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Testimony – HSW Kenya

From Pastor Enock Omoga:

Prayer request from a fellow brethren:
Please keep my father-in-law in mind. He was in a serious car accident about a week ago in Kisii Kisumu highway and he went into a coma. The doctors are talking medical talk, but as believers we do not live by medicine, but by faith. And we know that Jesus came for our healing and so that we may have life. Please keep him in prayer as we trust God for total restoration.

After prayers and laying of hands on the letter…

My father-in-law came to today and he is responding as well as attempting to interact with people. Last week, the doctors were trying to convince the family to remove his feeding tube because they believed that he was brain dead. This week, they did not know what to believe because they could not explain the activity in his brain as well as the movements of his limbs. Thank God that we as believers live by faith and not medicine. Just when I thought that God is good, He just keeps getting better and better. Thanks to those of you who have kept him in your prayers and please continue to pray as we trust God for total restoration.