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From Wendy Lascelles:

Due to all of the abuse I have done to myself through alcohol, smoking, a previous drug habit and 15 attempts at taking my life, I have lung, kidney and liver problems.  Also my heart valves were 75% blocked and in February this year (2009) I was scheduled for a stint to be put in.  Though I was believing that it would be clear and I wouldn’t need the stint, I was somewhat afraid that this would not be the case.  Then the Holy Spirit brought me to the place where I submitted my will wholeheartedly to the Lord that week before the operation and that regardless of the outcome I trusted Him that whatever His choice it would be the best one for me.  Then when I went in for surgery my valves were found to be completely clear, much to the astonishment of the specialist.  Once again as for the first healing of multiple polyps disappearing before an operation and my back being healed, I couldn’t believe that these wonderful things were happening to me! 

Nevertheless, I was still struggling with depression and took my 16th and last overdose a few days later, but this time one of my sisters severely rebuked me, which helped me look outside of myself so that I improved so much that I was discharged from the hospital within an hour or so.  Yet despite that, I was still feeling a bit off and two days later I suffered what appeared to be a mild stroke and lost some movement on the one side of my body and face.  But as I had been spoken over the day before with the laying on of hands that my endorphins increase and that my head would be made completely well, I can only imagine what the Lord saved me from that day when He inspired that command.  My stroke could have been much worse than the minor one I experienced.  It was enough to make me realize the serious ramifications of my self-destructive behavior and attitude.  Five days later the MRI test they took came back showing no symptoms of a stroke and neither were there any signs of damage.

Also about six months ago it was spoken over me that I would again come off the methadone that the pain clinic put me on without any withdrawals, and this has since come to pass.  I have much to be thankful for and I want to thank the Lord for allowing me to have so much wellness spiritually, physically and emotionally.  I give myself to the Lords once and for all even though I had been so ungrateful to the Lord and to those I love, and I am determined that it is no longer my will but Their will be done in and through the life that They have given me.


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