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A young man with an absent cruciate ligament since he was a child was completely healed of all pain and instability in his knee at his first visit by Jocelyn on 17th May 2014. He returned on 24th May 2014 with his parents. His father’s osteoarthritic knees were healed, allowing him to walk without a limp or pain. His mother who had been suffering from a painful jaw which prevented her from chewing on the affected side was also completely healed, being able to chew and swallow without pain. Even the foul odour that was emanating from her mouth immediately stopped. She blew over her son to show him that the smell was gone. Some pain had recurred in the young man’s knee through the week and the pain removed by Graham as Jocelyn was busy ministering to the parents. The restoration of the stability in the young man’s knees has been medically verified.