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A 39 years old woman has been told by the nurses that she may have a form of skin cancer on her leg, which has not healed for over a year. From time to time it gets infected and the nurses have not been attentive in making sure it is properly cleaned and cared for. She had been visiting the clinic a few times a month for them to properly disinfect, clean and bandage the leg. They had not been doing their jobs properly and she had been getting the run around from the medical system. So she opted to see a doctor to get a proper diagnosis on her leg, about which it was said to be cancer. She came bleeding to our workshop for healing prayers, as the doctor said it would be very hard on her body to have treatment for it. So I prayed that it is not cancer but only a wound that needed to be healed. Last week she came back with the wound that had now dried up and showing signs of being healed. We have advised her to go back to the doctor for further diagnosis, but we think she needs no more from the doctors. The wound is dry now and she believes in the Great Physician, Jesus. Amen Holy Spirit.