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From Pastor Amos Oriakhi:

I am so happy to testify of what the Lord did today in the life of Jonathan Ugha, a 35 year old formal native doctor who was cursed by an old woman when he was very young.  During deliverance, he confessed how an old woman who was abusing him sexually when he was a very young man of about 11 years old, cursed him for refusing her sex.  Since then he had been a slave to sex to old and married women and virgins only.  He had been suffering under this curse for more than 15 years.  He found himself charming young virgins of about 9 to 12 years old and old women who could not resist him of sex as long as they looked into his demonic eyes.  He was caught assaulting a young virgin of 12 years old last week and he was detained at the police station.  He had been there since Monday with no one to help him or bail him.  He confessed that under the covenant, he could not marry and settle down in life.  He had been in prison more than 5 times for assault.  He ran away from the village due to the same women related matters.  He was sent to maximum security prison in Lagos for the same reason and had impregnated more that 7 young virgins and 10 other girls had abortions because of him.  He had gone out with both mother and child.  Yesterday the Lord gave him my phone number, which he gave to the I.P.O who called me at about 5pm.  I went there and the I.P.O told me this man’s predicament.  Sister Mercy and evangelist Izuagie were with me at the police station from 8am to 4pm.  Today we rallied around to raise US$120 for his bail.  We took him to the workshop and we join together to call on God to deliver him.  It was during deliverance that he opened up and told us how he had been sleeping with old women and young virgins for more than 25 years by hypnotising them, for he did not notice the effect of the curse until 10 years later.  He was fully delivered today at about 6.45pm.  He is now with us as he has no place to go.  He will be sharing his testimony on Sunday to show how merciful the Lord is.  Rejoice with us as this man had made a commitment to destroy all his magical powers.  We hope to take him to where we can destroy all the magical items at his disposal.