a living testimony in the workshop.


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