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Sydney experienced two episodes of record temperatures in the last two weeks.  The first was on a Thursday that was predicted to last till the Saturday, and the second was on the Friday just passed (18.01.2013), which was also predicted to last into the Saturday.  On both these occasions, the temperature exceeded 40 degrees centigrade, and actually reached a Sydney record of 45 degrees on the second occasion.

Some of you may know that in Sydney we meet at 4p.m. on a Saturday afternoon in the car park of 90 George Street, which means we are exposed to both the heat in summer and the cold in winter, with a tarpaulin tent stretched overhead for shelter from the rain.  However, success by the Sydney group to control the weather allowed us to minister on both Saturdays in comfort.  On both occasions, unexpected cool changes, which surprised the weather bureau, meant that we ministered in temperatures of mid twenties with a cool breeze blowing.  The cooler weather meant that those who were sick could venture out and come to be healed.  The heat wave would have stopped them from coming and made work most uncomfortable for the staff.

On the Saturday just passed, a man born deaf heard with his left ear for the first time in his life.  He may not have come had the heat wave persisted.

As Jesus calmed the storm twice, so we have calmed the heat waves twice.  Truly, as the Lord has said, we who have faith in Him can do what He has been doing (John 14.12).  His words are truly true.


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