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From Pastor Amos Oriakhi:

For the first time yesterday, I was informed by the Lord to wait for a call from Owerri.  At 11.45a.m. my phone rang and a woman’s voice was on the other end saying she wanted to talk to a female friend of hers who is also unknown to me.  I told her that this is my phone line in Warri and I also told her that she was calling from Owerri.  She was surprised and wanted to know how I knew.  I then told her that the Lord pre-informed me that a call was coming from Owerri.  She calmed down and told me her husband was very sick at home.  I told her to go home and lay hands on her husband.  They called me later that evening as well as this morning.  The health of the man is gradually but permanently being restored and he is now up and about to the glory of God.