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From Pastor Amos Oriakhi:

I woke up this morning and the Lord asked me to call a number, which I did.  It was the number of the personal chief photographer of the sector commander of Nigerian Customs.  I told him the Lord wanted me to pray for his family.  He screamed that it was for his wife who had weakened bones.  She could not move, walk or do any domestic activities as she was partially paralysed.  She also is a civil servant in Oyo State.  Her husband said that as the state was on strike, he brought her to stay with him to seek medical help.  I then asked to speak to the wife so the husband gave her the hand phone.  I breathed into the phone three times.  Then I heard a loud noise and the wife was shouting in an unknown tongue, even though it was as early as 4am this morning.  I breathed again into the phone, and she was unable to control her emotions making such a noise, which later I understood she was being filled with the Holy Spirit.  After about two minutes, I inquired about her present state.  She shouted that she was running around the room, a thing that she had not done for a long time.  She was healed right inside her husband’s room in front of him.  He said he did not understand what was going on as the wife cried in praise of the Lord.  I have never met this woman before, but the Lord showed her to me when I slept.